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Wuhan Lab Leak Coverup Unraveling

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Paul Ragna

Dec 1, 2023, 8:20:06 AM12/1/23
Sky News is doing the work that our own MSM refuses to do.
Sooner or later that maniac midget will be in an orange jumpsuit.

"Wuhan Lab Leak Coverup Unraveling"


"Sky News is doing the work that our own MSM refuses to do.

Ever since it emerged, the origins of COVID should have been one of the
top two or three stories in the world. After all, the disease itself was
ravaging the world, the responses to the virus were doing even more
damage, and the people in charge of responding to the virus were, at the
very least, suspects in the case.

Yet even discussion of the possibility of a lab leak was suppressed, and
anybody who brought up the possibility was labeled a conspiracy theorist.
Social media sites banned people from discussing the matter, and
reporters pretended that the issue was settled because Saint Fauci said

Those of us who argued–based on voluminous if not conclusive
evidence–that the virus likely leaked from the Wuhan Institute of
Virology were labeled cranks. We were scoffed at, ridiculed, and
deplatformed. It didn’t matter if you were a Harvard epidemiologist or an
average Joe on a barstool; you were persona non grata in polite society.

There are cracks in the stone wall developing. Yesterday I wrote about
the British senior minister who dropped the word that the government
thought the “novel virus” was likely man-made–he used this as an excuse
for the horrible response in Britain–and now Sky News has snagged an
interview with Fauci’s boss during the pandemic.

In the interview, he describes how he, Fauci, and Dr. Collins decided to
suppress the lab leak theory because it would reflect badly on the US
government. After all, Fauci had poured millions into gain of function
research in Wuhan, and it seemed possible to likely that US funds had
helped create the virus.

That’s a bad look. For Fauci, Collins, and the US government as a whole.
Best to suppress the idea.

As I and others reported earlier, Fauci paid off scientists outside the
NIH to debunk the lab leak theory and the CIA bribed their own analysts
with large bonuses for downplaying the possibility of a lab leak. None of
this is new information; what is new is that one of the people who was
involved in the decision making is admitting it now that the pandemic is
largely in the rear-view mirror.

Even the fact that government officials lied and admitted it is not new;
Deborah Birx wrote a book about her experiences during the height of
COVID and was very proud that she and others lied to Trump about how long
they intended to shut down the country. The whole “14 Days to Stop the
Spread” was never their goal–they just needed Trump to buy the first
tranche so that he would be prepared to buy the second.

Still, the American media has been resolute in suppressing the story.
They bought into it early on–probably knowing that it was sketchy–and
they would rather it go away until they can write tell-all books a few
years from now.

The “now it can be told” genre sells, after all. But until we are firmly
in a post-Trump era, it is unlikely that anybody here, outside the
alternative media, will touch this. I hope I am wrong–after all, the
scandal would make for juicy copy.

But for now, it will only be alternative media that keep plugging away."
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