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we're having family for dinner. ;)

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Jan 21, 2023, 12:53:53 PM1/21/23

I wonder if Al has ever heard of the "Donner Party" it's in the History
books around 1846 when they had snow... You know, before Global

Gotta run late for dinner, and we're having family for dinner. ;)

-Reality Matters-

Raise taxes and it will STAGNATE THE ECONOMY and the realized "REVENUE"
will decrease as the economy falls into Depression.

If less money is being spent or invested, there is less income from
economic activity that can be taxed.

The secret sauce isn't in higher taxes, it's in increased economic
activity. And to achieve more economic activity, the government has to
be less greedy. And quit stealing from the Private Sector Economy.

Raising taxes is NOT a solution for failing GDP growth... economic
activity creates added "REVENUE" raising taxes created less GDP GROWTH
which results in less actual REVENUE for the U.S. Treasury.

Taxes are a way to collect the Revenue NOT create it.
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