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Thomas Keske

Aug 24, 2008, 9:34:54 PM8/24/08

Ladybird, ladybird,
Your mansion is on fire, your family is gone
All except for Little Orphan Anne
who hid with a gun under a frying pan

Where have you gone?
Your babies have grown old
and our chances have grown slim
We need your protective twittering
over a nest for a nation
made out of twigs on a limb

We need your cheerful chattering
and chirping for charities,
the bird-like tunes that you whistled and sang
over beautified highways, in a new Ford Mustang

The President's dead, but sweet baby, hush
Momma will feed you regurgitated worms
that have been chewed into soft mush
and teach you good Manners and Morales

The hungry mouths are open and waiting
The shift-eyed candidates never stop debating
When the end comes, they will be screaming

Ladybirds! Ladybirds!

29. Jane Davenport Books_ Ladybirds and Inse...

Ladybird, Ladybird . Discover the secret world of the ladybird
and the secrets ... 30 postcards to send or frame featuring a
plethora of divine ocean ...
6. Lady Bird Johnson: The Assassination of ...

Selections from Lady Bird's Diary on the assassination of
President Kennedy. LBJ addresses Congress following JFK's
assassination. President Johnson..

'Quite, quite mad,' she said.

'It may be,' he answered. 'But with my wife I was quite sane
for ten years. Now give me the madness of the ladybird.

The world I was sane about has gone raving.
The ladybird I was mad with is wise still.'

'Do you know Fabre?' put in Lord Beveridge. 'He suggests that
the beetle rolling a little ball of dung before him,
in a dry old field, must have suggested to the Egyptians
the First Principle that set the globe rolling.

And so the scarab became the symbol of the creative principle--
or something like that.'

'That the earth is a tiny ball of dry dung is good,'
said Basil.

'Between the claws of a ladybird,' added Daphne.

5. Coccinelle

First mediatized transsexual, Ladybird, singer, actress and
driving of ... the sacro-holy rigours morals were not beaten in
breach as they are it to...

PARIS (AFP) - (note, this is an internet translation from a
French article, many of the pronouns in particular are incorrect)

First mediatized transsexual, Ladybird, singer, actress and
driving of review, died Monday evening (October 16, 2006) in
Marseilles at the 75 years age, was, since its operation in 1958
pionnere and icon of the transgenre cause. She was hospitalized
since the end of July in Timone following a cerebral vascular
accident. Her funeral will be celebrated "in the most strict
intimacy" Saturday in Marseilles, indicated one of her close

Born in August 1931, it lived in Marseilles since about fifteen
years. It had founded association "To become Woman" (in order to
come to assistance of the people wishing to change sex) and had
taken part in the birth of Information and Research, Assistance
the Center on Transexuality and the Identity of Kind

According to the French law which recognizes the operated
transsexuals --thanks to its own combat besides-- its marital
status had been modified after its operation. Become Jacqueline-
Charlotte Dufresnoy, it was regarded officially as "born woman".
Singer and driving of review, known abroad, Coccinelle had begun
in 1953 "At Mrs Arthur", celebrates Parisian cabaret
transformists, with a song of Daniele Darrieux drawn from film
"First go ".

Its last album, left in 2005, contained resumptions of songs of
its reviews of Alcazar or Carrousel of Paris, in the Sixties
where she knows one fulgurating notoriety but says herself
wounded "to be regarded as a phenomenon of fair". In 1963, Bruno
Coquatrix crowns it star while making of it the driving one of
review of "Seek the woman". Ladybird will make a round in
several European countries of which Germany and also in South

In 1990, Coccinelle is last once at the poster in Paris, at the
time of a spectacle assembled by Pascal Sevran with the Casino
of Paris. It told how, one day of Carnival, being disguised with
a red dress with black peas, had come to him the nickname from

"I did not feel transsexual, but in transit of sex", she said.

In 1960, it marries a sports correspondent. The first marriage
of a transsexual attracts the media of the whole world. Divorced
two years after, it remarie in 1963. It contracts a third union
in 1996, in Marseilles, with Thierry Wilson. Jacqueline-
Charlotte Dufresnoy signed in 1987 her autobiography
"Ladybird by Ladybird" (Daniel Filipachi).
9. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorie...

Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later
she was murdered, ... There was also, on the grassy knoll, a
French gunman, presumabl...

Lady birds are among the most familiar and best loved of the
commonly identified insects, they are generally brightly
coloured and are symbols of good in many myths

The antennae are usually 11 segmented, short and clubbed, the
elytra completely cover the abdomen, meet all the way down the
middle of the insects back and are never longitudinally ridged.
The legs are short and retractable under the body. Many exude
unpleasant oils from joints in their legs as a defense mechanism.

The name Ladybird arises from the vernacular name for the common
7-Spot Ladybird (Coccinella 7-punctata) in Europe. Our Lady's
Bird, the Lady in this case being 'The Virgin Mary' from
Christian Mythology. The red base colour of the elytra is said
to represent her cloak and the 7 black spots to represent the '
Virgins' 7 joys and 7 sorrows. Relating Ladybirds to the Virgin
Mary is not unusual, in 1991 Dr. A.W. Exell published his book
"History of the Ladybird" in which he cites 329 common names for
the Ladybird from 55 countries, of which over 80 refer to the
Virgin Mary and more than 50 are dedicated to God.

Contrarily one Italian name is 'Galineta del Diaolo' or 'The
Devils Chicken'. Other names include the Swedish Himelska
nyckla or 'The Keys of Heaven' and the Cherokee 'Great Beloved

Ladybird ladybird fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children all gone.
All except one whose name is Anne
Who hid herself under the frying pan.

