New Jersey "Lawmakers" Vote Down Tuition Break for Illegal Hispanic Invaders

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Jan 11, 2010, 9:42:13 PM1/11/10
Friends of ALIPAC and Members of the National Media!

We are pleased to report that American citizens have triumphed over
illegal aliens and their supporters in New Jersey tonight by defeating
S1036 and A194 which would have granted in-state tuition benefits to
illegal aliens.

The first immigration-related legislative battle of 2010 has been won by
the pro-enforcement Americans who reflect the will of approximately 80%
of the nation's legal citizenry.

"This makes about the 20th time we have helped to defeat this aspect of
the Globalist plans to restructure America since 2005," said William
Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC. "Citizen
activism has helped defeat in-state tuition for illegals in every state
except for two in the last five years, since we defeated the measure in
North Carolina."

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants is part of a Globalist plan to
build an economic block in North America that integrates populations and
suppresses Americans using hyper legal immigration and rampant illegal
immigration as a nation building tool.

"Tonight we celebrate our latest victory in New Jersey and we thank and
congratulate our supporters and activists," Gheen said. "Tomorrow we
will announce plans to go on offense to reverse in-state tuition for
illegals in the states of Nebraska and Texas using legislation and court

The defeat of in-state tuition for illegal aliens in New Jersey creates
an opportunity for the pro-immigration enforcement Americans to return
to strategic positions of political offense. After every battle, each
side must decide to advance, dig in, or retreat.

"Tomorrow, we go on offense," said Gheen. "Time for the illegal aliens
and their supporters to start playing defense in the states and the
elections. Tomorrow we advance in Texas and Nebraska!"

ALIPAC plans to release plans to support legislation in Nebraska that
will rescind in-state tuition in the state, after some lawmakers sneaked
the provision through without significant public knowledge or input two
years ago.

ALIPAC also plans to launch support for a lawsuit that has been filed in
Texas to rescind in-state tuition and other taxpayer benefits for illegals.

Other plans are being made to circulate and file strong state level
comprehensive immigration enforcement legislation such as the laws
passed in Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.

"We are going to launch a major initiative in the states as part of our
plans to defeat the Amnesty legislation in Washington," said Gheen. "And
then we are going to fire more politicians in D.C. than you can count!"

All supporters and activists are being thanked tonight and encouraged to
be ready to receive more instructions in the next 48 hours designed to
launch pro-enforcement state legislation initiatives from coast to coast!

This ends Governor Corzine's sinister plans in New Jersey. He has lost
his race and lost his legislative battle!

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In-state tuition for illegal immigrants dies in NJ

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Speeders & Drunk Drivers are MURDERERS

Jan 11, 2010, 10:54:32 PM1/11/10
Hisler <> wrote in

Score one for common sense here. There really is no controversey about
this. It was only an issue cuz so many legislators were offered bribes
by business to support illegals.

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