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Did the Democrats ever believe that PRIVATE PROPERTY Restaurants and Hotels were obliged to serve people of all race and Gender combinations...?

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Jan 23, 2023, 12:25:37 PM1/23/23

My question is whether the Democrats ever believed that PRIVATE PROPERTY
Restaurants and Hotels were ever obliged to serve people of all race and
Gender combinations?

Or was that a lie?

And when were they lying to us was it back when they forced business
owners to serve all individuals and groups or are they lying now when
they seem to believe that White Democrats can toss out Blacks who aren't

Do they toss out all NON Democrats? Is there a sign on the door, a
notice that warns the people who aren't Democrats that they won't be

And why don't they have a sign that tells people (who is and who isn't
welcome inside) their private business... Shouldn't there be a
regulation that requires multilingual signage that clearly expresses the
owner's and any investors requirements for entry before you enter?

You know... like a *NO TRESPASSING* sign on a property where no one is
welcome and will be arrested for entering the property without legal
standing to do so.

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Raise taxes and it will STAGNATE THE ECONOMY and the realized "REVENUE"
will decrease as the economy falls into Depression.

If less money is being spent or invested, there is less income from
economic activity that can be taxed.

The secret sauce isn't in higher taxes, it's in increased economic
activity. And to achieve more economic activity, the government has to
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Raising taxes is NOT a solution for failing GDP growth... economic
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Taxes are a way to collect the Revenue NOT create it.
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