26. King Of The Hill - The Complete 4th Seas...

A working-class everyman who strives to stay true to his staunch
morals, Hank Hill lives ... To Kill a Ladybird Hillennium Old
Glory Rodeo Days Hanky ...
Super Robot Wars Original Generation ~Di...

Vehicles and Support Units C-242B Lady Bird F-28 Messer Hiryu
Type 82 Government. Divine Crusaders/ EOTI (Extra Over
Technology Investigation Committe...
6. Lady B Ain't Going in the Grave Scot-Fre...

As we mentioned yesterday, when people of questionable morals
and lifepaths die, the ... Lady Bird Johnson, who passed last
week, has been on the rece...

Morales Feed Lots

Of course, we realize that a good experienced staff is what
makes a company stand out in todays business world. The
management of Morales Feed Lots, Inc. has nearly 100 combined
years of experience.

Luis Gonzales, Head Cowboy - 18 years
Lucy Nixon, Office manager -18 years

Lucy Nixon's years of experience makes sure the office runs
smoothly and efficiently

Celestino Guzman runs our "state-of-the-art" feedmill. He
oversees the quality and consistency of our rations as well as
all our incoming ingredients

Morales Feed Lots, Inc.
P.O. Box 487
Devine, TX 78016
4. Devine Intervention Detective Services -...

Please call Devine Intervention at 610-366-7272 to speak with
one of our professional investigators to learn more about any of
our services.

Morales was a legendary figure in CIA covert operations.
According to close associate Tom Clines, if you saw Morales
walking down the street in a Latin American capital, you knew a
coup was about to happen

I tracked Ayers down to a small town in Wisconsin and emailed
him stills of Morales and another guy I found suspicious - a man
who is pictured entering the ballroom from the direction of the
pantry moments after the shooting, clutching a small container
to his body, and being waved towards an exit by a Latin

Morales died of a heart attack in 1978, weeks before he was
to be called before the House Select Committee on Assassinations

2. Texas Governor Rick Perry - Appointment ...

Jan 30, 2008 ... Rick Perry appointed Ernie Morales of Devine as
presiding officer of the Texas Animal Health Commission for a
term to expire at the...
14. Was the CIA Involved in Bobby Kennedy's ...

He (Morales) was a rough-neck. He was a bully, a hard-drinker
and big enough to get ... get away with." During the 1950s and
1960s Morales became know..

Democrat Dan Morales endorses Republican Rick Perry
Associated Press Writer

HOUSTON (AP) - Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan
Morales endorsed Republican Gov. Rick Perry Tuesday in his bid
for a full term in office.

"My love for Texas demands that I place politics and
partisanship aside in favor of supporting the candidate in this
campaign whose election would clearly be in the best interest of
Texas," Morales said.

Morales in June was appointed as an adviser to
Perry's Anti-Crime Commission

Statement of Gov. Rick Perry Regarding Dan Morales

"As a former state attorney general, Dan Morales was certainly
aware that there are always consequences to one's actions. His
plea today tarnishes a record of public service, but also serves
to illustrate that our laws apply to everyone. I wish his family
well as they go through this difficult period in their lives."

Arson is suspected in a fire that swept through the historic
Texas governor's mansion early Sunday, leaving much of the 152-
year-old building charred and severely damaged

We are heartbroken by the fire that has ravaged the Texas
Governors Mansion," Perry said in a prepared statement.


Toni Braxton Un-Break My Heart: The Remix C.. 08:17

You're Makin' Me High [David Morales Classic Mix]

David Courtney (Album Version) Rancid Indestructible 02:44

Buenas Noches Don David Ricardo Arjona Sin Danos A Terceros 04:57

Under Pressure [Album Version with David Bowie] Queen

The Spirit Of David Fred Hammond & Radical for Chr.. Spirit Of David

11. Texas Supreme Court Justice Is Embroiled...

A Texas Supreme Court justice and his wife were charged on
Thursday in an arson fire that destroyed ... Seen as Win for
Morales. Letters: Eating Well ...

Justice Medina, 49, a Republican appointed in 2004 by Gov. Rick
Perry to fill a vacancy and elected to a six-year term in 2006,
was indicted by a county grand jury on one count of tampering
and fabricating physical evidence, and Mrs. Medina on one count
of arson, Mr. Yates said.

Did you notice...

... Smithers wears his power plant ID badge in Burns' house?

the first four numbers of Mr. Burns' telephone number are 3237?
... Snowball II is helping the family restrain Homer from dialing
Burns' number?

... Burns and Smithers have katanas and are dressed like ninjas when
attempting to steal Bobo?

... the winged gargoyle outside Burns' bedroom window?
... Burns' real brother holds the cigar with pinky extended?
... Smithers doesn't bother to knock before entering Burns' bedroom?
... where Smithers places his hands in order to wake up Burns?

... The US presidents at Burns birthday bash are Ronald Reagan,
Richard Nixon, George Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

... the fire truck that arrives to rescue Burns & Smithers knocks
down part of the fence?

... The two guards who stop Homer's act have atom symbols on their
hats, so they weren't policemen but plant security. (You could
also tell they weren't Springfield police because they seem to
be competent...)

... sexual innuendo between Smithers and Burns

.. 1957, North Pole, the Arctic ice cap w/ first nuclear sub

- Smithers' birthday fantasy (similar to Marilyn, "Happy Birthday
Mr. President" to JFK)
- slide of Burns in skirt over grate (same shot from Marilyn's
"Seven Year Itch")
6. Legend Marilyn Monroe - The Seven Year I...

Information on The ... Marilyn's most famous scene - standing
over a subway grate with ... the wind lifting Marilyn Monroe's
skirt above her shapely g...
26. Controversy Was Sex Symbol Marilyn Monro...

