WARNING: 9-11 Truth Gurus - like the Pot Cultivation Gurus - are 99% SPOOK

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Aug 29, 2010, 9:03:14 AM8/29/10

The entire Internet is permeated with the odor of CIA social
engineers' pig spam. Case in point: The Jones Brothers.

Alex and Steven Jones - two rotten peas in the same evil pod.

They're not really brothers but they both hold the same ridiculous
conspiracy theory: that Bush and the neocons rigged WTC 1, 2 and 7
for controlled demolition; HOWEVER, 19 Muslims hijacked planes and
flew them into the very buildings that the government rigged to fall.

What are the odds of that happening? One in a number so large it
would have to be expressed in exponential form. According to the
Jones brothers: *somebody* hit the terror-trifecta on 9-11-01?

Either the neocons, who rigged the exact same buildings that
terrorists flew planes into - OR - the terrorists, who flew planes
into the only buildings in the United States that were secretly rigged
to explode. Somebody got lucky!

Common sense would tell you: if the government *knew* the WTC was
going to be struck by planes, they wouldn't rig the buildings for
controlled demolition. They wouldn't need to. Even if the buildings
didn't fall, it would be enough shock-and-awe to start two wars,
legalize torture and wiretapping, and create Patriot Acts I, II, III.

The government wouldn't fix something that wasn't broke.

If the government planted explosives in the WTC like the Jones
brothers state, there would be no need for planes. Without the need
for planes, the no-planes theory can take off.

In order for the no-planes theory to have legs, or wings, or one wing,
media fakery must be proven. When media fakery is proven, it's time
to revisit the aftermath, the WTC before-and-after pictures.

The perfectly round holes in the ground where the buildings used to be
looks like the effects of a beam (Directed-Energy) weapon.

So now the DEW NO-PLANES theory is flying high, higher and higher, but
wait! Somebody is trying to shoot it down! It's the Jones brothers!

They're not alone. 99% Of the 911-truth movement are trying to shoot
down the no-planes theory. The "truthers" have to keep the suicide
hijackers alive, else the war-on-terror is bogus. The "truthers" have
to attack the DEW theory, because Muslims don't have that weapon.

Now it's time to cast a skeptical eye on the Jones brothers. Who are
they protecting? What information are they hiding or ignoring?
What's their motivation? Who do they work for? Who's their daddy?

~~~~~~~~~~~Alex Jones~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Alexander Emerick Jones is an American paleoconservativeradio host and
documentary filmmaker. His nationally syndicated talk show (titled The
Alex Jones Show) airs via the Genesis Communication Network on over 60
AM, FM, and Short Wave radio stations across the United States, as
well as having a large internet based audience. Alex Jones has been
referred to as a "conspiracy theorist" by mainstream media outlets,
while Russia Today has referred to him as an investigative journalist.
Alex Jones was born February 11, 1974.

The elite put Alex Jones in place to be the leader and symbol of the
alternative media.

Alex Jones repeatedly attacks the idea that TV Fakery was used on
9/11. It has become obvious to serious investigators of 9-11 that no
airplanes were used in the attack.

Alex Jones Reacts To No-Planers On The Howard Stern Show

Is Alex Jones too naive to catch on, or is he deliberately covering up
evidence that links the mainstream media to 9-11?

Indeed, Alex Jones would appear to have a clear motive for wanting to
cover up the media's role in 9-11. His network, GCN Live, has close
ties to ABC News. In fact, ABC NY provides satellite broadcasting
services for The Alex Jones Show. Some say that this is only a
business deal, and is not very important... but think about it -- why
would part of the controlled media provide satellites to a network
that was dangerous to them?

This is easily explained by considering that Alex Jones is not really
on the side of real truth. His job is to distract us from following
the most important people in the world... the Jesuits.

The Most Powerful Terrorist Organization In The World - The Society of
Jesus, a.k.a., The Jesuits.

