Re: A Third Of America's 18- To 34-Years-Olds Live With Their Parents

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Apr 21, 2020, 11:22:04 PM4/21/20
Eagle <> wrote in news:lmq32h$rpj$

> OK, here you go...


> I'd say it to your face. What's more, I'd provide some raunchy details
> of your daughters virginity loss to my finger. She wasn't worth
> deflowering with my dick, didn't wanna catch anything.
> Then, I'd dare you to make a move. Old, slow motherfucker.

Yep. I wrote it. All of it. I'd still make good on it too. I haven't
forgotten some of the choice comments you made to myself and my family
members who don't even post here. I'd give you a few long lasting lumps o
your head for them too.

I'd say it and dare your old slow ass to take a swing; I'd beat you down
like you've never been beaten before. You'd never forget the day you met
and got your ass kicked by me in person. I promise. Hell, I'd make sure
someone filmed it, so I could brag about you and me meeting up and what
happened to you as a result. Even if I faced charges for it, I'd still do
it to you. I sure the fuck would.

I have a long fucking memory, I still owe you for some choice comments you
made about my family and relatives prior to my attacking your
daughter/wife. I'd only say those things to get you to take a swing, so I
could justify the severe bodily harm I'd inflict upon you with a quickness.

> Call my Daughter TRE a cunt, and watch yourself running down the street
> nekid from getting your ass whupped!

I'd walk right upto you dude, introduce myself and call your wife/daughter
a cunt right to your face and dare you to try something. I've seen your
pic, I'd fucking 0wn you. And don't think I wouldn't remember some of the
things you've written here during it, and take it out on you as a result.
Yes, I fucking would.

> You are a HYPOCRITE, linda, and your heart is full of HATE.

You're a piece of shit keyboard cowboy who runs his mouth from the safety
of his keyboard. IRL, you'd be a seriously injured person the first time
you attacked my parents. I haven't forgotten, david. I won't forget.

Take it easy... Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.
Lighten up while you still can. Don't even try to understand.
Just find a place to make your stand and take it easy!

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