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Academic Zodiac 22 Zodiacal Constellations 16 Eastern Ascendants

Aug 12, 2010, 4:49:23 AM8/12/10
Be the transit you want in the world now!

Bad transits are the matter of the past.

Change your horoscope for the best!

Materialize whatever you wish for in minutes

with the Real Time Reality Rendering Tools.

First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2010, {
astrology}. Copyright © 2010 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No
part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or
by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or
otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of
dedicated publications are normally given in italics.

Gynandromorphic astrology


From Coruscant to Naboo, here is the horoscope for you

Copyright © 2010 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. {http://}


The question is not if but when, since every horoscope has its epicene
“transit{1}”, an androgynous direction where life choices
slip dangerously towards an unisex area.


Divergences being quite common, they occupy a large portion of the
zodiac{2}. Given a generous orb system{3}, the epicene syndrome would
color towards one third of the population.


The traditional orbs for the Sun and the Moon afford for a four time
27 degrees area as reserved for the standard cardinal afflictions
between the luminaries. As 4 X 27 = 108 , the holy number for the
pseudohermaphroditic population is determined{4}. That already makes
for more of ¼ of the population.


Adding secondary aspects will increase the percentage of latent
bisexuality. Already the next level would afford for little less than
216 degrees of epicene area, that translates as converging towards
fantastic 60 % of world population.


The next level would probably cover most of world population, would it
not be for the aspects that somewhat restrict the orbs. Our analysis
stops at the 150 degrees aspect{5}.


Note that we have included but one standard symptom only{6}, an
affliction of the luminaries with e.g. Uranus. Properly we would speak
of 12 + 7 =19 degrees of orb X 4, which makes for 19 X 4 = 76 degrees
of epicene area. Now, topping that with a generous 150 aspect, we
obtain 152 degrees, almost half of the world population. Of course,
religion, indoctrination and meditation will reduce the number of
divergences, but they are nevertheless fairly calculable within any
horoscope, even statistically in a population sample for such as for
examination. As some professions tend to work better with normal
people, this study can be advantageously used in making a professional
choice, even analyzing synastry among co-workers.

(Mat 12:30)

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with
me scattereth abroad.


Hundreds of gigabytes of published material cover all facets of RTRRT
and the Academic Zodiac. The zodiacal research represents a promptly
updated adventure as copiously uploaded on daily basis as it happened.
One will find all the premier and unique delineations for the
centaurs{7}, dwarf planets{i} and objects of interest{ii} online;
using search tools as Webcrawler, HotBot or Altavista. The new
materials will be available through Google search.

1. Most of the material was made available through the gigantic
{} archive, but some may be found using e.g.
Webcrawler search. Albeit there are some 6 gigabytes of Eris material
on the site, one may want to e.g make a research around Aug 1st 2005
as concern the first results{8} of the research. These will be mostly
found through any USENET archives.
2. Assorted material can be found through facebook pages, books and
posts. Thus, searching for something like “Facebook Pholus
Nessus” should result in a relevant page such as dedicated to
centaurean astrology. As all the objects of interest and the 88
ascendants have their dedicated pages, one is welcome to explore the
lush world of the Academic Zodiac through facebook browsing.
3. All the RTRRT techniques have their own alcoves on facebook as
well. Thus, one will find the Personal Cosmic Secretary along with
suggested, updated and brand new publications such as Cargo Worship
for the summer 2010.
4. Some of the articles will lead one to which is a
parallel goldmine of RTRRT and Academic Zodiac materials. Both and facebook are updated periodically.
5. Some other sources of information will be found on Wattpad, Vox,
Scribd and many other sites. Thus, references to reptilian astrology
forums will be found mostly everywhere.
6. The USENET minded astrologer will find the latest news either on
facebook or within USENET groups such as
7. By typing {news:alt.astrology.marketplace} , you should be
informed in minutes as to the latest trends in scientific astrology.
The {} site will of course provide
informative material for both RTRRT and the Academic Zodiac system in
the form of periodical catalogs, pamphlets and journals.
8. Any VIP Services menu contains an upgrade of the RTRRT, an update
of the Academic zodiac system as well as the latest news as concern
any topic of interest; such as e.g. the oil spill.