... exploration of whether or not her death was murder.
the Justice Dept. in an offi..

Mr. Burns is in bed, but he is restless and fitful. He thinks back to a
winter in his childhood...he remembers playing with a stuffed bear and
singing. "I'm the happiest boy there is, aren't I, Bobo?" he asks it,
kissing it. His parents watch him as he plays.

A limousine pulls up, and a figure in the shadow converses with the
parents. "Happy! Come here, Happy!" beckons his Mother. "Yes, Mumsy?"

"Happy, would you like to continue living with us, your loving natural
parents," his father queries, "or would you rather live with this
twisted, loveless billionaire?" Happy drops his bear and runs into the
limousine, donning sunglasses and proclaiming, "Let's roll!" But his
father calls out to the speeding limo, "Wait! You forgot your bear, a
symbol of your lost youth and innocence!"

Back in the present, Burns holds a glass ball with a snowstorm scene in
his hand. "I want my teddy," he groans, and drops the ball. It
shatters, although the balls are NEV-R-BREAK brand Snow Globes. "Bobo,"
Mr. Burns calls out weakly. Smithers walks in.

Burns: Oh, it's you. The bedpan's under my pillow.
Smithers: [hesitantly] Who's Bobo, sir?
Burns: Bobo? Er, um, I meant...Lobo! Er, Sheriff Lobo, they never
should have cancelled that show.
-- What were they thinking?, "Rosebud"

12. Ladybird, Ladybird, Kayla and Me

"Tomorrow, Lily-ladybird," she cooed into my hair. " Tonight all
ladybirds must go to sleep so they ... Kayla committed arson and
murder all to prot..

"Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home
your house is on fire, your children are gone ?
All except one, and that's Little Anne
For she has crept under the warming pan."

"Again, mama, again!" I chanted

When I'd finished reading, I had tears in my eyes. I would never
have comprehended its full meaning 26 years ago but I do now.
Kayla committed arson and murder - all to protect me. I always
thought she was a spoilt pretentious teenager, but I now know
that my sister had to grow up a lot quicker than most girls her
age did. How she had kept this secret all this time without
telling anyone! But I guess that's why at 40 she still kept a
diary ? they were her only real confidant. Poor Kayla. She'd
sacrificed so much for me.

Before I closed the diary I noticed a little scrawl on the last
page?and I cried as I read:

"Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home
your house is on fire, your family is gone?"

Texas in the Imagination

Not only do we now have at least two "parties" that could not be
documented by Madeleine but we have the situation that Mr.
Murchison Sr. had moved out of the home in question at least
four years prior to the assassination!

On June 1, 1987 Steven Mark Brown filed a 10.5 million dollar
lawsuit against Ladybird Johnson claiming "My legal birthrights
have been violated and a conspiracy was formed to deprive me of
my legal heirship." He accused two friends of Johnson, Jess C.
Kellam of Austin and Jerome T. Ragsdale of Dallas, of
participating in the conspiracy

Much of what is claimed does not come from Steven but from
Madeleine, who the article quotes more extensively than Steven.
Madeleine had filed an affidavit and was providing the newspaper
with a synopsis. She indicated "Ragsdale later claimed to have
fathered the child himself." She declared this was to shield
Johnson from adverse publicity.

I was now faced with attempting to prove a negative. Ragsdale
said he was the father while Madeleine claimed it was LBJ. And I
was becoming not only annoyed but very distrustful of this claim.
How convenient that all parties needed to prove or rebut the
charge save Madeleine were long dead.

"Our gross national product does not allow for the health of our
children, the quality of our education, or the joy of their play.

It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of
our marriages, the intelligence of our public debate, or the
integrity of our public officials.

Robert F. Kennedy, University of Kansas, March 18, 1967

Two appointments in a lifetime is more than I ever dreamed of,"
said Medina, who first was named a judge in Harris County in
1996 by then-Gov. George W. Bush. "I look forward to this

Medina, who graduated from Southwest Texas State University and
received his law degree from South Texas College of Law in
Houston, was convicted in Harris County of reckless driving in
September 2002, three months after he was arrested for driving
while intoxicated.

After his appointment by Bush, Medina was elected to the bench
in 1998, resigned in 2000 and later worked as associate general
counsel for Houston-based Cooper Industries, a manufacturer of
electrical products

He became Perry's general counsel in January

At the time, a constable said he noticed Medina's black Mustang
weaving across lanes in the early-morning hours. The constable
stopped the car when the driver made an improper lane change and
almost struck the deputy's vehicle, according to police reports.
Mustang Lightning - Texas Voodoo Surf Re...

Mustang Lightning - Texas Voodoo Surf review: <i>Texas Voodoo
Surf</i> isn't just the name of this album. It's also the
perfect description for the st...
27. Essay - Incomplete Justice - I dont know...

Certain remarks by Sirhan's family only added to the mystery. ...
than enough to buy the Mustang that Sirhan mentions frequently
in his notebooks, ...

"Today I must resolve to come home in a brand new Mustang,
Mustang, Mustang." (From the notebooks of Sirhan Sirhan --
Robert Kennedy's assassin, May 18, 1968)
King-Kill 33: Masonic Symbolism in the A...

James Earl Ray was convicted partly on the evidence of a "white
Mustang" (automobile), Sirhan Sirhan claimed to his
psychiatrists, trance-like, ...

