WTF is WRONG with Dreckserb Razovic, our Resident Pedo Swine and Spammer? (2)

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Sep 27, 2022, 3:46:14 AMSep 27
ALSO this is wrong with her:

Gay anal Razovic's motto:
"An enema for every constipated anus."
MID: <>

Gay anal Razovic about herself:
"I’m King of the skatologists"
Message-ID: <>

Gay anal serb peasant Goran Razovic and the "Latin" she learned from her
limey priests:
"Caco ergo sum."
MID: <>

More from dumb anal Goran Razovic's anal world:
"In excremento veritas."
MID: <>

Gay pedophilic Razovic's confession on June 30th, 2018:
"Oh no I got a jew hair in my mouth from sucking jew ani"
MID: <>

Gay anal Razovic's talking about her experience, on July 2nd, 2018:
"Suck a jew rectum hard enough and diarrhoea will come out!"
MID: <>

Gay anal Razovic admits:
"We've Been Counting jew ani and sucking them dry!!"
MID: <>

Gay anal Razovic about her predilection, on March 23rd 2019:
"Jewish ani? yum!
Sodomised Jewish ani? YUM!!!"
MID: <>

"The Jews" about bleeding gay Razovic:
"We've reduced him to a terminally brain-damaged shell over the years."
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