NASA Scores Direct Hit on Asteroid - Now We See How Much It Moved

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Sep 27, 2022, 12:59:43 AMSep 27

NASA's DART smashes into Dimorphos 6.8 million miles from Earth -
in the first planetary defense test that could be used to save
our planet from catastrophic collision with a space rock

NASA's DART spacecraft has completed its mission to crash
into an asteroid in the first planetary defense test

The livestream showed Dimorphos get larger as the craft got
closer before making impact at 7:14pm ET

. . .

Direct hit. The final 1/10th frame transmitted instants
before impact.

Now we see how much it deflected the asteroid.

Not a huge rock though ... enough for scientific data
but we're worried about much larger rocks.

Oddly, the prime proponent of an international asteroid
deflection team was - Vladimir Putin ... 20 years ago.

BIG rocks will probably require multiple nuclear near-hits,
and WELL OUT before earth impact. A little nudge far out
is better than a last-ditch assault. There are a few
big rocks out there that ARE a worry in the short/medium
term ... especially 'Apophis'. It'll probably miss at
it's soonest near approach, but the NEXT time ......
well .... it's a continent-killer for sure. The time is
NOW to give it that early nudge.

But at least now we'll have some math to calculate exactly
how much force yields how much deflection.
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