Frenchy (Ray knew him as Raoul) set up Ray as a patsy by
planting evidence with Ray's prints on it near the fake firing
point. He persuaded Ray to rent a room opposite Dr. King's motel,
to buy a rifle with telescopic sight, and a white Mustang, and
park the Mustang outside the rooming house to wait for Frenchy
to come out. Youngblood stationed himself on a grassy knoll
beneath the rooming house where Frenchy was located. When King
came out on his balcony, Youngblood killed him with one shot
fired at an upward angle. Frenchy ran from his perch overlooking
King's balcony

He was also almost certainly a CIA contract agent or "blind"
assassin. At the same time another group was recruited to
hypnotize Sirhan Sirhan and to program him for firing some shots
in Robert Kennedy's direction. Two hypnotists and at least three
other people were involved in the framing of Sirhan.
Cesar killed Robert Kennedy from behind while Sirhan was firing
under hypnosis from in front of the Senator. His programmed
signal was given by a girl in a polka dot dress and another
young Arabic man with them in the pantry.
12. Four Gears in the Box and Five Liters Un...

Ladybird's got nothing on this '81 Mustang commercial. Unless,
of course, ol' Megacycles is close personal friends of the
Sharks. Or the Jets. [Thanks...
18. Appearing on stage at Hippodrome was a m...

Feb 11, 2008 ... The other victim was Ladybird, the pantomime
horse, a 16-year-old mustang, which was ridden onto the stage by
Cal McCord, ...
ABC News: Lady Bird on Kennedy Assassina...

Lady Bird on Kennedy Assassination. ... that this assassination
was the spearhead of a Russian, perhaps a. Soviet nuclear attack,
surprise attack on...

Ladybird" and "ladybug" redirect here.

in both Hebrew and Yiddish, it is called "Moshe Rabbenu's little
cow" or "Moshe Rabbenu's little horse", apparently an adaptation
of the Russian name, or sometimes "Little Messiah".

In Irish, the insect is called God's little cow";
In French if is known as bete a bon Dieu, the Good Lord's animal.

The ladybird is the symbol of the Dutch Foundation
Against Senseless Violence

According to Russian Television ladybirds attack Russian villages.

They bother and even bite village dwellers, making their life a
real mess.

And all this happening right in the middle of snowy Siberian
winter, which is not affected by global warming trend that seems
to be happening in European part of Russia.

Scientists tell people not to panic but let them study the
phenomena, but village people can't stand this anymore.

The invasion began this morning. I woke up this afternoon to a
strange buzzing sound. Naturally, I assumed it had been caused
by flies, because my room becomes infested with them every fall
and winter. I ignored them. I proceeded sleepily down the
stairs and got my usual bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. To my
surprise, when I looked out the window, the air was filled with
mysterious flying creatures. "Huh," I thought. "Must be wasps. I'
d better stay inside today." This, of course, would not have
been a very large change of plans.

Yet, when I wandered into the master bedroom, I saw a small
crack below the screen and a steady line of ladybug commandos
entering my house. I grabbed the duct tape and sealed the window,
but it was too late. I got out the vacuum cleaner and sucked up
70 or so, but the effort was futile. They are everywhere.

I'm still not quite sure what their motives are... Judging from
the vast number that are still outside, they may need a base for
their world domination scheme. If a lot of nodes about an
invasion of Eastern Europe and a mind control plan start
appearing under my name, I suggest you invest in some high-
quality screens.

Unless your house is under attack by ladybugs, please do not
harm them. I think they may be a higher life form.



Ladybird Johnson, Ladybird Johnson
She's such a dream when she keeps our land green
Ladybird Johnson, Ladybird Johnson
She's never dour with her wild flowers

When LBJ chased JFK
She stood by her man
When Jackie O said cheerio
She showed us what a lady can

Ladybird Johnson, Ladybird Johnson (2x)

As First Lady of the USA
It was her duty to show us the way
To a greener and healthier day
So full of flowers like the first of May

With her charm and hospitality
She made those diplomats oh so happy
And before things could get too gray
She gave each Russian a little nosegay

Ladybird Johnson, Ladybird Johnson (2x)

When the CIA invaded that Pig's Bay
She stood in the wings
When Vietnam deflated Uncle Sam
Her cheer brought us tidings
of joy.

Ladybird Johnson, Ladybird Johnson

Written by Lard Bucket Lunch

9. Power animals & the Ladybird spirit - He...

Oct 30, 2007 ... Power animals & the Ladybird spirit Shamanism. ...
Those with this totem are usually family oriented with strong
morals and social ..

The Space Hijackers continued their unbeaten record in the
Anarchist Vs Capitalist midnight cricket cup this year. With a
new pitch at Paternoster Square the anarchist team overcame a
strong start from the capitalists and several pitch invasions by
police and security teams.

Time Out magazine have done a feature on our guerrilla benching
project in this week's issue TO1991. It even features our very
own Special Agent Ladybird's photos

Meet 2pm
Sat 25th Nov
The Red Lion Pub
Kingly Street
(just off carnaby street)

I got to go to Carnaby Street anyway. (Will post pics later).
Ended up buying 2 T-shirts from a shop called David and Goliath.

I'm Part Assyrian (Those who don't know who the Assyrians are or
have never heard of the bible-we're mentioned in
there!), I thought I would post you a little song that my aunt
taught me.

It goes something like this:

Bhull Bhull Kharlu Prook Prook, Mailey Sole Shmooki.

Translated it means Lady Bug, Lady Bug,
Fly, Fly Bring Me Red Shoes.
Pay Articles from November 1966 Part 3 -...

Jewish Council Will Meet, Today for a Talk on Music ... Display
More Military Apparel From Carnaby Street ... Despite Rumors of
Split, Beetles Cut a B...
35. inkBoat: Reviews

He beetles across the stage in a squatty walk that Chaplin might
have envied, ... The petite Kaseki, in her Carnaby Street Mod
white minidress and kne...
------------------------------------------------------------------ Meet the beetles

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University extension The
multicolored Asian ladybug first appeared in the United States
in 1988, and by the mid-1990s, it..

