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Re: Alec Baldwin hit with involuntary manslaughter in death of Halyna Hutchins, facing up to 18 months in prison

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Jan 22, 2023, 9:41:35 AM1/22/23
On 1/21/23 2:44 PM, Just Wondering wrote:
> On 1/21/2023 11:54 AM, Siri Cruise wrote:
>> In article <>,
>>   David Hartung <> wrote:
>>> On 1/21/23 05:32, Blue Lives Matter wrote:
>>>> On Sat, 21 Jan 2023 03:17:03 -0800, Klaus  Schadenfreude
>>>> <klaus.schadenfreude.lö> wrote:
>>>>> On Sat, 21 Jan 2023 03:13:02 +0000, Mitchell Holman
>>>>> <> wrote:
>>>>>> The gun was handed to him by the props manager,
>>>>>> he never touched it before, he had every right
>>>>>> to expect it was a safe prop gun.
>>>>> Wrong.
>>>>> As a professional, it was his responsibility to check it. The judge
>>>>> will not dismiss it.
>>>> Only a moron would handle a gun without first checking it.
>>> True.
>>>> Morons like Baldwin should not be allowed to so much as touch a gun.
>>> Also true.
>> Actors are never suppposed to handle firearms unless handed to by
>> the armourer; and the armourer is expected to take full
>> responsibility.
> Certainly not sole responsibility.

Certainly not self defense.

>> So expect Baldwin to deflect to the armourer. To
>> get a conviction, the prosecutor will have to prove that defence
>> is invalid. I don't know what the prosecutor knows, and even then
>> I wouldn't try to predict the verdict.
>> I have to wait and trust the jury to find the facts accurately.

Yes there were a lot of people that allowed the drunken idiot to handle
a loaded gun. And a few years in Prison could only improve Alec
Baldwin's Character. Either way it's a win for the Americans people.
At least he's going to face a jury.

TRUMP has been threatened with indictment on far less evidence and you
Democrats had no hesitation about telling us TRUMP was indisputably

How Guilty is Joe Biden? Caught with illegally retained files and it's
all but a confession from Biden that he had them (speaking of which) why
is there no Democrat calls for Joe Biden to be issued a subpoena to
appear before Congress. That was what the Democrats wanted from TRUMP
"to discuss it under oath for Congress to hear". And Joe Biden NOT
only had them illegally but they were in the closet of the Biden Think
tank at a university that was a hot bed of Chinese Communist activity
with money donations that started AFTER the Biden Think Tank was created.

You'd think that any "think tank" would think to put a clause in the
Charter that says that the College where they are based could not engage
in any financial or educational entanglements with foreign entities.

And that they needed a separate secure building in which it was secure
to discuss openly in the secure spaces the policies of the United States.

Since the Government personnel either retired or visiting while active
would be there and would discuss United States secret policies. Why
else would classified files be there if they weren't on the list of topics?

Joe Biden is a GIANT security leak. Joe Biden leaves a trail of
destruction every where he goes. And Democrats elected him.

-Reality Matters-

Raise taxes and it will STAGNATE THE ECONOMY and the realized "REVENUE"
will decrease as the economy falls into Depression.

If less money is being spent or invested, there is less income from
economic activity that can be taxed.

The secret sauce isn't in higher taxes, it's in increased economic
activity. And to achieve more economic activity, the government has to
be less greedy. And quit stealing from the Private Sector Economy.

Raising taxes is NOT a solution for failing GDP growth... economic
activity creates added "REVENUE" raising taxes created less GDP GROWTH
which results in less actual REVENUE for the U.S. Treasury.

Taxes are a way to collect the Revenue NOT create it.
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