ABC is owned by Walt Disney, which has had a Jesuit priest on it's
board of directors since 1996. This brings us to the question of why
Jones is seemingly reluctant to talk about the role of the Society of
Jesus in world corruption.

When Alex Jones released his famous "Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian
Grove" film, he gave us detailed background information about the
Grove, yet, for some reason he left out the fact that Roman Catholic
masses take place at the Grove, and that the Bohemian Club's patron
saint is John of Nepomuk, a Roman Catholic figure who symbolizes the
Seal of Confession. The story of John of Nepomuk was developed by
Bohuslav Balbín, a Jesuit.

Alex Jones' suspicious connections do not end there. He has close ties
with the John Birch Society. His father was a member of JBS and he had
it's President, John F. McManus, on his show. McManus was trained by
Jesuits at Holy Cross College and was involved in US Air Force Weapons

END The Alex Jones GAME

...In an Alex Jones article, seen here, talking about Operation
Mockingbird - a CIA operation to control media - Jones mentions the
networks to be controlled and experimented on: "Media assets will
eventually include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press,
United Press International (UPI), Reuters, Hearst Newspapers,
Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service, etc."

Media assets will eventually include ABC?

Well, doesn't GCN carry the Alex Jones Show? According to GCN's
Program Directory, they do.

Well, as you may or may not know, GCN uses the satellites of none
other than ABC.

So, which is it, Alex? Is the CIA controlling ABC, in which case, you
shouldn't have a show supported by their satellites if you're a true
"patriot"? Or are you garbage, your claims are lies, and you're being
allowed to stay on the air because you're not really giving anybody
any "truth"? ...

======= The other brother from another mother ========

=========== STEVEN Jones ===========

"...The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal
employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever
present and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we
should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that
public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific
technological elite. ..."
--Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

“Jones earned his bachelor’s degree in physics, magna cum laude, from
Brigham Young University in 1973, and his Ph.D. in physics from
Vanderbilt University in 1978. Jones conducted his Ph.D. research at
the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (from 1974 to 1977), and
post-doctoral research at Cornell University and the Los Alamos Meson
Physics Facility”

"To control the opposition: you become the opposition."
--DC Dave, Ph.D., exposed FBI informant

Lenin, the first Communist dictator after the takeover of Russia in
1917, is widely credited with the following quotation:

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."

Refer to the Lenin-credited quote above.

Is it possible the “truth movement” has been run by the 9/11
perpetrators since day one?

Is it possible that certain individuals have been planted to steer the
“truth movement” away from the perpetrators? Is it possible these
plants have affiliations with directed energy weapons (DEW)?

Is it even possible that some of these plants are “in on it” while
others got suckered in? You be the judge.

***Former Transportation Secretary, Norman Mineta, has ties to the
Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS).

Mineta was Vice President of Lockheed Martin, a sponsor of DEPS.

Mineta ensured minimal interference with the DEW by grounding as many
commercial airliners as possible during the timeframe of the towers’

Mineta steered the “truth movement” toward hijackings and plane
crashes by spreading the “Cheney stand down order” hoax.

***Former BYU physics professor, Steven Jones, has done research at
Los Alamos where directed energy weapons are researched.

Jones steered the “truth movement” toward thermite/conventional
explosives/molten metal theories. Jones’ molten metal evidence has
been shown to be fabricated.

Jones ridicules the directed energy weapon and TV-Fakery theories with
statements such as ”These two are noted for their
no-planes-hit-the-Towers theories and for promoting the notion of
ray-beams from space knocking down the Towers.”

***Physicist Greg Jenkins’ has connections to the NSA and DEW:
"This work was supported in part by NSF grant DMR-9705129 and by
funding from the NSA."

Jenkins’ papers were listed in an annual report which also listed at
least one manufacturer of directed energy weapons (Rockwell).

Jenkins steered the “truth movement” away from directed energy weapons
by conducting an ambush interview of Dr Judy Wood. (However, a read of
the transcript reveals Dr Wood won the debate hands down.)

