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L'événement dans la chambre froide

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Apr 10, 2015, 11:17:47 AM4/10/15
L’événement dans la chambre froide: le carnival de Solidarność (1980-1981), explosion de l'imaginaire politique

The article, a follow-up to the paper delivered at the conference "On
the idea of communism" organized by Alain Badiou, Frank Ruda and Slavoj
Žižek in Berlin in 2010, discusses the 2 years of the so called First
"Solidarity" (the original trade union ad social movement that came
into existence in 1980 and was delegalized by the martial law in
December 1981. It interprets “Solidarity” is the event in the sense
given to the term by Alain Badiou, showing its radical emancipatory
potential that was lost in the subsequent political developments in
Central-Eastern Europe....
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