The RTRRT newsgroup is also the Academic Zodiac site. For those with
USENET access, here are some suggestions as follow.



One can also try typing simply


Some browsers will support the following protocol:


Modern browsers may not be enabled to handle any of the upper
protocols at all.

Others may use e.g. Webcrawler{iii} and see whether they get lucky
with e.g. “alt.clearing.o5 chakra clearing” or whatever
search methods one fancies.


Among over 5000 publications (sic), {} offers
many comprehensive guides through the critical years 2000 –
2012{iv}. Thus, year 2007 was highlighted around Venus in Hydra{9}.
The financial backdrops of the years 2009 – 2011 have been dealt
in detail, such as e.g. within the Orcus Report series.


As Uranus enters Cetus in the year 2012, special reports have been
dedicated to this phenomenon as encompassing other phenomena towards
the year 2012. The Encapsulation of Ages encompasses the Æon of Cetus,
venusian Age of Pegasus and ascendental Era of Eridanus, the true New


1. The zodiac has 22 constellations.
2. There are 16 eastern ascendants for the present epoch.


Nowadays people are bombarded by random disinformation for which they
have no time{10}, will or energy to sort and tell apart for their own
benefit. A “bombarded” being is subject to spam as victim
of disinformation overflow. In a world where everybody
“informs”, there is confusion about authority. Our
proposal is simple: NASA as zodiacal authority and Ramakrishna lineage
as concern personal transformation. Both NASA and Vivekananda have a
strong positive impact on the U.S.A. and the world. Authority serves
as best reference in the world of solar system dynamics as well as in
the world of the soul. Truly know yourself in order to design and
redesign the events in your life at best. Find your place under your
true natal Sun in order to create the events in your life at will!
Your place under your true natal Sun opens for the enjoyment of your
original natal destiny as your elastic fate offers itself as willing
to change under the positive spell of personal reality rendering and
the Academic Zodiac.


1. Science{11} is magick is astrology. The Academic Zodiac system
consists in 22 zodiacal constellations. In order to start absorbing
stellar knowledge, one downloads any Academic Zodiac publication. Now
when one is fairly acquainted with the basic 22 zodiacal stations, the
precessed ascendant set is intended. The ascendants are separately
dealt with as the 16 Ascendants.
2. The number 22 associates with the Tarot initiations. The letters
of Mediterranean alphabets like the Hebrew are naturally in cohorts
with the zodiacal constellations. Moreover, the 16 ascendants
represent the elemental court cards and spirits of geomancy. The
Sabian system is linked to the 16 guardian angels. All this occult
numerology is furthermore linked to the I Ching Aspecatrian.
3. Dedicated publications deal with the Southern Constellations
set{12} as well as the Northern Constellations in astrology.
4. The Planetary Zodiacs are separately dealt with. Thus, the Lunar
Zodiac presents itself versus the venusian zodiac. Zodiacal positions
are delineated through dedicated publications like Moon in Auriga,
Mercury in Orion or Venus in Scutum.
5. The X and P zodiacs pertain to Eris and Pluto. As Eris
materials{13} span through 6 GB of publications, there is much to
learn about this ex X-planet. The X-Zodiac and the P-Zodiac are dealt
with in great detail, being historical Academic Zodiacs.
6. The present Era of Eridanus, Age of Pegasus and Æon of Cetus
afford for a fascinating study in precession, the first available
after the on Æon of Osiris.
7. Scientific astrology comes in the form of Abstracts. The
scientifically minded astrologist can advantageously choose to
systematically wade through a vast body of treatises in abstract
8. The Cartesian house system was originally presented as the Night
& Day house system, even having 24 experimental houses. Among the
early experiments, we had a 16 house system. The Cartesian house
system finally settled for the traditional 12 houses. See Venus rising
in Hydra in the first house of the natal chart of the Scarlet Lady.
Observe Serpens Cauda ascending in the U.S.A. nativity.
9. Everyone can divine all the loves in one's life with 20 Minutes
10. The Academic Zodiac system encompasses the delineation of all
planets and objects of interest. See Services for Astrologers.