***Official at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Van
Romero, has ties to the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS).

Romero participated in events at DEPS before and after 9/11.

Romero steered the “truth movement” toward standard controlled
demolition by stating "It could have been a relatively small amount of
explosives placed in strategic points"

***Former Director of the Star Wars program, Robert Bowman, is about
as close to directed energy weapons as one can get.

Bowman steered the “truth movement” toward hijackings, and NORAD
standing down.

Although he is in Jim Fetzer’s Scholars group, I have not heard him
speaking about Dr Wood’s DEW evidence. I do remember, however, an
interview where Bowman states that he “doesn’t fall for conspiracy
theories” with regard to controlled demolition.

Bowman has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering. How can he possibly call this
a conspiracy theory?

======= End =========

Oh, wait! I forgot something.

A Blast From the Past -- an Oldie but Goldie.

Dave Sharp's Spook List



1-1. John McAdams:
Appears to be big cheese. Head-spook-in-charge. Moderator of
alt.assassination.jfk. Has web site filled with Posner-likepropaganda
in support of the Warren Report. Pushes propaganda that JFK was
killed because he ordered four billion dollars worth of US Notes to be
issued and circulated. Defends the mainstream news media. Appears to
dislike JFK. Claims JFK did not shift positions on US Cold Warpolicy.
McAdams is either incredibly ignorant or incredibly dirty.

1-2. Bill Cleere (acle...@best.com):
Hate monger. Israeli chauvinist. Accuses anyone of being a Holocaust
Revisionist if they so much as hint a criticism of Israel. Becomes
highly agitated over any discussions of Louis M. Bloomfield, ardent
Zionist and NAZI sympathizer whom many believe was the primary
assassination engineer. Like most Israeli chauvinists, he calls
anyone a Jew hater if they sneeze in Israel’s direction. Plays the
anti-Semitic card every chance he gets. Occasionally tells himself to
go to hell. At least he’s original. A rare quality for a spook.
Known to have effeminate tirades when he loses public debates. Has
publicly called this writer a "fuckface." (ooooh !!!) Keeps deleting
information that portrays Israel in a bad light, even though he freely
admits that the truth does not count for anything when it comes to

1-3. Rick Bissell (ricbiss...@aol.com):
Rick’s screen name is obviously a flippant reference to the late CIA
official, Richard Bissell. Likes to quibble over irrelevant details
in order to get legitimate discussions off-topic. Claims JFK started
the Vietnam War, not LBJ. Appears to be completely unfamiliar with
the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Ricks seems to have disappeared.

1-4. BKLATTY (bkla...@aol.com):
Hate monger. Israeli chauvinist. Makes juvenile, childish arguments.
Extremely vulgar when pressed. Infatuated with homosexuality. Blows
his cool easily (and probably other things). LOVES Clinton. Hates
JFK. Compares JFK’s sexual indiscretions to Clinton’s Caligula-like
tendencies. Defends mainstream news media ad nauseam. Not very
bright, even by spook standards. Engages in public debates without
knowing outcomes, then cries foul when he gets his ass kicked. (He
used to cry foul a lot, but lately he seems to have disappeared.)

1-5. Anthony Marsh (ama...@quik.com):
Another chronic quibbler. Anal retentive in every way. Questions the
relevance of the Cabell brothers. Debates the details of the Bay of
Pigs Invasion to create a smokescreen about General Charles Cabell’s
involvement therein and his brother Earle Cabell’s position as mayor
of Dallas when JFK was assassinated. Has publicly admitted that his
father worked for NSA. Likes to "wax indignant" when accused of being
spook. Claims he rarely posts to this ng. What a laugh.

1-6. Keith Bruner (root@*webquay.com):
Openly condones killing teenagers and nine-year-old children during
war. Writes weird stuff like "Just another memory free humanoid,"
whatever that means. Jive talking. Probably did time in prison.

