Mukasey,orthodox and 9/11 Judge,and the Senate Judiciary Committee, letter to the Chairman

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Sep 18, 2007, 1:48:03 PM9/18/07
Dear Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee,
, thanks for your great work defending the USA Constitution, with
"EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW" ,Separation between Churches and State and
Free Speech, and my questions are:

1) since most likely the Senate will approve Michael Mukasey as the
new A.G.of the United States, and since as you know,he is an orthodox
israeli-american and with dual citizenship, american and israeli, ,
, NYT Sept.18.07 "Washington outsider with many sides", for info on Mukasey as Judge of the WTC-
Insurance - 9/11 case , will he respect other religions exactly the
same as his?

2) since he is an ordained rabbi within his orthodox community,will
his partners get treatment better or different in any way from the
one you or i or anybody else would get from him
in the United States of America?

3) what happens to all the Security Contracts and Military deals he
and his son Marc are doing with the Companies and Interests of
Giuliani Partners and other associates ?

4) what happens with all the deals they worked on in his son's law
firm, Bracewell&Giuliani?

5) Michael Mukasey and his son Marc are strong AIPAC supporters ,but
will anyone in the Senate ask anything about their relationship to
these political-military-religious-financial and foreign groups? we
know that no one will,but is that right? isn't special treatment? the

6) Chairman,this powerful military-religious-financial group ,of
Michael Mukasey is a leader, will have unprecedent influence in the
JusticeDpt. ,White House and Congress, not to mention over the
taxpayer, and since many members of the orthodox community to which
belongs are diamond,gold,jewlery,insurance ,real estate and tobacco
dealers and wholesalers while claiming Tax Exemption due to religious
condition,will his appointment stop
all the Investigations of the IRS and Justice well as
Commerce,etc.? and back taxes?
do average Americans have a guarantee of equal treatment? when we
start getting prosecuted for asking questions,what recourse do we
have ? any ? and since orthodox Mukasey will most likely install
members of his organized religious group into office,will we be
forced to request help from the same community like his with the
special privilege?

7) Judge Mukasey was in charge of the 9/11/01 Trial case between the
leaseholders of the WTC,SIlverstein-Goldman-Pacific-etc., and the 23
Insurance Companies these new leaseholders called just days before
9/11 to open dozens of policies over everything in the Towers,
services,leases,businesses,contracts,profits,hardware,you name
it,their premiums were millions of dollars a week, didn't make any
business sense,unless they knew what was going to happen a few days
later ,and everybody in N.Y. and around the world was waiting for
answers from the Trial ,and then Judge Mukasey put a lid on the Trial
and no news came out, NOTHING !!!! and everybody asked why ?,if it is
a patriotic case,why no news at all ?why the secrecy ? why Judge
Mukesay didn't want anybody in America to know everything about
Silverstein and his dozens of policies? , then we also found out that
then N.Y.State A.G. Eliot Spitzer wrote a Friend of the Court brief
supporting Silverstein,the AG siding with one of the parties!, and the
Judge and Spitzer started to push the Insurance Companies to settle
for 2 events,a total of 7 billion dollars to Silverstein and his
partners, many of the Insurance Companies refused because they knew
something was not right and eventually they settled on 4.6 billion
dollars for Silverstein ,but we still never got any details in any
WHY ? ,but we do know that no one will ask him anything in D.C.,he and
his Orthodox Congregation partners rule,after all they all go to
Israel together and share Religious Ceremonies with Kissinger,
Chertoff, Bloomberg ,Silverstein,etc., and yet we hear S. Schumer and
other neocons saying to the media that they want to learn more from
the man !

8) Chairman,this new A.G. will have unprecedent influence over
President Bush and VP Cheney,since he is the only one that can
prosecute the 2,is it wise to have a member of a foreign religious-
political group having so much power over the President and the Vice-
President of the United States of America ? safe ? smart? patriotic?

wwe know that M.Mukasey was selected by Joshua Bolten and approved by
Senator Schumer and others,so since "they" run Washington,it's a done
deal ,hearing Senator Schumer telling the Media how wonderful Mukasey
is and that his nomination cuts down on pressure on the White House,
do they extorted a deal from the President: Our orthodox candidate and
we stop asking for White House U.S. Attorney papers and information?
is that why Bush looks so depressed? is that how
Schumer,Bolten,Emanuel,Specter,Lieberman and Bloomberg are going to
run this country? because clearly with Mukasey as A.G.,they run this
country lock,stock and barrel,it's that how our Constitutional Rights
end ? Extortion of the President of the United States?, hearing
Schumer and Specter, it's clear that it was all about getting the
christians out of the JusticeDpt. and installing the neocon orthodox
in,is that how they do it ?

Thanks for your great work defending America from foreign and
enemies,in my humble opinion, this situation looks to me like
occupation and foreign
control, and to you ?

America knows that George Washington,Lincoln and all the Founding
Fathers would be proud of your defense of the USA Constitution
High Treason and High Crimes,thanks.

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