1. Science is magick is astrology. Future-scanning precedes future-
2. The best approach to to Reality Rendering is through O5
3. Early RTRRT publications like Reboot, Integer or O5IRIS will
enable personal omnipotence in creating any events out of the blue.
4. Initiates tend to differ in their characters. Thus, some prefer
the powerful simplicity of Cascade. Many will appreciate O5 as central
omnipotence tool. Dedicated initiates will settle for the Personal
Cosmic Secretary.
5. The Spiral Trees series suggests an upgrade from the Personal
Cosmic Secretary, where Cargo Worship is the latest publication in the


The free downloadable VIP Services catalog provides information as to
initiation via e-mail. However, in a spirit of full discretion, the
talented astrologer-magus will choose self-initiation through a vast
body of dedicated publications. While in the case of astrology, the
object of interest will be suggested by the search engine on the
website, the appropriate RTRRT initiation requires some sophistication
in an individual approach.


The Academic Zodiac and RTRRT were documented through a vast body of
publications. The RTRRT materials nevertheless distribute themselves
around a standard core, meaning that every RTRRT publication is
essentially self-sufficient. Nevertheless, due to the vast body of
over 4500 dedicated publications on {} ,
suggestions and tips are due as follows.

1. In our experience it is useful to know one's own futurity{15} but
designing its manifestation presents itself as an even much more
productive activity. The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools were
designed to help you plan{16} and manifest{17} any event even within
fantastic five minutes{18}.
2. As concern the RTRRT materials, one could start with O5
Initiation{19}. The next step could be Cascade, often as integrated
within the RTRRT publication itself. The Personal Cosmic Secretary
would present itself as the next self-initiation. O5 and Cascade are
simple Instant Magick techniques while the Personal Cosmic
Secretary{20} presents itself as a set of techniques. The upgrade from
the PCS would be the Spiral Trees. Note that all the RTRRT encourage
planning, diarizing and ethical experiment. Thus, Aladdin XI presents
itself as a special set of O5 techniques for the advanced Instant
3. There are several types of RTRRT publications that were designed
in order to satisfy the general reader but also a most fastidious
explorer of the occult. Matrix Hacking figures as bestseller. Reboot
and Integer offer perhaps the most integral version of the RTRRT.
Magic Wand was designed as a compact form of Cascade.
4. There is a vast body of publications for every conceivable item
as concern the RTRRT{21} and especially the modern astrology as based
on the Academic Zodiac. The best way to search for these publications
is to use the internal search on {} . In order to
obtain the best results from the search engines, it is sometimes
useful to apostrophe the inquiry such as “Klaudio Zic Academic
Zodiac”, '88 Ascendants Klaudio Zic' or 'Klaudio Zic RTRRT'.
5. Here is an example. One attempts at retrieving the original
Eris{22} publications. As there are some 6 Gigabytes of Eris material,
one would wish to systematically browse through the August 2005
materials{23}. That can be done by reaching the very first series of
Eris publications by clicking the numbers that appear at the bottom of
the page. However, if one is after a specific publication, one would
type e.g. “Klaudio Zic 2003 UB313 Synastry” where 2003
UB313 stands for Eris{24}.
6. The astrological publications originally pertain to one of the
following categories. The Academic Zodiac is the basis for all
interplanetary communication in an Observer of Times. The local
zodiacs were documented in Planetocentric Astrology. Among the 88
Ascendants, there are 16 Eastern Ascendants for the present epoch.
7. Special care has been given to the Dwarf Planets in the 7th
House{25} of the horoscope. The Centaurs in Magick manifest as
Centaurs in Love.
8. A vast array of classes of objects has been presented to the
astrology fan. These are enlisted within the Services for the
Astrologers document.
9. Recommended self-initiation literature would include a good RTRRT
initiation such as Integer or Reboot, the basis of the Academic Zodiac
and 16 Ascendants in astrology.
10. From Eris in Synastry to Pluto in Coma Berenices, one integrates
the basic assets of modern astrology. Surely, one will be interested
in knowing all about one's natal Sun-sign before plunging into the
vast world of dwarf planets. Therefore Sun in Orion will precede Sun
in Sextans. The national ascendant of the U.S.A.{26} will precede the
9-11 series{27}. The Secret Mansions of the Moon will include Moon in
Auriga. The Special zodiacal positions of Venus will feature Venus in
Pegasus. The effects of the Age of Cetus will funnel through Uranus in
11. Besides Uranus in Cetus, the year 2012 has been documented
through many an apocalyptic document as featuring giant comets,
jihadic dwarf planets and WW3.
12. If diligent search fails, one can mail the Author. The mail
address is given below. Every customer, donor and VIP initiate is
entitled to the Author's mail address.