1-7. Jerry Fletcher (AMETH...@prodigy.net):
Another chronic quibbler. Lectures ad nauseam and challenges the most
basic historical facts. Waxes indignant over the mere notion that
government informants are all over Usenet political newsgroups.
Defends the mainstream news media.

1-8. Jerry Organ (joj...@ns.sympatico.ca)
Defends the mainstream news media. Zionist theocrat.

1-9. Richard Martin (richwillm...@earthlink.net)
Incredibly stupid spook. Also an Israeli chauvinist. But luckily he
can type. Otherwise we would have to conclude that he is mentally
retarded. (Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup!)

1-10. Charles G. Neal (CGN...@compuserve.com)
Another chronic quibbler. Lectures ad nauseam just because he can.
Has been spotted lurking about the halls of the National Press Club in
Washington, DC. Appears to be pals with media spook and phony JFK
conspiracy supporter, Sarah McClendon. BTW, McClendon is the best
example known to humanity that there truly is life after death. The
National Press Club building itself, however, is a close second.

1-11. Leo Sgouros (lsgou...@tampabay.rr.com):
Low-paid semi-literate spook. Chronic quibbler. Makes up history off
the top of his head. He also floods the ng with small, silly postings
about nothing. This is some sort of tactical move after a
hard-hitting factual posting has just been made. Claims to live in
Frederick, Maryland and Clearwater, Florida. Take your pick. Leo
lies about everything and is a total embarrassment to the
CIA (IMHO). I think Leo is actually a dog that keeps licking his
private parts. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)

1-12. James K. Olmstead (thp...@aol.com):
Completely ignorant of modern history. Knows absolutely nothing about
the Vietnam War, although he claims to be a Vietnam vet. Another
chronic quibbler. Suffers from "bug up his ass" disease. Disputes
historical facts about JFK and Vietnam. Hates JFK. Claims JFK did
NOT announce US troop withdrawals from S. Vietnam in fall of 1963.
Uses any trick in the book to refute this particular point. Claims
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was not the beginning of large-scale US
military build-up in Vietnam. Claims to have personally been in
Vietnam for 22 months from 1967 through 1969. Also claims he was in
COMBAT INTELLIGENCE. From Warren, Ohio. Claims he would have
murdered a teenage Vietnamese girl if his commanding officer had
ordered him to do so, depending on the situation of course. Boasted
of pulling a gun on a small boy while in Vietnam. Claims to have a
six inch scar across his throat from the war. Blames entire Vietnam
War on JFK. He seems to have disappeared (thank God.)

1-13. Matt Bradley:
Defends the mainstream news media. Goofy. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)

1-14. Blackburst (blackbu...@aol.com):
Doesn’t see relevance in Cabell brothers. Claims it’s illogical and
irrelevant. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)

1-15. Dave Dix (dad...@earthlink.net):
Another chronic quibbler. Got upset about discussion concerning
Defense Industry Security Command (DISC). Can become quite vulgar
when pressed. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)

1-16. Gary Mack:
Defends the mainstream news media. Has made a career from the Kennedy
assassination. I'm going to do a bit more digging on Mack, but it's
abundantly clear that he's a stinker. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)

1-17. Bill Parker (wpar...@kendaco.telebyte.net):
Calls people "wackoids," and on this newsgroup of all places. Defends
the mainstream news media. Referred to this writer as "one sick
fuckhead." Imagine that. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)

1-18. Joe Backes (joebac...@aol.com):
Another chronic quibbler. Argues that LBJ did not plan to withdraw
from the 1964 presidential race even though historian Michael
Beschloss has presented the public with a taped telephone call of LBJ
saying the opposite.

1-19. Greg Jaynes (jay...@flash.net):
Obnoxious goofball and CIA minion.

1-20. Jim Hargrove (j...@wwa.com):
Peacemaker spook. Plays "good cop" role. Apologizes for the other
"good guy" spooks. But we know better.

