How Hitler-esque of all those GLOBAL WARMING ZEALOTS: THIS Epitomizes The Absolute Stupidity of The screeching climate change deniers

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Dec 5, 2021, 12:55:55 PM12/5/21
On 12/3/21 11:47 PM, Rudy Canoza wrote:
> On 12/3/2021 6:51 PM, AlleyCat bullshitted:
>> On Fri, 3 Dec 2021 23:04:51 -0000 (UTC),  R Kym Horsell says...
>>> Wood sucks down CO2 from the atm. If you burn a 1 year old tree you
>>> are returning to the atm what was in the atm just a year ago.
>>   Uhh... no,
> Yes.
> You're full of shit, *Schild*.

If people need Oxygen and there is an unprecedented 7.5 BILLION people...?

and you only have so much Carbon Dioxide, where will all that Oxygen
that's needed for them and more, be coming from? Are you suggesting they
be exterminated for your plan to decrease the carbon Dioxide to be
viable, and isn't each human a bag of Carbon that comes from the plants
that got their carbon from the atmosphere? Since the humans don't
extract Carbon Dioxide from the air but do extract Oxygen and expel
Carbon Dioxide, again the need for more plants seems particularly and
increasingly apparent... Maybe you GLOBAL WARMING FREAKS are actually
committing mass genocide with your plan to limit CO2 which will prevent
more plants and cause the increasing mass of humanity to NOT have enough
carbon to process CO2 INTO O2 and fro humans to consume to make little
Carbon Copies so humanity would die off. In short a lack of carbon
would limit the population. If you decrease Carbon Dioxide and plants
you limit the human population.

Don't you need more Carbon Dioxide to also be used by MORE plants to
expel more Oxygen for the more humans? It seems a simple question you
never ask or answer? You need them all balanced, and the Global Warming
Myth is going to interfere with that.

Which means instead of cutting the Carbon Dioxide you should be trying
to increase the plant population to convert more of that *VERY VALUABLE*
Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen so the bulk of humanity isn't suffocating with
the low levels of Oxygen...

If the human expelled "CO2" isn't being converted to "O2" by plants any
more than the fossil fuel CO2, you'll see a rise in "CO2" won't you. SO
it's NOT a case of denying the planet the CO2 which is already here, but
actually a case of converting that CO2 into O2 for the humans that are
already here.

The question is whether you're trying to kill off humanity or increase
plant life.... you seem to be choosing like Hitler did, to kill off
people that you don't think the planet needs. How Hitler-esque of all

That's karma,

Democrats attempt at mandated assimilation is futile, a successful
resistance is inevitable.

*We don't need to test for the WUHAN virus we need to test for a*
*suppressed immune system* and the people with immune system problems
need the VIRUS PASSPORTS, NOT the rest of us who are healthy. And it's
not just the elderly who have low functioning immune systems, also
people with HIV/AIDS and others, which may be why those groups have the
most issues with the virus and/or the FAKE vaccine.
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