Cult Leaders say it's time to go to that alien space ship on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON : Yep, Just As We Thought - Greenies Intend to EXTINCT Us

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Dec 2, 2022, 9:37:55 AM12/2/22
On 12/2/22 2:27 AM, 26C.Z969 wrote:
> On 12/1/22 6:00 PM, Hisler wrote:
>> On 11/30/2022 11:56 PM, 26C.Z969 wrote:
>>> An advocate of human extinction Tuesday called on everyone
>>> to voluntarily stop having children for humanity to die out
>>> and give the biosphere a "chance to recover."
>>> Tuesday's Dr. Phil episode focused on the ethics of procreation
>>> and the debate over overpopulation where Voluntary Human
>>> Extinction Movement founder Les Knight delivered a variety
>>> of shocking statements.
>>> "You’re involved with an extinction movement who basically
>>> say we just need to live long and die out, we just need to
>>> ‘feed, not breed,’ is that what you say?" Dr Phil asked
>>> Knight.
>>> "’Feed ‘em don’t breed ‘em,’ yes, that’s right, we’re not
>>> taking care of the people who are already here," Knight
>>> responded.
>>> . . .
>>>    Literal, outright, genocidal intent.
>>>    Apparently bugs are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than you.
>>>    These people are psycho's ... and in an age of
>>>    engineered viruses and such perhaps extremely
>>>    DANGEROUS psycho's.
>>>    Treat them as such.
>> They're the same people who say "we" need millions of "migrants" to
>> come into Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand because
>> Whites are not having enough babies.  They need to get their story
>> straight.
>   That's not the REAL reason they love 'migrants'. A major
>   goal is to destroy sane, profitible, tolerant, democratic
>   Western Civ because it's so EVIL ......
>   Apparently having NEVER checked-out the people they think
>   are so superior ...

When I said that it's a Suicide Cult, it really is and the DEMOCRATS are
all in and they want to start mixing the GRAPE KOOL-ADE for the rest of us.

Drink-up boys and girls the Cult Leaders say it's time to go to that
alien space ship on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.

-Reality Matters-
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