1-21. pjbu...@my-dejanews.com:
Idiot spook. NG tard.

1-22. Rick Gibson (rickgib...@my-dejanews.com):
Another chronic quibbler. Zionist chauvinist. Even quibbled about
JFK’s announcement to withdraw a thousand men from S. Vietnam by the
end of 1963. Quibbling continued after this writer posted transcript
of JFK’s actual words. Quibble. Quibble. Quibble.

1-23. Joel Grant (jgrant3...@aol.com (JGrant3919):
Zionist chauvinist. Makes long-winded arguments. Bores you to death.
That’s his thing. Asks the most anal retentive questions about the
Holocaust, Hitler, Israel, Jews, etc. Silly fool.

1-24. Tony Pitman <a...@southern.co.nz>:
Third-rate Zionist chauvinist.

1-25. Vern Pascal (lazuli...@webtv.net):
Fourth-rate spook. We subversives call him "Dim Bulb" because he not
very bright. Big whiner. Not very masculine.

1-26. "watcher2" <netad...@somewhere.com>:
This spook should go on the lecture circuit. Lectures ad nauseam
about the virtues of not criticizing Israel or not asking historical
questions about Nazi Germany and Hitler’s treatment of the Jews.

1-27. Steve Keating <jkeat...@lucent.com>:
Endorses Warren Report. Gave snide response to Jack White for posting
his opinion that there are "too many spooks here."

1-28. stugra...@aol.com (Stugrad98):
Chronic name caller. Get’s agitated over discussion of Israel.

1-29. jleyden...@aol.com (JLeyden900):
Waxed indignant about this list. Claims it’s a CIA plot. What a hoot.

1-30. r...@usl.edu (Joe Riehl):
Expressed opposition to this list. Says we should try to be more
positive. Isn’t that rich. We should be positive in our efforts to
uncover the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Yeah man. Let’s be
positive. Let’s talk about being shot in the head, but in a positive
way. Give us a break Joe, drop dead.

1-31. ritchie linton <rlin...@idirect.com>:
One of Bill Cleere’s lackeys. Evidently Cleere realized that
name-calling did not work, so he sent his minions to instruct readers
not to give me a forum if I utter a criticism of Israel.

1-32. Joe Rock
Expert at losing debates about the Holocaust. Uses dirty tricks, like
intentionally quoting incorrectly, in his attempts to win arguments.

1-33. Mark A. Giolli:
Defends Warren Report and its most ardent supporter Gerald Posner.
Need I say more?

1-35. Sarah McClendon:
Gross, rude, disgusting old bag. Part of the broken-down media
aristocracy at the weather beaten, moth eaten, grungy, grimy, symbol
of evil in our time, THE NATIONAL PRESS BUILDING in Washington, DC. I
don’t believe she posts to this ng directly, but she supports many who
do. She is a phony through and through. Manages to piss off everyone
she meets. One of these days, a nun is liable to blow the old bitch

1-36. Matthew Dubuque (mdubu...@webtv.net):
Childish, anal retentive quibbler. Stomps his feet and makes demands.
"Stop doing this. Stop talking about that."

1-37. Ann Archy (digdesc...@aol.com):
War mongering female fascist. Pokes fun at Kennedy’s quest for
genuine world peace. Self appointed defender of Israel. Calls anyone
anti-Semitic who disagrees with Israel. Extremely silly and goofy.
Since the name is Ann, I assume this is a woman but she/he writes like
a gay man on drugs.

"Ann Archy" is
"Leo Sgouros"
a.k.a., "Art Guerrilla"
a.k.a. "Leon Oswald"

1-38. birdhaex" (m.haeg...@ndh.net)
Uses disingenuous debating techniques. Snips own comments then
pretends they were never made. (alt.conspiracy.jfk)


2-1. Ray Heizer:
One of the top Internet spooks. Lives in northern California.
