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Apr 10, 2022, 8:01:32 AMApr 10
Thanks for writing this. As I like your writing a lot, I always
wondered why you write so seldomly, but when you do write it's often
more than I can consume in a single session.

Moving towards 'automatic' writing, or whatever it is called, seems to
be a worthwhile thing to try out. It is also my own preferred style,
though there are risks and obligations coming with it. The more one
becomes like a "flower from heaven" (sorry, I've been watching
outlander) the more one becomes susceptible to outward influences,
and, to make matters worse, the more one attracts these influences,
contrary to what one might expect when writing the expected.

It turns out it becomes less you who is writing, and one notices some
divine influences taking over, which considerably increase the range
and influence itself of what one seems to be writing about. Therefore
one must strictly limit the influences one is exposed to, which one
then also may unwittingly amplify, as there are many people that could
take offence, seeing things that aren't there, or at least were not
written by what you normally think of as your main identity. And
they'll start interfering in obnoxious ways. Probably a good part of
those are former flowers that were themselves interfered with, and
turned into the opposite of whatever spiritual effect this was meant

Since you seem to be adjacent to the rationalist community, they
already are, or at least were some time ago, allergic to just ambiguous
texts, while this kind of thing can go a lot further and would take a
long time before becoming acceptable in such circles, if at all.

Like it would be easy to mistake it for GPT, which it definitely isn't,
at least if one practices some virtues. The same applies for talking
about things like creating AGI with moral expertise, instead of using
that topic for creating profitable fear factories around existential
risk, related to what you were discussing earlier.

One small last interference, this text seems to be lacking content, or
maybe the form is the content, and you've already got farther than I
ever managed to go :)

Jeffrey Rubard

Apr 13, 2022, 1:45:27 PMApr 13
This is really bad writing, btw. It's even kind of a "tell"...


Apr 13, 2022, 3:54:22 PMApr 13
On Wed, 13 Apr 2022 10:45:27 -0700 (PDT)
Jeffrey Rubard <> wrote:

> This is really bad writing, btw. It's even kind of a "tell"...

It's discussing a method to overcome writer's block, and you're not

Jeffrey Rubard

Apr 14, 2022, 5:06:37 PMApr 14
Not helping her be victimized by you? I'm going to go with that,
and not retract the statement about how bad your writing is.
(Not just "suspiciously rote". Also plain bad.)
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