Canadian Rad Tried To Assassinate Trump - Pleads Guilty

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Jan 26, 2023, 10:40:31 PMJan 26

A Canadian woman has pleaded guilty to biological weapons
charges after sending former President Donald Trump a letter
laced with deadly ricin poison.

The envelope was intercepted in September 2020 before
ever being delivered to the White House.

The FBI found the fingerprints of Pascale Ferrier, 55, on
the letter, which urged Mr Trump to drop out of the
presidential race.

Ferrier is expected to be sentenced in April to just
under 22 years in prison.

"There is no place for political violence in our country
and no excuse for threatening public officials or endangering
our public servants," said US Washington attorney Matthew
Graves in a statement on Wednesday.

Ferrier, a dual citizen of France and Canada, was arrested
crossing the border into Buffalo, New York in September 2020.
She was carrying a gun, knife and rounds of ammunition.

She later admitted to making the ricin - a poison made from
the waste material left over from castor beans processing -
at her Quebec home.

. . .

So Canuks are "harmless" eh ???

LeftyRads are LeftyRads - and dangerous to the max. As
bad or even worse than the fascists.

Every time you hear the foreign press talk about "extremists"
they're always talking RIGHT-wing extremists - unable to
process that the far LEFT is just as hostile. They never seem
to remember the Red Brigades, Shining Path, SLA and many
other dangerous homicidal nutters.
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