Trump announces US-Taliban peace deal, ‘path forward to end war’ in Afghanistan

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Feb 28, 2020, 5:21:23 PM2/28/20

Full Turim be Neutral Null Value Failing Basic International Law Requirement

& Presumed Falling Under Aggressive War Crimes Itself

US-Taliban peace deal!searchin/soc.culture.netherlands/Schroder%7Csort:date
Russian Tribunals & PR China Tribunals & UK Tribunals & NMEU Tribunals & ICC Tribunal & [USA Justice Department ] Decision to Arrest>Canchelor Schroder ] For 911 Flase Flag Operation Complicity
Russia & PRC & UK & RIIsrael & ICC & Charging Under> Samu Rai CIA Stefany O Sulivan & Bibi & Pacepa & Ilan Sharon & NY Giuliany & Swartz Nigers & Ag1476] for False Flag Operatioon 911!searchin/soc.culture.netherlands/Verso%7Csort:date!searchin/soc.culture.netherlands/911%7Csort:date
Germany also reaffirmed its renunciation of the manufacture, possession of, and control over nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and in particular, that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty would continue to apply in full to the unified Germany (the Federal Republic of Germany
[ Nuclear Bubbles = Nuclear
Konrad Bubbles = Nuclear Nuclear

Fly Bubbles Bubbles = Nuclear
Bank Massad Card 4410 aka an Item Issued years earlier
UNIX See Artificial Wether Smoke Direction for Halfing the n Visual
Expanded UNIX
!__! local Sea Port vs 18 Drilling = Precise Same Unix Star Wars Bubbles Obama & Bibi Bubbles = Nuclear See Finisar Calendar Bubbles
Atack from Sea Nuclear Bubbles = Nuclear
4Reich for Afgan Mill
See White Schrodinger Cat = Mirror Image of Chancellor Schroder
Rise of Evil Hitler Right Hand & Afgan Mill

& in this Entire Context
All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the United Nations

ISTCCNUEP Planet Level Secret Intel Services & FSB & PRC & MI6 & RI Israel & New ME Union & New UN & ICC & Judaism & Islam Decision Decree & Implementation Unity&Union & under all [WorldWar3] Protocols

not [recognizing Mainland USA Independence]

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