Darwin Award Candidate - Tries To Steal Guns From Chicago PD - Gets Face Shot Off

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Sep 27, 2022, 1:33:53 AMSep 27

Chicago man is shot in the face after breaking into SWAT team
training exercise and grabbing two guns from table

The unidentified suspect was shot in the face on Monday afternoon

He had gone to the Homan Square evidence collection center to
pick up personal property

Instead, he scaled a fire escape and entered the building on
a fifth floor

The SWAT team's guns contained rubber pellets instead of live

The suspect, unaware of this, grabbed two of the guns from
a table

. . .

Darwin Award candidates USUALLY die ... but in this case
I'll accept someone with their face shot off.

What a MORON !!!

Of course if the perp is 'black' then the COPS will
automatically be guilty of something ... the mayor
will see to THAT.

Chicago cops - RELOCATE to Texas or Florida. In some
cases the states will cover your moving costs.
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