Ladybug Transistor - split 7", Low Transit Industries
Beulah - "Yoko Demos" CD, Velocette
Various - The Amos House Collection Vol. 3 CD, Wishing Tree Records

... A. from his hometown of Big Springs, Texas for a meeting ...
Smith had the challenge of recreating the entire Carnaby ... is
a colorful convertib..

Carnaby initially had thought that by showing an ID card bearing
the seal of the Central Intelligence Agency he could be on his
way. But the officer who stopped him along Texas 288 near West
Orem, already suspicious because of Carnaby's nervous behavior,
did not recognize the ID card and told Carnaby he would check it
out, HPD homicide Capt. Steve Jett said.

The patrol officer who stopped Roland Carnaby for speeding
Tuesday morning was about to detain him as a possible CIA agent
impersonator when he took off in his SUV, Houston police said

Two days after officers shot Carnaby to death at the conclusion
of a high-speed chase, more details emerged about the bizarre
chain of events, including phone calls Carnaby made after he was
pulled over

That was when Carnaby called someone he knew at HPD's internal
affairs division. The officer asked the acquaintance if Carnaby
really worked for the CIA.

"While we do not as a rule publicly deny or confirm employment,
I will tell you in this case that Mr. Carnaby was not an
employee of the Central Intelligence Agency," Gimigliano said.
"He was never a CIA officer."

Wife: He worked for CIA for 30 years

Susan Carnaby said her husband has worked for the agency for 30

If it were 1910, Maj. George Littlefield would be digging deep
to pay to clean Janry's oil leak out of Waller Creek. But now,
in 2008, the city of Austin and the Texas Comission on
Environmental Quality are hunting through archives to work out
who will foot the bill.

On Jan. 10, a water main in the back alley between the
Littlefield Building and the Driskill Hotel on Sixth Street
burst and flushed through an abandoned underground storage tank.
About 4,000 gallons of fuel oil were washed down to Waller Creek,
where it was contained before it could contaminate Lady Bird Lake
7. John F. Kennedy assassination - Wikipedi...

"Kennedy Assassination" ... The assassination of John F. Kennedy,
the thirty-fifth ... Yarborough (left rear), Lady Bird Johnson
(center rear), Vice ...
45. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

Texas A&M University Press. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.
by Robert A. Divine ... Ironically, Divine finds that America's
high ideals continually..
20. Webpage Feature - Lady Bird Johnson Wild...

Johnson for Robert Divine's second volume on the Johnson years.
Gould visited the archives and "where I went to find a little
creek, I found Lady Bird...

The $320 million Highway Beautification Bill, passed in 1965,
was known as "The Lady Bird Bill," and she made speeches and
lobbied Congress to win its passage.

Nationally, some states have seen real controversy arise over
the Adopt-A-Highway program, which began as a grassroots effort
in Texas in 1985. In South Dakota, members of the Sioux Nation
Gay and Lesbian Coalition were refused entry into the program
until the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in. Jennifer
Ring is director of the ACLU of the Dakotas.

Jennifer Ring: This is a straight free speech issue. And the
problems always come up when whatever the group is that wants to
speak through this little mini-bulletin board is a group that a
significant number of people don't approve of or don't like.

Under pressure from the ACLU, the South Dakota governor allowed
the Sioux group to join the program, then threatened to remove
all adopt-a-highway signs within a year
3. Presidential Politics: The Movie

In the 1960s presidential debates with Richard Nixon ... LBJ and
Ladybird Johnson came off as Texan Gothic types; Nixon seemed
untrustworthy and shifty...

moeissingle: When did you go to a political convention?
Ladybird: this was a long time ago in albany
Ladybird: there was this one old freak there
moeissingle: Oh wow, weird other life!
Ladybird: who acted like he was praying while typing
Ladybird: rocking back and forth and moaning
Ladybird: to get that andrew cuomo wire copy out
Ladybird: THE MUSE
Ladybird: she must be courted with SONG and RITUAL
Ladybird: okay i am sleeping with this person who i am working
with and we are both working in this office
Ladybird: and acting professional
moeissingle: oh right you like to be watched
moeissingle: There was no rice cooker.
moeissingle: No coffee grinds
moeissingle: No scizophrenic cat
Ladybird: no typing on the bed
Ladybird: you are good at writing on the bed
Ladybird: i can't do it
Ladybird: i need the fake dignity of a table
Ladybird: or desk
Ladybird: i don't remember anything.

moeissingle: right you blacked out your relationship
with the fat girl.

Ladybird: and we weren't going to get married
Ladybird: how's that?


The patrol enters, headed by a drum major. Musetta, being
without her shoe, cannot walk, so Marcel and Colline lift her
between them to their shoulders, and carry her through the crowd,
which, sensing the humour of the situation, gives her an ovation,
then swirls around Alcindoro, whose foolish, senile figure,
appearing from the direction of the cobbler's shop with a pair
of shoes for Musetta, it greets with jeers.

For his gay ladybird has fled with her friends from the Quartier,
and left him to pay all the bills.

Act III. A gate to the city of Paris on the Orleans road.

Musetta and the others return. There are tender touches in the
good offices they would render the dying girl. They are aware
before Rudolph that she is beyond aid. In their faces he reads
what has happened. With a cry, "Mimi! Mimi!" he falls sobbing
upon her lifeless form.

