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They need more IRS to shake down more people... what will that do to the velocity of money

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Jan 20, 2023, 12:09:58 PM1/20/23

It's NOT a pretty sight... and it's Government growth rate and spending
rate and regulations that destroy the velocity of money as we all hold
on to what we have tightly so as to not lose it in all the chaos of the
Government scams and stealing from the Private Sector Economy to keep
the Government guns (like the new 80,000 armed IRS agents) pointed at
the population.

They need more IRS to shake down more people.... people who want to keep
what they have, and what they get for their human labor.

-Reality Matters-

And TWITTER and the FBI lied about working together as a part of the
SHADOW GOVERNMENT to limit free speech.

They became the *Ministry of TRUTH* that was run by the *SHADOW*

For those out there that said *the SHADOW GOVERNMENT is tinfoil hat*
*territory* better stock up on tinfoil.
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