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spy network targeted on China

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Oleg Smirnov

Dec 28, 2023, 12:14:03 PM12/28/23
The WSJ has published an article <> where
they boast that China is under thorough surveillance by satellites
and Chinese communications are largely intercepted and analyzed,
and besides, the CIA is working hard to plant spies inside China by
recruiting well-placed Chinese officials and businesspeople to spy.

One must be silly to believe that a spy organization would share
true plans with mass public and tell everyone about improvement of
its operational methods etc. Each such stuff appearing in the mass
media should be considered a psyop which true message differs from
what is literally said in the text. So what is the message?

One can see few messages for certain parts of their audience. For
general Western audience, the article is a reminder that the mighty
US keeps China under surveillance (while China is positioned as a
beast that naturally should be surveilled). European and other
US-friendly actors, who might strive for 'special' communications
with China, need to know that the CIA will likely be able to reveal
such encroachments, if any. There is also a message to the American
domestic right-wingers who often tend to accuse the Democrats of
underestimating the danger posed by China: these folks need to know
that under the Biden regime the CIA works hard "to contain" China.
For the whole American populace, there is also a message that the
CIA deserves better funding (because "finite spying resources" make
it so difficult to spy in China properly).

Besides, one more message is for wanna be spies within China. The
article presents somewhat an invitation to them, outlining certain
assurances. Of course, we the CIA realize well that it is hard, as
the China's government "employs Orwellian surveillance systems"
domestically etc, but we have learned from our previous mistakes.

Any spying activities are generally quite a dirty business, and it
is notable that the CIA isn't hesitant about inviting, directly or
indirectly, potential spies through the media and social networks.
They published such invitations for Russians even more explicitly.
Practically, such invitations can't attract valuable insiders that
could provide truly useful information because such individuals are
usually smart and do not need to be subjected to advertisements (if
they have really decided on treason). Such a popular invitation is
intended to publicly promote the idea that spying for America is a
noble deed (and even if it's not really so, the American MSM still
promises to maintain proper narratives). Here is a link between
spying and the maintained ideological image claiming universalist
global goodness.
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