Also, "ladybird" is cited as a euphemism for "ladybug". As far
as I know, "ladybird" has always been the British term and
"ladybug" the American term

I'm not sure that "gay" is a euphemism. Meanings of words change
all the time, and it isn't unusual for one meaning to supplant
another over time. The fact that a word usually meant one thing
but not means another doesn't make it a euphemism

Not only exotic insects are able to secrete poisonous substances.
A good example is the ladybird that is so common in Russia.
Water solutions of ladybird's blood plasma sometimes cause
dermatitis in humans. Oriental medicine used wingless females of
cockroaches to treat sex glands' disorders while in Russian
traditional medicine black-beetles were used as a urinative.

Divine Strike is a bunker buster simulation -2. steak -1.
divinestrake 2. trake 3. Strike 4. Devine 5. Devine 6. Strak 7.
divin 8. hates 9. strak

'When people lie about the land, they become rootless,
like tumbleweeds

Divine Strake is planned for detonation at the U16b Tunnel
Complex (in Area 16) above an existing reinforced limestone
tunnel. The Divine Strake GZ (ground-zero) is 1.1 miles from a
tunnel complex (U16a complex) where six underground nuclear
tests were conducted from 1962 to 1971. Two of those six tests,
named Marshmallow, Gum Drop, Double Play, Ming Vase, Diamond
Dust and Diamond Mine, leaked radiation. The Department of
Energy reported that the 'Marshmallow' test leaked radioactivity
for several days after the detonation

The Divine Strake explosion is expected to create a dust cloud -
containing a substantial amount of soil matter from the ground-
zero - that will reach 10,000 feet.

Alien ladybirds spotted in East Anglia

SWARMS of "alien" ladybirds - being reported all over East
Anglia - are threatening the survival of native species, experts

They produce a foul-smelling liquid which stains soft
furnishings and have been known to block air vents."

Mr Sanford said the harlequins had been described as "killer"
ladybirds not because they directly attacked native species but
because of their threat of out-competing native species for food,
leading to their demise.
2. Ladybird Ladybird - Wikipedia, the free ...

There were superstitious beliefs that it was unlucky to kill a
ladybird, ... elementary school following a (mistaken) alert of
an imminent nuclear a...,_Ladybird

Focus, then, would have been more on butoh as a practice of
poetry and to reduce the lightly psychologizing tone that partly
occurs here below.

Then he continued, 'tooth, and Korean whistle, sulphur, worms,
laughter, boiling, the sphere of love. - The sphere of love?
What's that? It's a woman's womb. Korean volubis, that's a
poisonous plant', he said. 'Dreaming potion, comb, greenhouse,
shelled insect, that's a ladybug.'

Although I'm not aquainted with Death, Death knows me. (Tatsumi

It is possible to make a superb dance with the eyes alone.
(Tatsumi Hijikata)

The dance must be absurd. (Tatsumi Hijikata)

I abhor a world which is regulated from the cradle to the grave.
(Tatsumi Hijikata
Ongoing Tales Old Time Poems~ Lady Bird

Ladybird! Ladybird! fly away home; The field mouse is gone to
her nest, The daisies have shut up their sleepy red eyes, And
the birds and the bees a...

PART 5: The Nuclear Age

In the Enola Gay
five minutes before impact
he whistles a dry tune

Later he will say
that the whole blooming sky
went up like an apricot ice.
Later he will laugh and tremble
at such a surrender, for the eye
of his belly saw Marilyn's skirts
fly over her head for ever

On the river bank,
bees drizzle over
hot white rhododendrons

Later she will walk
the dust, a scarlet girl
with her whole stripped skin
at her heel, stuck like an old
shoe sole or mermaid's tail

Later she will lie down
in the flecked black ash
where the people are become
as lizards or salamanders
and, blinded, she will complain
Mother you are late. So late

Later in dreams he will look
down shrieking and see


You might think that I was aware of the symbolism or folklore
surrounding ladybirds when I got the urge to start this.

As usual- none of it, whatsoever. I was searching for evidence
to support my belief that Richard Nixon was the lead culprit
related to the Kennedy assassination.

One of the first things that I found was the site for
"Morales Feed Lots" with which I became fascinated
for no apparent reason. Rather like the mound of mashed
potatoes in "Close Encounters". I knew that this was just
an ad, with no "hidden" meaning, yet I felt that there was
some reason why it seemed so hypnotic to me.

The best way to unearth things with not with a federal
investigation. Federal investigations generally do not get
the job done because the federal government itself is the
institution that most needs to *be* investigated.

The best way to unearth things is with unearthly influences,

That is part of why you will probably get a better revelation
here, than in many a History Channel documentary.

No one could find their way through the mazes, the subterfuges,
the shadows, the purged records, the clever illusions,
without the influence of a mysterious ladybug, whispering
things in their ears. Notions about "proof" and "certainty"
in this mad jungle become as quickly irrelevant as fussy
concerns about Roberts Rules of Order, on a bloody

I have long had an interest in the Kennedy assassination.
For a long time, it did not seem reasonable to me that I should have
such an interest. In the grand scheme of things, it did not really
seem all that important.

I recently got a better idea of why I should have been interested
in the Kennedy assassination. Similar to how I got a better idea
of why I was interested by "Morales Feed Lots", as I continued
assembling this material.

I read a book called "Dr. Mary's Monkey", by Edward T Haslam.

I had been aware of this book, for months, but had not read it,
because I knew that its premise was to link the AIDS epidemic
to figures involved in the Kennedy assassination.

I have long known that AIDS is not a simple case of a natural
epidemic. Our government had been working for decades with
immune-suppressive retroviruses.

