UK - A Full THIRD of Students Say They "Learn More" From TikTok

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Jan 31, 2023, 11:33:10 PMJan 31

A third of children believe they receive more education
from TikTok than at school, survey shows

Pupils as young as five turning to app for help – despite
minimum age limit of 13

Quarter said TikTok creators explained schoolwork better
than their teachers

. . .

So ... a full THIRD think they're getting a "better
education" from a ChiCom-slanted site ......

Tomorrow's all-destructive ultra-Wokies ... aka
Friends Of Xi ... aka "Useful Idiots" ......

Oh ... NOT an especially bright mark for British
Education either ..........

Hey, if they go on strike - FIRE them. You WILL find
volunteers, you CAN tap the military too. Seems like
almost ANYBODY could do better.

I wonder how it is in the rest of the EU ? The USA ?


Feb 1, 2023, 4:44:14 PMFeb 1
In reply to "26C.Z968" who wrote the following:

That's a sad state of affairs for sure, but nothing about it says "woke." People in both parties are fully capable of being stupid.

Worth nothing is that the "greatest generation" was just as stupid when they were young. Oldsters always complain the latest generation is less than
they were.

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