No Easy Answers in Ukraine

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Sep 24, 2022, 3:30:33 PM9/24/22

Ukraine regions vote in 'sham' referendums as Putin toughens
penalties for refusing to fight

Videos circulating showing ballot boxes being taken home by
armed men in the Luhansk region

Serhiy Haidai, the Luhansk regional governor, has described
the so-called referendums happening in the Kremlin-held
regions of eastern and southern Ukraine as "an opinion poll
conducted at gunpoint"

. . .

Vote for Vlad - OR ELSE !

Now, depending on the exact location, the ballots
may actually reflect a true desire to merge with
Russia. It has been known for a very long time
that the extreme east of Ukraine really thinks of
itself as Russian. Not ALL of course, but perhaps
a firm majority.

The border of Ukraine were drawn up by Soviet
bureaucrats a long time ago - but nobody thought
the USSR would ever break up. Then, suddenly,
it's an issue - "Ukraine" was drawn a little too
far to the east. There was also the issue of
Crimea - not only had the USSR poured huge
amounts of money into building up all those
shipyards, but it had been a point of contention
for at least a century. Finally it is a major
strategic point.

So, Russia would NOT give up Crimea, esp to a new
country that was keen to merge with its NATO opponents.
I've seen old maps ... there really wasn't a country
of Ukraine. Everybody drew it as part of Russia even
way back into the 1400s. The CULTURE however WAS a bit
different - a nation in *theory* perhaps.

The other day Putin complained of the euro-sponsored
"fascist coup" against his puppet govt in Ukraine.
Rather like the USA bitchin' because one of our
favorite dictators got booted by commies. As best
I can tell it WAS a NATO-sponsored coup, intentionally
designed to overlap the big "Arab Spring" thing -
with the goal to install western-leaning dictators.

And who would REPLACE Putin ? Might be even WORSE.

At best right now, the best tact seems to be in
preventing Putin from GAINING anything more in
Ukraine but also he can't be seen LOSING much
either. Nobody is gonna get back the Donbas but
a few Russian gains to the south might be recovered.
Eventually, likely soon, there WILL be a new leader
in Russia. By playing the line between defense and
offense we MIGHT keep that from being an ultra-
nationalist bent on revenge and empire.

Oh, I see the odd pundit scream that we oughtta
NUKE Russia any time it even SPEAKS of nuclear
attack. These people have NO CLUE and are even
more dangerous than Putin himself. Hell YES
Russia's nukes will work as designed, and
will irradiate the planet. Sorry, but a closet
full of food paks will NOT let you survive WW3,
just slightly prolong your horrible death.


Sep 24, 2022, 4:18:11 PM9/24/22
On 9/24/22 3:30 PM, 26C.Z968 wrote:
> Ukraine regions vote in 'sham' referendums as Putin toughens
> penalties for refusing to fight
Just curious, what is your interest in the Ukraine? If you are talking
about sham elections you have to wonder how a Trudeau or a Biden or a
Trump can become a leader. 🥕

Mighty Wannabe

Sep 24, 2022, 4:33:58 PM9/24/22
> Ukraine regions vote in democratic referendums to rejoin Russia

Romania’s former top diplomat has called upon Kiev to cede some of its
territory to neighboring states

"Ukraine exists in unnatural borders. It should cede Transcarpathia to
Hungary, Galicia to Poland, Bukovina to Romania, Donbass and Crimea to
Russia. These are the territories of other countries."


Sep 24, 2022, 8:05:41 PM9/24/22
A "vote" taken with a gun to yer head, well, in case
you don't get it, the vote doesn't count, the election
is a sham.

Western pols have to EARN (or bribe their way to) votes.


Sep 25, 2022, 12:20:52 AM9/25/22
Not completely true. It has long been a political capability to void the
true votes with deceit and deception. In the case of the Clinton's,
Murder worked quite well. In the case of the Kennedy's, Mob and Union
corruption did the trick. It was supposed to cover up rape and pillage
of the Unions pension funds. Nixon fell from grace by doing exactly the
same things the Kennedy's had done to him in 1960. George Bush was just
a better crook then the other guy. Both were guilty as Hell of Vote
tampering, et al. Folks...Ever since we allowed the party system we
have been in decline. I am not aware of what other system would survive
the hand of the very evil that emanates from political power hungry


Sep 25, 2022, 7:20:38 AM9/25/22
A populace uprising with pitch forks and baseball bats would do the trick.


Sep 25, 2022, 5:58:21 PM9/25/22
When China shut down for Covid, they stop producing both products.


Sep 27, 2022, 12:11:02 AM9/27/22
Better confiscate all those "assault pitchforks" and bats !

A few bucks in the right places will generate polls proving
that's what America wants.

Ever get the feeling we're now living inside a Dali painting ?

Is there anywhere to go from there ?
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