I did not read "Dr. Mary's Monkey" at first because it sounded
to me so "over the top" that I suspected it to be a propaganda
effort to cover-up AIDS origin, by introducing extraneous,
wild-goose-chase, preposterous-on-the-surface propositions.

The same game was played with the Kennedy assassination
itself, with much skill and success. Probably a lot of the so-called
"conspiracy theories" that are ridiculed in the media not really
even conspiracy theories. They are deliberately sewn red herrings,
generated as disinformation, to confuse the public and throw
legitimate investigators off the trail.

In delicious Machiavellian style, the media can then
take the snotty attitude that "Ha ha ha.. There are ALL
these different stories- the CIA, the Mafia, the Russians,
the Cubans. Why they must all be so crazy, just
ignore them ALL".

You could walk into almost any newsroom in the United
States, fire a gun in almost any random direction, and the
odds of hitting anything truly innocent would be minimal.

They won't admit that there are damned good reasons
for ALL of the variations, partly because they are not
so much *different* theories and *interrelated* aspects
of the same picture. The CIA was such a cesspool, it
was working with Mafia figures, who were also cozy
with some of our leading politicians. Oswald spent
time in Russia, which might have been evidence of a
Russian connection, or evidence that he was associated
with the CIA. There is nothing "bizarre" about such
speculation. It is commonsense.

Sometimes the media is played for a dupe in spreading
propaganda, but sometimes it is a knowing participant.

The phrase "freedom of the press" to me is a study in Orwellian irony.
With our great freedoms, we created a press that was such an
effective propaganda mouthpiece that it would have put
Joseph Goebbels to shame.

With our "freedom of religion" we created a sewer of crackpot
hatred and backward superstition, With our "freedom of speech"
we created a snake-pit of smear campaigns, flame-throwing and

Any terrorist with half a brain would not hate us not because
we possess these supposed "freedoms", but because of what
we have chosen to do with them..

Another family member had to my surprise bought the "Dr. Mary"
book. When visiting, I picked it up, since it was handy.
Within the first 5 pages, I kicked myself, realizing that I should have
read it, a long time ago.

I could critique the book so far as to say that for some of the information,
we have no hard documentation and must rely on the author's honesty.

However, I am not naive enough to make that critique too dogmatically.
A lot of people who are either innocently naive or cynically
insincere, like to adopt the attitude, essentially to say,'
"Provide me proof-positive, up-front, then I will listen,
otherwise I will completely tune this out and could not care less".

Nuances like "calls for further investigation" seem lost on them.

However, anyone who really knows anything about this world,
realizes that "proof" is a pipe-dream. Documents can be forged.
Eye-witnesses can be hired like movie actors. Photos can be doctored.

We live in a wilderness of mirrors. Sometimes, in an upside-down
world, the opposite of the conventional wisdom can be your best guide.
The peer-reviewed, documented, agreed-upon, eye-witnessed version
of events is complete nonsense. The unproven, impossible-to-prove
personal anecdote can become your best clue to the truth.

I had not been aware of the allegations that David Ferrie, one of the
principals in the JFK assassination was alleged to have bragged about
research with monkey viruses that could be used to wipe out communism.

He apparently was acting in an "Igor" kind of role, obtaining
monkeys for off-the-books research, involving a prominent doctor
(Dr Mary), who wound up herself getting brutally murdered, like so
many others having anything to do with Kennedy-assassination figures.

The most interesting quote, from those early years, was :

"At least, if there is a global epidemic, 30 years from now,
involving monkey viruses, we will know where it came from.".

It is ironic that the book's author still wants to cling to the belief that
a few bad eggs, or an accident, released the virus. Even conspiracy
theorists can have some innocence left to lose. Some seem to cling
to naive hopes that a major "investigation" is right around the next
corner, almost like a childish belief in "God's mercy".

They don't want to believe that they are looking at a hopeless situation.
Their psyches cannot take it. They are as pitiful as a
Jew would have been, if Germany had won the war,
trying to tell Good German people that the Jews did not really
die from a flu epidemic in the camps, as their government
consistently maintained.


Whoever killed JFK did not just kill JFK, RFK,
or the dozens of people connected to the JFK killing, or the dozens
of people connected to various other government scandals.

The ruthless right-wingers who bragged about wanting
to exterminate communists with an engineered plague would
also have been dreaming of eliminating other hated groups,
primarily homosexuals.

They would also be as happy to depopulate the continent
of Africa, to grab its resources as cynically as they might try to
grab resources in Iraq or the Republic of Georgia.

The homophobia of closet-gay David Ferrie was as deep as
his racism. That is probably owing to his Catholic upbringing
and teachings that instilled self-hate.

The case of Bruce Ivins. the microbiologist that the FBI now blames
for deadly anthrax mailings after Sept 11, shows similarity.

Ivins was a Catholic Church keyboardist, as well as a Fort Detrick
microbiologist. His motives for targeting Catholic, pro-choice, liberal
Congressmen were directly tied to his Catholic beliefs.

Yet the media will not dare use the phrase "right-wing terrorist", much
less "Catholic terrorist", as they feel free to use phrases like "Islamic terrorist",
or and will probably use the term "gay terrorist", whenever gays finally get
around to fighting back in the only real means that is left to them.

The Soviet KGB had said that AIDS had been produced at Fort Detrick,
where anthrax-terrorist Bruce Ivins had worked. Our glorious media
laughed off that allegation as propaganda. Not like they could ever be
more shameless than the KGB in the art of propaganda.

