The Great Wall of Texas!

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old hoodoo

Dec 3, 2005, 2:38:24 PM12/3/05

I am fascinated by the idea of a Great Wall of Texas to keep out illegal
aliens/undocumented workers.

What is really great is if you extend it to California it will be
longer than the great wall of China. However, the name of the wall
will remain the Great Wall of Texas in honor of President G. W. Bush
who sort of comes from Texas. GWT = GWB

The wall will be canceled if Californias insist that their states
name will be given to the wall. Texans absolutely will not stand for it.

Not only will the pork be great for the state, but it will
force illegal Mexican workers to enter through sally ports that
can be more closely watched as they enter illegally.

A great wall will work. A tall, concrete double wall would allow
for watchtowers every couple of miles. A Chinese company will be
consulted on the best design as they have no little experience in Great

The name of the Rio Grande river will be changed to the Rio Grande Moat.

However, due to the price of crude oil and also to objections by PETA,
hot vegetable oil will be used in lieu of more traditional hot oils to
pour on illegals trying to scale the walls.

Dick Cheney says that the cost of the wall can be met by a toll of
illegals entering through the sally ports. He says the
wall will only cost the same amount as his original preditions for the
War against Saddam if Halliburton will be given the contracts.

He also said the wall will cost no more than the dyke around New Orleans
and would serve a far more useful purpose.


I think the wall ought to be built, just to shut up all the whining
about illegal immigration. The whining is worse than the immigration.


Dec 3, 2005, 3:25:11 PM12/3/05

Do you live in one of the states that boarder Mexico??
Doctors will tell you they can't afford to practice there because they
are forced to take care of illegal immigrants and never get paid for
it. All a pregnant woman has to do is wander across the boarder to
make that kid an American citizen. All the resources that go to taking
care of these illegal immigrants are the resources that our citizens
need. We will never be able to take care of them all. We are expected
to educate them, feed them, clothe them and make sure they get medical
care...Not too mention that they can't get car insurance and god help
you if you get in an accident with one of them, your car will never get
fixed and your own loving insurance company will hold it against you.
The list goes on...

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old hoodoo

Dec 3, 2005, 6:02:25 PM12/3/05

What is your point?
Do you approve of the wall? I'm not against it. I live in a border
state and I will benefit from the building of the wall just from the
pork that flows into the state from the project.
I see illegals all the time with law enforcement ignoring them. That is
why I made the crack about illegals being able to get in through sally not only have to build the wall but you also must enforce
the immigration laws in effect and there is a certain amount of
unwillingness to do that especially by local law enforcement who have
enough to do.
For that matter I saw large numbers of them in Virginia when I was
up there. It is not just the border states that are paying the bills.
What doctors are you talking about that are forced to treat illegal
aliens without payment?
Most of the doctors I know that treat illegals get paid in cash.
Counties have to pay up through the indigent health care, but
then again, illegals tend to go where the work is. They don't come
up here to hang out. The work is all over the country.
On the border, the drug trade is so lucrative that there is
more cash on the border than in the interior of the border states.
However most of your illegals want work and go all over the country
for it.
I hear your whining. Lets build the wall.


Dec 3, 2005, 10:07:05 PM12/3/05

MY point is...its not whining. If you lived there you would know the
hardships this causes.
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