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Re: More Business Regulations From The "Fewer Regulations!" Party

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Jan 22, 2023, 1:00:59 PM1/22/23
On 1/22/23 12:27 PM, Lee wrote:
> NoBody wrote:
>> On Wed, 18 Jan 2023 16:40:31 +0000, "Lee" <> wrote:
>>> DeSantis proposes policy
>>> permanently banning Covid-19
>>> vaccine and mask requirements
>>> and other pandemic mitigation
>>> measures in Florida
>>> January 18, 2023
>>> Florida Republican Gov. Ron
>>> DeSantis on Tuesday announced
>>> a policy proposal banning many
>>> pandemic mitigation efforts
>>> involving mask mandates and
>>> vaccine requirements in the
>>> state.
>> A law that prevents people's freedoms from being taken away is a
>> necessary law, as opposed to the laws that REMOVE freedomes.
> Here is the part you deleted:
> The proposal would permanently
> prohibit Covid-19 vaccine
> passports in Florida, prohibit
> Florida schools from instituting
> Covid-19 vaccine or mask requirements,
> ------> forbid businesses <-------
> in the state from requiring masks
> and bar "employers from hiring or
> firing based on mRNA jabs."
> Telling businesses what
> hiring and mask policies they
> can have isn't an attack on
> their freedoms?
> Weren't you saying just
> the opposite when came to
> businessesand policies on
> gay customers?

Limiting Government and/or any mandates placed on businesses or by
businesses on WE THE PEOPLE isn't more business regulations from
government it's protecting the RIGHTS of WE THE PEOPLE... by stopping
the unlimited and contradicting REGULATIONS by government and by public
commerce, that we're told are public places, and trying to enforce those
contradicting regulations on the public at large.

If Commerce and Stores and Hotels and businesses are not PUBLIC then why
are there racial and gender FEDERAL laws that force them to accept
certain people in their private business?

Public is either "PUBLIC PROPERTY" or it's NOT, like being PREGNANT is
either you are or you are NOT.

There is no almost PUBLIC or barely PUBLIC... it is or it isn't and
Democrats say business can be forced to do things by laws and
regulations because they are PUBLIC, while those same things can't be
forced by laws or regulations onto you in your PRIVATE HOME and PRIVATE

When they limit a Store from making regulations, they actually reduce
regulations on WE THE PEOPLE and increase the limitations to make
regulations for us when on the GOVERNMENT REGULATED PUBLIC PROPERTY.

-Reality Matters-

Raise taxes and it will STAGNATE THE ECONOMY and the realized "REVENUE"
will decrease as the economy falls into Depression.

If less money is being spent or invested, there is less income from
economic activity that can be taxed.

The secret sauce isn't in higher taxes, it's in increased economic
activity. And to achieve more economic activity, the government has to
be less greedy. And quit stealing from the Private Sector Economy.

Raising taxes is NOT a solution for failing GDP growth... economic
activity creates added "REVENUE" raising taxes created less GDP GROWTH
which results in less actual REVENUE for the U.S. Treasury.

Taxes are a way to collect the Revenue NOT create it.
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