Thanks to the Academic zodiac, your true natal skies open{28} many
wonders for you! Your first step towards your true natal skies was
probably marked by finding out your own true Sun sign. It wasn't an
easy find at all! You had to cut between pseudo-sidereal-tropical-
starsign-whatever nonsense in order to reach this page. You have
personal power if your read this! Finally, you are in possession of an
authoritative ephemeris for your own natal Sun. Now that you know your
true natal Sun sign, what can you do further? Here are some
suggestions in order to help yourself to higher attainment as free
stellar being{29}.

1. Browse the {} site for publications of
2. Download the free VIP catalog from the site {
3. Select the service that makes for you. Require custom personal
reality rendering.
4. Learn how to create any future at will instead of just subduing
to circumstances{31} by default. Our VIP services contain RTRRT{32}
initiation. Render your own reality in real time: now and forever.
5. Periodical publications such as the Academic Astrology Journal,
Planet Log or even “summertime series” keep you updated
about the low moons, economic trends or the latest oil spill. Follow
the Planet Log series{33} in order to find and make use of the
opportunities as afforded by the special planetary positions{34}. The
April 2010 Planet Log features a Low Moon in Sextans and Corvus that
is of great interest to traders{35}. Get the details by downloading
the latest Planet Log.

Klaudio Zic

The Academic Zodiac & RTRRT are Copyright © 1981 - 2010 by Klaudio
Zic, all rights reserved worldwide.

Redistribution of this file in any form is violation of the Copyright

This copyrighted material has been previously published as available
from {}


Why suffer a bad transit when you can have a good one instead? Get
down to having your own way with the RTRRT and let the Academic Zodiac
take care of the rest!


The RTRRT are your portable daily miracle maker. What can you do with
the RTRRT{36}?

1. Create prosperity.
2. Create favorable circumstances in minutes.
3. Change your horoscope for the best.
4. Find and keep the love of your life.
5. Gain at the casino or receive money by sheer surprise.
6. Dispose of negative occurrences, people or things forever.
7. Wipe out that dangerous astrological transit from your future.
8. Get rid of someone you dislike forever.
9. Have any partner you want.
10. Find yourself a better job even through “impossible”
11. Cure serious diseases such as cancer.
12. Dispose of general negativity.


With the Real Time Reality Rendering Tools, one can materialize any
events in minutes.

1. You are entitled to your own future.
2. You are entitled to the future of your own choice.
3. You are in control of your personal future now.
4. Your personal future can be determined to the second as well as
changed at will.
5. You can intervene into your own personal future in order to
change it at will.
6. One can start divining one's own future with accuracy in less
than twenty minutes.
7. One can materialize an event in less than five minutes.
8. One can determine, divine or materialize anything.
9. You are entitled to your own past.
10. You can change your own past according to your plan.

