Banks in the U.S. are run under a Federal Charter and Federal Rules and FDIC insurance and where Federal tax dollars go...

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Dec 2, 2022, 12:15:48 PM12/2/22

Banks in the U.S. are run under a Federal Charter and Federal Rules and
FDIC insurance and where tax dollars go so does the EQUAL PROTECTION
clause and ALL OTHER RIGHTS like the right to privacy which means if the
Banking entity is accepting government legal protection as a monopoly or
GSE or other quasi government entity then just as they can't dabble in
religion and violate your RIGHT they also can't collect or use your data
from those entities without a warrant as per the RIGHT in the 4th Amendment.

*Amendment IV*
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
*and effects* , against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
violated, and *no Warrants shall issue* , but upon *probable cause* ,
*supported by Oath or affirmation* , and particularly describing the
place to be searched, and the persons *or things to be seized*

The BANKERS and the Government can't conspire to steal your DATA... it
is NOT legal and remember that it's the GOVERNMENT that is limited by
the Constitution not WE THE PEOPLE... the Government can't use tax
dollars to support a religion and the Government has live up to the
equal protection clause... NOT we the PEOPLE. And it's the Government
that the 4th amendment is restricting NOT the Bankers so the Government
money is where the restrictions reside as well.

Which is why the Banking entities that use government legal protections
or money are held to the Government's limitations and the Government
can't steal your data, so neither can the BANKERS using special
government legal protections and money.

Collecting data without a warrant is theft and a violation of the United
States limitation on search and seizure for a person's papers and
property and when you pay for any bank account you have rented that
space where your information/data resides as part of your account and
being as you paid for that account you also still own/rent/lease space
for that information the same as your accountant whom they always get a
warrant to raid and collect "evidence". That means it also requires a
warrant for any bank data and if the BANK STEALS THAT DATA for any use
other than your billing and ledger balancing they are culpable and
criminally liable for damages for the theft even if it exposed a crime
or was just used for illegal and unrequested background checks against
the will of the account owner.

-Reality Matters-
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