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Why does the WEF or the government need to know..?

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Jan 20, 2023, 1:00:03 PM1/20/23

Why does the WEF or the government need to know..? If the vaccine gives
you immunity and keeps you from passing on the virus what good will it
do for Tony Blair to know my vaccine status, he can't change it and if
his personal mRNA vaccination is working as advertised he has nothing to
fear from what ever my mRNA vaccine status is.

The idea that it helps to determine the general health of a society is a
failure in logic since the vaccinated are not protected and neither are
others protected from the spreading of the virus. The mRNA vaccine is a
total failure when it comes to stopping the spread of the virus.

And the best way to stop the spread appears to be by using your own
immune systems strength so you're better off building your own health
and immune system... if you're someone with health and immune issues
already then you should be talking to your personal physician and not
told by bureaucrats in the government what to do.

-Reality Matters-

And TWITTER and the FBI lied about working together as a part of the
SHADOW GOVERNMENT to limit free speech.

They became the *Ministry of TRUTH* that was run by the *SHADOW*

For those out there that said *the SHADOW GOVERNMENT is tinfoil hat*
*territory* better stock up on tinfoil.
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