Klaudio Zic

The Academic Zodiac & RTRRT are Copyright © 1981 - 2010 by Klaudio
Zic, all rights reserved worldwide.

Redistribution of this file in any form is violation of the Copyright

This copyrighted material has been previously published as available
from {}

(Luk 11:23)

He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with
me scattereth.

{1}The only direction is wide use being a transit is also the most
deprecated of all 300.
{2}Here the zodiac is understood in its most primitive sense of
enlarged ecliptic belt.
{3}Tradition usually has 7.5 degrees of half-orb for the Sun and
therefore 6 for the Moon.
{4}Note that 108 / 2 = 54 that is ||:|:: in your I Ching
{5}We omit its various names.
{6}We wanted to include both luminaries in the experiment, where the
Moon – Uranus affliction is more than enough.
{7}All delineations were promptly produced from the first moment of
the discovery, while the objects were still unnamed. Luckily, many
remain unnamed to this day, thus evading any speculation by
{8}First sale. The first publications were vaguely entitled 2003 UB313
and the X Zodiac.
{9}Gigabytes have been dedicated to the Birth of the Antichrist. Also,
figures like Palden Dorje emerged!
{10}See also ETER, Emotimenergy-retriever. ”Time” here
stands for energy or personal power.
{11}IAU, NASA JPL, SIMBAD, Harvard MPC and the LHC.
{12}These are occasionally referred to as the Chambers of the South.
Science allies with religion, being from the same source.
Superstition, on the other hand affords for the devil's wages only.
{13}First sale dating as early as Aug 1st 2005.
{14}As it is too easy for everyone to determine the events in anybody
else's life, a future-changing system was devised.
{15}20 Minutes Astrology.
{16}Treasure Chart.
{17}Materializing a reality is known as Reality Rendering.
{18}Snow Crash.
{19}Also, O5 Master Initiation.
{20}Also Personal Cosmic Avatar.
{21}Real Time Reality Rendering Tools.
{22}The major dwarf planet. The site of course contains all the early
delineations for every single dwarf planet, centaur and comet; also
Apohele, outer guardian and many other classes of objects of interest
in modern astrology.
{23}Meaning reaching said section manually.
{24}Its original as well as present designation. The publications in
question are dated August 1st 2005.
{25}The house of marriage.
{26}Serpens Cauda.
{27}Moon in Orion, Eris in Cetus.
{28}Your true natal skies did open, disclose on daily basis and will
unwrap infinite wonders for you, indeed!
{29}RTRRT initiate.
{30}There are some 3000 publications on the site. Use the search form
with such keywords as “Centaurs Klaudio Zic”, Academic
Zodiac or RTRRT. Key in any object of interest, such as “2007
JG43”, Moon in Auriga or Sun in Orion.
{31}E.g. that bad transit will never happen at all. Chose to replace
it with a happy event of your own choice!
{32}The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools consist mainly of O5,
Cascade and the Personal Cosmic Secretary.
{33}Essays and editorials. A periodical Academic Astrology Journal is
issued for your information. Note that the multimedia publications are
conceived mostly in PDF format along with some occasional animated
{34}These positions appear quite frequently within the appropriate
planetary zodiacs.
{35}Nonetheless, the Low Moon is also of interest to the jihadic
culture, seaquakes and WW3.
{36}What can the RTRRT do for you is primarily what you can do with
the help of the RTRRT system.
JPL/DASTCOM3 Small-body Search Results 2010-Aug-05 06:50:18

Asteroids only parameter search:

Matching small-bodies:

