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The Candidates - On "AI"

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Dec 2, 2023, 3:17:14 AM12/2/23

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The GOP candidates all see "AI" as both a blessing and curse.

The MAIN thrust though revolves around DEFENSE issues.

Even at its current stage, "AI" makes for much "smarter"
weapons systems. That means semi/totally-autonomous
drones ... up to fighter-plane-sized ... maybe missile-cruiser
size - that can out-perform anything operated by humans, much
less actually manned by humans.

China IS well ahead on this, maybe as much as five years.
Doesn't SOUND like so much, but it IS. An "AI" generation
is about two years - and each gen has several times the
capability of the last. So, the 'west' is like 25 times
behind China, maybe more, in terms of deployable

As I see the future of military systems ... not MANY
humans involved anymore - other than "geeks". Lots
of small autonomous ships/planes packed with autonomous
"planes", drones and missiles. Something like todays
aircraft carrier is a HUGE/SLOW target. Too many eggs
in one basket. Even our fighter planes ... SO much
size/weight/engineering wasted keeping a human alive
and kicking. An "AI" fighter could be a third smaller,
pack more firepower, be more precise, take bigger
hits and do 20+ G maneuvers.

Yes, "foot soldiers" are STILL needed ... but they come
into play AFTER the "AI"s have softened up everything.

Alas, "defense" isn't the ONLY area where "AI" can/is
a potentially serious disruption. The JOBS MARKET is
first up on that list. "AI" even in its current stage,
esp in in its next, can make a LOT of human workers
obsolete. Corps drool over this - but forget that
disemployed people will NOT be buying their products.
At a govt level, what do we DO with all the "obsolete"
people ??? Sorry, we're not gonna make IT experts
out of most .....


Dec 2, 2023, 2:48:29 PM12/2/23
> -----------------------------

Fighting is not the future of the world.


Dec 2, 2023, 6:54:07 PM12/2/23
Um ... yes, it is - more or less.

Someone ALWAYS wants to *take*, to *force*, to
*dominate*. It's very clearly in the nature of the
species (hardly JUST ours either) and for the most
part is probably why we still HAVE a species. But
there are side effects ...

However "fighting" may not - will hopefully not - so
much involve obliterating whole cities, whole nations,
and take on a more narrow focus. Oddly, "AI" systems
make this easier. They WILL be able to do a much better
job of finding and dealing with JUST the bad actors
without killing 10,000 other people in the process.

They can NOT deal with hostile social/religious/
political crusades however - mass movements and the
nastiness that oft comes with those. Such things
are bigger than a few 'bad actors' - "ideas" instead.

MAYbe at some point the space aliens really will arrive
in an obvious way - for better or worse. That's almost
the only sort of thing that might seriously change
the 'human paradigm/focus'.

And an "AI" RoboTopia ... not sure we can GET there.
It's an economic thing ... as "AI" makes more people
redundant, and BROKE, and ANGRY, there are fewer people
to buy stuff and at some point the entire system implodes.

I think that's well before there are enough good 'robots'
to take up the slack. A 'robotopia' has to creep in
VERY VERY slowly in order to work. I don't see this sort
of thing proceeding slowly however ... more like a
socioeconomic nuclear blast. The first signs are already here.

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