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Who are these Morons Who Think They Run Our Lives?

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Jake McClintock

Jan 27, 2023, 9:24:01 PM1/27/23
The corporations, long committed to feminism, affirmative action, and now all of this "woke" nonsense. The government, who always are right even when they are utterly wrong and put you through a bunch of bs just because they have nothing better to do. Most of them are women and very few know a goddamn thing, but what can you do about it? This freaking country is a corrupted shell of what it was in the fifties and the problem is primarily that the Gen Xers and their sickening spawn, the Millennials, are the most clueless idiots ever to come along. They aren't the least bit interested in what they don't know simply because it came before they were alive. What's happened since then that compares with what they don't know? Practically nothing, which is why they vote for a demented tyrant who didn't have the balls or the mind to even campaign for the office he now supposedly occupies. You can thank Chris Wallace and even Donald Trump for this horrible state of affairs.
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