Wikipedia, the new phenomenon sometimes manipulated by the CIA,
states as fact that Richard Nixon had stopped all U.S. biological warfare

The KGB also thought that was a complete joke, that it was not stopped
at all, but merely to a "black op" under the guise of cancer research,
as a public-relations ploy. The KGB probably acquired that
information through espionage and covert sources far beyond
the abilities of our U.S. media. For that reason, the Soviets
continued with their own, massive biological warfare program,

The "Dr. Mary's Monkey" book did not mention that fact, which
would have been a quite relevant dot to connect.

Richard Nixon was not the kind of altruistic do-gooder whose heart
would have bled over causes like curing cancer. During Watergate,
he once suggested burglarizing the GOP's own headquarters,
and blaming it on Democrats, to throw off the heat. Concerning
gays, he said "Godammit, strong societies don't tolerate them at
all, they root them out".

His men openly talked about possibilities of assassinating
various people. Nixon referred to the JFK assassination as
the "Bay of Pigs thing".

For novices, that is referring to a failed, CIA-sponsored invasion
of Cuba. JFK was blamed for failing to provide air cover.
JFK assassination theorists often point to anti-Castro
Cuban exiles as suspects.

However, you can see: one of the anti-Castro figures, David Sanchez
Morales, even though someone fairly high-ranking in the CIA,
was one of many figures who also died suspiciously before
the story could risk becoming exposed. Apparently, someone even
higher than him would have been involved.

Who is powerful enough to kill a President and get away with it?

Presumably, someone with that much power would want also
to become President themselves, and with that much power,
they would probably succeed. It is really not that difficult
of a question. Think, now - who might that be?

You might think that I mean Lyndon Johnston, and maybe that is
why I am writing about Lady Bird.

Lady Bird is really only here as a symbol. The decent,
harmless, happy-face plastered over the world of cutthroats.

I have never gotten in more than 40 years, a Laugh-In
skit by Ruth Buzzy, singing a parody about Lady Bird,
whistling and tweeting in a way that captured the absurdity,

Life is not that funny, though.

It is suspicious enough that Lyndon Johnston came from Texas,
a hotbed of corruption and ambitious, right-wing cranks.

By corrupt, right-wing cranks, I do not merely mean the
Bush family. One of the wealthy Hunt brothers, who once tried
to corner the silver market, among other schemes, was such
a right-wing nut, that he thought conservative
Dwight D. Eisenhower to be a "pinko".

Kennedy did not really like Johnston that much. He had picked
him as a running mate because he needed someone more
conservative to balance the ticket.

Kennedy liked Nixon even less. JFK thought that Nixon
was a psychopath.

It was Nixon who was humiliated by JFK in debate, and by losing
an election to him. It was Nixon who became President after
his adversary, Bobby Kennedy was also conveniently eliminated.

It was not just Nixon, though. Really, it is the same men who
mostly occupied the White House for decades to follow who
had murdered Kennedy.

After Nixon's Vice-President, Gerald Ford, took over, who
did he pick to head up the CIA, to get rid of William Colby,
who had embarrassed the CIA with too much honest confession
before Congress?

He picked a loyalist, George Herbert Walker Bush, of Texas,
who proceeded to stonewall every Congressional request
for information.

Why did they hate Kennedy?

They did not really hate him so much because of the Bay of Pigs.
It is a myth that JFK was particularly liberal.
He was a Cold Warrior, if anything irresponsible and reckless
in his attempts to undermine opponents like Castro.

They hated JFK of Massachusetts for the same reason that they
hated Dukakis of Massachusetts and Kerry of Massachusetts.

Because they were "Yankees", because they weren't Republicans,
because they didn't hate the same people that the Republicans
hated, with sufficient blood-lust. Because they were barriers
in the way of access to power.

The real reason that we will never get the truth about the Kennedy
assassination is that it would be death of the GOP, and the
end of the conservative era. Much less, to imagine
the impact of the full story as to how the AIDS epidemic
came into this world.

As you increase oppression, protest against it does necessarily
grow along in proportion. People get used to it as something
"normal" and inevitable.

When leaders become sleazy, they do not always become
disliked, in proportion. When they are sleazy enough, they
kill and intimidate anyone who might bad-mouth them.
When the depth of sleaze reaches a critical threshold, the
politician becomes untouchable and "respectable".

When you reach the ultimate of sleaze, they will be
treated as the stuff of "greatness", if not worshiped as gods.

One of the lessons of the Kennedy assassination is that
our government crossed those thresholds of sleaze, long ago.

I think that anyone who sees the real situation, the bottomless
rot at the top levels of our government, should also realize
that truth will not be forthcoming while mobsters are
in charge, safely ensconced and able to pull the strings
of every institution.

By violence they acquired power, by violence they have
protected their reputations, and by violence it would fitting
to remove them from power.

Most authors and investigators would not want to lose
"respectability" by saying that out loud. However, their
dreams of getting justice by working within a corrupted
system are getting stale, after more than 40 years.

We deal with unknowables. What I say cannot be proven
or disproven, but even if you could somehow disprove my
belief that our government leaders are genocidal
fascists and assassins, I would never apologize for
what I have concluded.

You have to judge what you cannot see based on what you
can see.

I have seen things like the elements in the Christian Right
preaching death penalty for gays, and those same elements
getting winked at and praised by other prominent figures.

That in itself, just one example of many, would be sufficient
justification for denying further benefit of the doubt.

Toward the legions of shady figures, by now,
I think that the correct attitude is

"Kill them all and let God figure out who killed Kennedy".

I would sometimes think that the idea of purging our
government of its rot by force would also be hopeless,
but you are perhaps seeing some hints of the possibility
in strange patterns of events.

People who are deep in that intelligence world
are the first who would likely uncover the truths
that the media will never know and dare not tell.

Perhaps there are some well-placed people, already
there, who would agree with what is being said, here.


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