Record # Epoch-yr Primary Desig Name H
-------- -------- ------------- ------------------------- -----
1 1983 (undefined) Ceres 3.34
2 2001 (undefined) Pallas 4.13
4 1981 (undefined) Vesta 3.20
19308 1998 1996 TO66 [...unnamed...] 4.50
19521 2000 1998 WH24 Chaos 4.90
20000 2004 2000 WR106 Varuna 3.70
24835 1999 1995 SM55 [...unnamed...] 4.80
26375 2002 1999 DE9 [...unnamed...] 4.70
28978 2004 2001 KX76 Ixion 3.20
38628 2002 2000 EB173 Huya 4.70
42301 2000 2001 UR163 [...unnamed...] 3.97
47171 2001 1999 TC36 [...unnamed...] 4.73
50000 2004 2002 LM60 Quaoar 2.71
55565 2002 2002 AW197 [...unnamed...] 3.26
55636 2005 2002 TX300 [...unnamed...] 3.16
55637 2003 2002 UX25 [...unnamed...] 3.60
82075 2003 2000 YW134 [...unnamed...] 4.81
84522 2004 2002 TC302 [...unnamed...] 3.81
84922 2003 2003 VS2 [...unnamed...] 4.00
90377 2005 2003 VB12 Sedna 1.58
90482 2005 2004 DW Orcus 2.30
90568 2001 2004 GV9 [...unnamed...] 3.90
119951 2002 2002 KX14 [...unnamed...] 4.50
120132 2003 2003 FY128 [...unnamed...] 4.80
120178 2005 2003 OP32 [...unnamed...] 3.97
120347 2004 2004 SB60 [...unnamed...] 4.25
120348 2001 2004 TY364 [...unnamed...] 4.25
134340 2006 (undefined) Pluto -0.70
136108 2007 2003 EL61 Haumea 0.00
136199 2005 2003 UB313 Eris -1.17
136472 2007 2005 FY9 Makemake -0.44
144897 2010 2004 UX10 [...unnamed...] 4.50
145451 2010 2005 RM43 [...unnamed...] 4.40
145452 2010 2005 RN43 [...unnamed...] 3.90
145453 2010 2005 RR43 [...unnamed...] 4.00
145480 2010 2005 TB190 [...unnamed...] 4.70
174567 2010 2003 MW12 [...unnamed...] 3.60
175113 2010 2004 PF115 [...unnamed...] 4.70
202421 2010 2005 UQ513 [...unnamed...] 3.40
208996 2004 2003 AZ84 [...unnamed...] 4.00
225088 2010 2007 OR10 [...unnamed...] 1.90
229762 2010 2007 UK126 [...unnamed...] 3.40
230965 2010 2004 XA192 [...unnamed...] 4.00
416322 2010 2001 QF298 [...unnamed...] 4.70
428012 2010 2002 CY248 [...unnamed...] 4.90
431670 2002 2002 MS4 [...unnamed...] 3.77
443791 2004 2002 XV93 [...unnamed...] 4.92
448701 2010 2003 QX113 [...unnamed...] 4.70
457274 2010 2003 UZ413 [...unnamed...] 4.30
466418 2010 2004 NT33 [...unnamed...] 4.40
467512 2004 2004 PR107 [...unnamed...] 4.60
477855 2010 2004 XR190 [...unnamed...] 4.50
490592 2010 2005 QU182 [...unnamed...] 3.40
530787 2010 2006 QH181 [...unnamed...] 3.80
564497 2010 2007 JH43 [...unnamed...] 4.70
564498 2010 2007 JJ43 [...unnamed...] 3.20
612169 2010 2008 ST291 [...unnamed...] 4.40
655685 2010 2009 YE7 [...unnamed...] 4.40
666450 2010 2010 EK139 [...unnamed...] 3.80
668191 2010 2010 FX86 [...unnamed...] 4.40
676085 2010 2010 KZ39 [...unnamed...] 4.00

(61 matches. To SELECT, enter record # (integer), followed by semi-
{ii}See Services for Astrologers.
{iii}Google does not handle USENET very well at all. Thus,
news:alt.politics.obama does not feature within Google groups.
{iv}Actually, the guidelines mostly refer to 2007 ~ 2014 ~ 2025, even
2010, when it comes to the almost imperceptible start of WW3, as
published in great detail with minute precision and meticulous
interpolation of the NASA JPL data.

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