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William Keith Mahler

Oct 8, 2020, 3:31:29 PM10/8/20
i worked with the author in summer 1984..had sex with her while discussing
a book that book about 20 islamic state saudi and pakistani terrorists
hijacking a jet and trashing washington dc..
<b0tkowski> The 40-Minute War by Janet E. Morris
<Motives> it will scare the crap outta 91101 survivors
<livepan> wild
<Motives> that book got her, her husband, their niece whom became my wife
quite well known to president bush days after 911
<Motives> to the point he called me and came to where i worked
<Motives> janet, chris and i authored a document entitled "weapons of mass
<Motives> it was at their and my websites
<Motives> the terrorists came looking for it
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<Motives> and blew through the now defunct and
domains for weeks leading up to 91101
<Motives> janet and chris were already trained to be part time cia agents
and travelled the mid east during the ninetees
<Motives> came back to america and to this day, their life is financially
<Motives> because of their m2tech
<Motives> weapons of mass protection becaem bushes favorite term changed a
bit to weapons of mass destruction
<Motives> the very first time bush said that my inbox was flooded for
weeks on end
<Motives> hundreds of emails an hour for several weeks
<Motives> yet, not one reporter or investigator or neighbor on the street
knew a damn thing
<Motives> completely on the interent
<Motives> not a bleep off the net
<Motives> im still perplexed as to how that happened
<Motives> total 180 difference in realities
<Motives> i was with 20 middle easterners in worldchat irc sept 10 - sept
11 to hours before the attack
<Motives> that scared the crap outta me when the terrorists struck

<Motives> but no one seeemed to notice
<Motives> rest assured, not one thing such as a firewall could stop the fbi
<Motives> and my computer was theirs but never left my home
<Motives> i am a musician so my microphone was off but tied to the computer
<Motives> complete conversations in my apartment were recorded by the feds
<Motives> some of the feds know my most obscure music
<Motives> only a handful maybe 100 people dowloaded one song but the feds
knew it in seconds
<Motives> named it
<Motives> but noone not even my then wife knew friends, family, co
workers..totally oblviious
<Motives> made a great case to be called mentally ill
<Motives> but it really happened
<Motives> the biggest part of my life back then was that whole situation
<Motives> i never ever forget about it..think about it daily
<Motives> well enough of my drivel..gotta get back to work i do
<sd70ace> You know you can also stream of consciousness into an empty
channel, right?
<Motives> the first song their
will throw you for a loop..acapella, created on stage in front of a live
audience and completely about 91101 two weks ahead of time
<b0tkowski> William Mahler | ReverbNation
<Motives> yep
<Motives> now you know who "motives" is
<Motives> the way i see it all the internet security in the world cant
stop anyone from fucking me up
<Motives> so im blatently honest
<Motives> btw, this is the first ive talked openly about it on the
internet since 91101
<Motives> such as i have in this channel

<Motives> frequency theraputics
<Motives> when they do get fda approval for curing hearing loss, their
less than 20 bucks a current share is going to explode into huge bucks
<Motives> small scale amazon stuff
<Motives> amazon had i put 10 grand into them 10 years ago, itd be worth
12 million now
<Motives> fx-322 frequency theraputics outta waltham
massachusetts usa
<Motives> only one in the usa one step away from fda approval
<Motives> one of a handful worldwide too
<Motives> thats my take a shot and risk advice intro to you
<ikiboo> hah
<ikiboo> like im gonna read all that
<Motives> well, im gettting my ears fixed and at least quadrupoling a
thousand bucks worth of stocks with that minimum

<+Motives> the real superbowl is next season in foxboro...belichek and the
patriots vs. brady and the bucaneers
<+Motives> anyone care to dispute that?
<+Motives> ..provided cam newton is the qb next year
<+Motives> all bets are off if he isn't
<+Motives> cam made the patriots fun to watch for the first time in years

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