Extremely antagonistic. Immune to insults and ridicule. Clearly
paid. Often silly. Ruthless. Openly immoral. Defends any cause to
protect the CIA, mainstream press, etc. Claims to be a Clinton
critic. Very establishment today. Some say he’s a former drug user
with body odor, bad breath and snot running down nose. Yale – Spook
City -- graduate gone amuck. Has suggested he and his wife are Jewish
but denies it if asked directly. Apparently that’s the wrong image
for a conservative Clinton critic. Denies being bi-sexual but
frequently begs men to call him at home. Claims any man who doesn’t
call him is not a real man. Speaks with lisp. Pile of fecal matter
wrapped inside an enigma. (alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater)

2-2. Michael Osmalov (a.k.a., JQP):
Murky character. Some say he’s retired CIA. Obviously Russian
heritage. Close to Heizer. Lives in Wisconsin. Attacks newbies with
base juvenile humor. Has bug up ass about China. Plays a mean
electric balalaika :-) Osmalov occassionally writes for Washington
Weekly which clearly indicates that Washington Weekly is a CIA
sponsored front.

2-3. Carl Limbacher
Another CIA/spook type that writes for the Washington Weekly spook
news organization. (alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater)

2-4. Ed Zehr
Top-notch writer and top-notch spook. Member of "spook of the month
club" at Langley :-) Subscribes to "spook world" magazine :-)

2-5. Cameron:
Polite dignified peacemaker. Sends private emails to "troublemakers"
politely asking them to change their ways. Lives in NY state.
Originally from Canada. Hates to be called "lackey." Real name is

2-6. Martin McPhillips:
Vicious bully. Deceitful and malicious. Writes long-winded articles
often openly supporting the intelligence community. Has made public
threats to free thinkers. Lives in NY state. Recently wrote the
following description of me in retaliation for including him on this
list: "DAVE SHARP--A crushed spleen opens the grave of Tommy Burkett
and swings the grisly remains around its head." Tommy Burkett was
murdered in a DEA sponsored assassination. He was working undercover
for the DEA.

For information about Tommy Burkett, go to

2-7. Billy Beck:
Hack writer for someone else. Claims to be a rock musician. Another
bully. Attacks newbies with base juvenile humor. Has made public
threats against free thinkers. Attacks anyone who doesn’t blame
anything and everything on Clinton. Lives in Atlanta, GA. Writes CIA
boiler-plate militia/anarchist dribble. A joke and a non-entity.

2-8. Bear Bottoms:
Openly claims to be a former federal agent and drug trafficker. Bully.
Attacks newbies with base juvenile humor. Has made public threats to
free thinkers. Lives in Baton Rouge, LA (drug country). Apparently
homosexual. Openly flirts with other men.

2-9. Rosalee Thompson (a.k.a., Dingicat):
Semi-literate bully. Most people don’t bother with her. I like to
tease her about being overweight and about her cat, Dingi. I refer to
it as "Rosalee’s pussy – fully exposed tale." She makes up stories
about her cat. She’s pretty entertaining for a spook, but she can be
extremely mean spirited towards murder victims like the late Tommy
Burkett and his surviving family members. Attacks newbies with base
juvenile humor.

2-10. Gary Cruse:
Obviously a CIA plant. Cruse has essentially admitted he is CIA. I
once accused him of being CIA and he responded, "This ain’t no disco."
He has also accidentally referenced a known spook hangout, "Charley’s
Place," a real restaurant near the Langley entrance of the CIA
headquarters. Heavily into dirty tricks. Belittles Trentadue and
Burkett murder cases.

2-11. Mike Schneider:
Was once interested in Waco. Now he is a designated defender of
Israel. Basically a low-class bully. Defends Rivero’s reputation as
a non-spook (which says a lot about Rivero). Writes CIA boiler-plate
militia/anarchist dribble. No class. Thinks he’s cool, but is
actually a geek. (alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater)

2-12. Mike Soja
Extremely knowledgeable about the Foster case but can be quite
obnoxious when pressed. Appears to be close to Chris Ruddy. (Could
be Chris Ruddy for all I know.) Has quick access to Ruddy-type
information. It’s interesting to watch him shift gears from
knowledgeable intellectual to vulgar brute. Makes one wonder how many
people are posting under this screen name.

