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It's propaganda from the *Shadow Agency of the MINISTRY OF TRUTH*

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Jan 23, 2023, 11:50:04 AM1/23/23

Rep Nancy Mace is not only wrong that abortion was the issue... but
she's giving the issue her own perspective. What she's saying is "she"
believes that abortion was the issue as it was for herself.

And what that means is she's NOT really a Republican. Because the life
of an innocent human isn't a choice for someone else to make.

What flavor ice cream you want is a choice, having sex is a choice...
killing another innocent human life... is a crime called murder and the
only exception I know of in a murder charge is self defense.

Democrats and the RINO's want to tell you why your candidate lost, and
they tell you with repetition and often that it's your fault for
following your basic belief in humanity.

They want to shake your confidence, and they use the algorithms at sites
like TWITTER to censor any positive discussion or any discussion of it
and only allow their own Psy-Ops Narrative MATRIX that they create to be
posted and manipulate you. That way they get you to believe you and your
view of abortion is the reason you lost so you won't challenge them with
that winning idea and they can more easily steal the ballots and votes
to win the next election.

It's propaganda from the *Shadow Agency of the MINISTRY OF TRUTH*

-Reality Matters-

Raise taxes and it will STAGNATE THE ECONOMY and the realized "REVENUE"
will decrease as the economy falls into Depression.

If less money is being spent or invested, there is less income from
economic activity that can be taxed.

The secret sauce isn't in higher taxes, it's in increased economic
activity. And to achieve more economic activity, the government has to
be less greedy. And quit stealing from the Private Sector Economy.

Raising taxes is NOT a solution for failing GDP growth... economic
activity creates added "REVENUE" raising taxes created less GDP GROWTH
which results in less actual REVENUE for the U.S. Treasury.

Taxes are a way to collect the Revenue NOT create it.
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