60.6% of committed relationships made more compatible

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David Dalton

May 8, 2022, 1:06:50 AMMay 8
60.6% of committed relationships have been made more (usually
optimally) compatible by adjustment of the sexual harmonic(s)
of one or both partners, as of 0317 UTC May 8, 2022.

Most of these were cases that were incompatible or partially
(less than optimally, and less likely to stick) compatible
and (1) had been together continuously for at least the last
15 years, and/or (2) were parents of at least one child under
16, including adoptive or fetus.

This includes many now formerly incompatible couples who
had been sticking together for religious reasons.

I say usually optimally since in e.g. cases of gay--lesbian
platonic parenting couples where each has at least one
same sex partner, they (if they meet one or both of (1), (2) )
have become bim--bif, who are partially compatible. Two
such couples are CBC Radio's Odario Williams and Amanda Parris
and now former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki
and her partner.

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