2-13. Meaghan Walker:
Silly type from Canada. Lives on Vancover Island on an Indian
Reservation where she writes a column every two weeks about Native
American issues for the Newsleader in Duncan. Meaghan's pitch is that
she is a "libertarian" and "anti-Clinton". Writes CIA
boiler-plate militia/anarchist dribble. Claims to have a five year
old militia kid. Not particularly mean. Not particularly smart.
Mostly contrary and smug. Queen. Appears to be taking Cameron’s
place as peacemaker. Has bi-sexual live-in boyfriend. A real
"Granola." (alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater)

2-14. Ron Good (rdgoodnos...@bigfootnospamm.com):
Pussy whipped bi-sexual spook. Openly admits he’s bi-sexual, although
extremely insecure about it. Constantly tries to rationalize his
life-style. Live-in significant other of Meaghan Walker, who obviously
wears the pants in the relationship. Has a "broadcast journalist"
relative, Bill Good, who works for CKNW radio and CTV. Lesser spook
than Walker. Pretends to be interested in Foster case. Writes CIA
boiler-plate militia/anarchist dribble. Odd combination of gay rights
advocate, militia/anarchism and Clinton hater. One sick puppy.
Bi-sexual Granola rebel without a cause.

2-15. Michael Rivero (designated critic at large):
Deceptively insincere. Writes cutting edge articles – to a point --
but apparently works for the other side. Rarely criticized by other
government plants which has raised red-flags in the minds of many who
are constantly harassed for making observations similar to Rivero’s.
Trademark issue is TWA Flight 800, but he is knowledgeable of the
Foster case, the JFK assassination, and otheranti-establishment
issues. Has been caught trying to steer cutting edge discussions
off-topic by starting unrelated arguments with other known
shills like Kurt Lochner or Wayne McGuire. Openly promotes Chris
Ruddy’s cover-up Foster book on his website front and center while at
the same time Rivero claims Ruddy outed himself. Refused to discuss
Washington Post writer Walter Pincus being at Foster’s home on the
night of Foster’s death. Refused to discuss Beryl Anthony being at
Foster’s home that night and poo-pooing the notion of Foster being
depressed. Refused to discuss the topic of Foster’s two sons coming
home "that night" and not buying the depression/suicide tale.
Attempted to change the subject on all three Foster topics (Pincus,
Anthony, two sons). When the going gets tough, Rivero goes shopping.
A clever spook but a spook just the same.

(Note: Rivero has since downplayed Ruddy's book at his site now --
possibly because of the heat Ruddy is still there but not up front

2-16. Wayne Mann
Out and out asshole. Attacks newbies with base juvenile humor.
Goofiest character on NG. Even Michael Osmalov can’t hold a candle to

NOTE: "Wayne Mann" was exposed by Spookbusters:

Shamed Pussy Narc #1: "Jason "Waxed" Rudy Simpson": CIA grass. Jason
Rudy Simpson is a full-time CIA Nazi who has used the handles of
"Green Man", "Rain Man","Wayne Mann", "Ganja Man", "Moon Doggie",
"NPKaye", "Iguana", "Roach" and hundreds of other handles to entrap
pot growers on the internet by alt.drugs.pot.cultivation, message
boards, chats and other places. Previous personal homepage
http://www.seanet.com/~waxed/ Jason is a former Adobe employee who
still has contacts at Adobe software. Why was a CIA agent working for
a graphics software company? Stealing commercial information? (Another
current Adobe employee, haw...@adobe.com (Steve Hawley) also attended
this "Tingle", his photo is in the next section. Read his review of
the event at http://ng.netgate.net/~ziggy29/steve.html)

2-17. Wayne McGuire (designated critic of Israel)
A one-dimensional character. He relates everything to the state of
Israel. Disrupts arguments by siding with "free-thinkers" then
steering discussions to Israel. In short, he sets up free thinkers to
be attacked as anti-Semites by the government plants.

