Japan's Recent Earthquake/Tsunami Was An Act Of God, Nature, Providence Or Fate

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Mar 12, 2011, 1:27:20 PM3/12/11
God or Providence is amoral, meaning in the universe there is no right
or wrong. Some philosophers have said that God is actually evil
because he causes suffering. (Their favorite definition of evil is
"that which causes suffering"). With homo sapiens it is hard to accept
this truth as there appears to be no purpose to life. As a late
novelist once wrote:"Life has no meaning, death has no significance".

In the Middle East it would seem that Providence is on the side of the
dictators or tryannical Muslim governments
versus the rebels who are to a large extent a mob of jihadists and
cruel Isamist fundamentalists. I was listening just a few minutes ago
to John McCain (of McCain/Fiengold) stating that the U.S. (which is
broke) should get more involved in Libya by leading the estalishment
of a no-fly policy against Qaddafi. How stupid.

Both sides of this civil war are equally evil. And furthermore the
U.S. is broke. Setting up a no-fly zone to help the scurrilous rebels
would cost the U.S. a ton of money, and the U.S. because of political
leaders like McCain is bankrupt. The U.S. would have to borrow the
money from capitlist China to which it already owes $1 trillion.

Incidentally God (or Allah) seems to be on the side of Quaddafi and
other tyranncal Muslim regimes like
Saudi Arabia, the army in Egypt, the autocratic rulers of Algeria,
Saudi, Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Syria, Morocco
and Lebanon. After all the recent sound and fury, nothing appears to
have changed.

As for Qaddafi, whether he prevails, or does not, should make no
difference to the U.S. or Canada.

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Mar 12, 2011, 1:55:51 PM3/12/11

"Phil" <clay...@gmail.com> wrote in message

Viejo Vizcacha

Mar 12, 2011, 2:11:20 PM3/12/11

I totally support US involvement in more wars. The sooner they go
bankrupt, the better for humanity.


Tilly Hat

Mar 12, 2011, 2:16:24 PM3/12/11
On Mar 12, 1:27 pm, Phil <clayno...@gmail.com> wrote:
> God or Providence is amoral, meaning in the universe there is no right
> or wrong.

No asshole. It isn't about God or Providence. No more than how you
failed to win the Lotto Max on Friday with your $5 ticket.

Shit happens. And at least it happened to the one nation who spent
the money to survive.

If it was your "God or Providence" you would say that wasting money on
earthquake engineering for buildings may as well be a joke, and Japan
would be like Haiti, where a shitty building code caused the
unnecessary deaths of thousands in an earthquake that in Japan, was
800 times more!

And fuck you. I have spent time in Japan. My non-union jobs as an
executive with top 500 corporations like Toshiba, Kyocera, Mita
Industrial, Konica-Minolta and Canon puts me in touch with those fine,
industrious and likeable people. You know dick, and I happen to
give a shit because I have been connected to Japan since I left Xerox
to join Fuji Xerox 23 years-ago.

Your first visit to Tokyo will astound you. There are no street
signs because that's the way it was set up when they were our enemy in
WW2, to prevent the invaders from knowing where to go. And if you
saw a street sign, it's incomprehensible.


Mar 12, 2011, 5:28:09 PM3/12/11

You have misunderstood my post. I said nothing about postwar Japan's
not being a great country. It still has the world's third greatest
economy. It is a capitalist country, but
would have done even better if it had been more free-market. It has
always been protectionist. What my post was about is that there is no
free will in the universe. Of course,
Japan did not deserve this disaster but nature is amoral and
unrepentent. Japan was preordained to have this huge earthquake and

Tilly Hat

Mar 12, 2011, 5:36:28 PM3/12/11

I just want to see things better there. It's bad now. And it
wasn't God or Providence that created it, it was "Mother Nature".
God or Providence implies that someone is at fault and it's the
actions of a superior being. That's not the case.

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