DeepFake Writing/Speaking/Video Soon To Combine - and 'Reality', 'Proof', Goes POOF !

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Jan 25, 2023, 9:24:30 PMJan 25
"ChatGPT" - a 'writing bot' is so good that it's been
able to pass bar and medical exams. Kiddies and university
students use it to write fake essays. You can even specify
the "style" - like "like Shakespeare" or "like a mystery
story". Microsoft just bought heavily into the maker.

Other recent software can perfectly emulate a person's voice,
and even 'office ambience', after only hearing a three or four
second sample.

DeepFake video is old hat now - and can be done in
real time with a semi-affordable PC.

SO ........ what happens when we COMBINE these three things ?

WITHIN LIVING MEMORY ... a 'recording' was PROOF. Then it
was a 'picture'. More recently a 'movie'/'video' or even
Zoom session.

Now there's NO 'proof'. That online chat with yer banker
or broker or doctor or momma could be A COMPLETE FABRICATION
designed to RIP YOU OFF or goad you into saying something
that seems like you're complicit in something naughty. That
hostile ex ... can "prove" you were having affairs left and
right, including the 'dirty' vids and your 'confessions'
in front of the alimony judge.

Wanna make Biden 'confess' to being a Chinese agent in a
"hot-cam" accident - or Trump confess to being in bed with
Putin ? Easy. Proving fakery - well, who's gonna believe ?
"Your 'proof' is FAKE !" will be the response.

So, any 'reality' left ? Sorry, nothing but antique
F2F will do anymore. The bots aren't good enough to
convincingly fake a physical human (yet).

Maybe that solar mega-flare will arrive soon. Usenet
will be papers literally posted on a public bulletin
board downtown - read and write-in your followup .......

This Is A PROBLEM - Like BIG Time. All the bits and
pieces now exist, are now falling into place, have
BIG corporate/govt MONEY behind them.

Governor Swill

Jan 26, 2023, 12:05:19 AMJan 26
On Wed, 25 Jan 2023 21:24:09 -0500, "26C.Z968" <>
Yup. The real danger is that sorting out fact from fiction takes
critical thinking and that isn't taught below college level anymore.

When the local cops have shown up at the range here to shoot,
most of us pack up our gear and leave. - max headroom

Glory to the Heroes! Glory to Ukraine!
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