2-18. Rob Robertson:
Presents contrary arguments to anything that rocks the boat. Not
particularly bright or mean-spirited. Bland character. Big whiner.
Crybaby. Denies being spook. Pisses, moans and complains about
everything under the sun except injustice.

2-19. Bob Hunt:
Basically a nobody character. Tends to take the wrong side of
arguments. Opposes free thinkers. Defends government plants. Geek.
Extremely stupid. Likes to wax indignant.

2-20. Joe Krolikowski
Insulting brute. Not much depth. Attacks newbies with base juvenile
humor. Opposes free thinkers. Defends government plants. Mega-geek.

2-21. John Z
Defender of Israel. Likes to call free thinkers Nazis and
anti-Semites for any reason. (alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater)

2-22. Tim Starr
Defender of Israel. Likes to call free thinkers Nazis and
anti-Semites for any reason. Hates JFK, Gandhi, Martin Luther King,
Jr., Mother Teresa; etc. Has backed off Zionist chauvinism since
being put on this list.

2-23. Lucile Wilson (designated Clinton lover):
Half-wit. Noted for her bad spelling. Not much to say. Not very
interesting. I suspect she’s really Cameron.

2-24. SonofGnaw:
Friendly spook. Slightly goofy. Thirty-something Beavis and
Butthead type. Likes to have a good laugh. Only in it for the money.
Nice kid down deep but on wrong track. Needs to straighten out and
fly right. Claims to date strippers.

2-25. Carol Moore (designated Waco critic):
Agent provocateur. Dangerous. Ex-flower child from the sixties.
I’ve met her. Extremely homely. (Definitely NOT SonofGnaw’s type. He
has good taste in women.) Claims to be a pacifist but accepted
funding from the "Gun Owners Foundation" for her book, "The Davidian
Massacre." Mean spirited. Plays dirty tricks on real people.
Obsessed with picketing and protest rallies. Wants to picket anything
and any place, even my house. Crashes real protest rallies organized
by legitimate organizers with honest causes. Disruptive (a real
bitch). Likes bi-sexual men. I suspect she may have had prior
knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. Beware.

2-26. Kurt Lochner (designated geek)
A geek’s geek. No one likes him. Both sides try to align him with
the opposition. But he’s obviously a paid government plant.

2-27. POKO
Defends the government’s position that Kenneth Michael Trentadue
committed suicide. Uses different approach. Wears ignorance like
badge of honor. Blindly follows the government’s position on Trentadue
and other controversial issues. A real chauvinist. Even Heizer’s too
smart to openly state that Trentadue committed suicide.

2-28. fatfre...@freak.com (Phineas P. Phreak)
Another government paid low-life who defends the government’s
position that Kenneth Michael Trentadue committed suicide.

2-29. TyW...@webtv.net (Kenneth Kaczypenski)
Another government paid low-life who defends the government’s position
that Kenneth Michael Trentadue committed suicide.

2-30. Ephebos
Has openly admitted being friends with Tim Starr and Carol Moore.

2-31. Matt Daly
Real dope. Not much to say. Attack dog for the bad guys.


Note: There are 69 spooks total on the referenced lists. Assuming
that each spook makes about $10,000 a year to post articles on the
Usenet board, that would be $690,000 aggregate annual spook salaries
paid by we the people for merely two newsgroups. And 66 spooks on two
newsgroups is obviously the tip of the iceberg. Multiply that number
by about fifty and you will likely begin to get a more accurate
picture of how much is truly being spent overall by Uncle Sam to
disrupt the flow of public discourse on the Internet.

That puts us in the neighborhood of about 34.5 BILLION dollars per


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