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> Modern day lazy unaffected niggers do not deserve any fucking reparations.
> They didn't give one flying fuck about any possible slave shit until money was waved.

Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls
War on the White Slave Trade
A complete and detailed account of the shameless traffic in
young girls, the methods by which the procurers and panders lure
innocent young girls away from home and sell them to keepers of
dives. The magnitude of the organization and its workings. How
to combat this hideous monster. How to save YOUR GIRL. How to
save YOUR BOY. What you can do to help wipe out this curse of
humanity. A book designed to awaken the sleeping and protect the

Secretary of the Illinois Vigilance Association—Superintendent
of Midnight Missions, etc.
with Special Chapters by the following persons:

HON. EDWIN W. SIMS, United States District Attorney, Chicago.
HON. HARRY A. PARKIN, Assistant United States District Attorney,
HON. CLIFFORD G. ROE, Assistant States Attorney, Cook County,
WM. ALEXANDER COOTE, Secretary of the National Vigilance
Association, London, England
JAMES BRONSON REYNOLDS, of the National Vigilance Committee, New
CHARLES N. CRITTENTON, President of the National Florence
Crittenton Mission.
MRS. OPHELIA AMIGH, Superintendent of the Illinois Training
School for Girls.
MISS FLORENCE MABEL DEDRICK Missionary of the Moody Church,
MISS LUCY A. HALL, Deaconess of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
PRINCIPAL D. F. SUTHERLAND, Red Water Institute, Red Water,
DR. WILLIAM T. BELFIELD, Professor in Rush Medical College,
DR. WINFIELD SCOTT HALL, Professor in Northwestern University
Medical School, Chicago
MELBOURNE P. BOYNTON, Pastor of the Lexington Avenue Baptist
Church, Chicago.
Showing the workings of the blackest slavery that has ever
stained the human race.

Copyright, 1910

"That glory may dwell in our land" is the motive of the writers
of this book. With a true patriotism, that rejoices not in the
iniquities we expose, that blushes crimson with humiliation over
the crimes we record, that glows hot with indignation against
the criminals we denounce, we have pursued the painful necessary
task of telling the truth to the American people concerning
evils that have made us reel with horror.

For the protection of the innocent, for the safeguarding of the
weak, for the warning of the tempted and the alarm of the
wicked, the truth must be told—the truth that makes us free.

Therefore we have used plain words—not coarse or vulgar, but
chaste and true. Lawyers of the highest standing have introduced
the legal language with which the statutes provide penalties for
crimes against the honor and safety of women and girls.
Physicians who are professors in medical colleges among the
foremost in the world, men in reputation for their skill and
beloved for their devotion to the people's welfare, have told
here in medical terminology the intolerable consequences, to
guilty and innocent, of the odious business of making commerce
of girls and promoting the debauchery of young men. We are sure
the time has come when millions will thank these lawyers and
physicians for breaking the seal of secrecy and giving the
people their birth-right—the truth.

It is told that after Dante had written his "Inferno" the women
of Florence would turn pale and whisper to each other as he
passed, "There goes the man who has been in Hell." Some of us
have gone to the abyss and have seen things which are not lawful
for a man to utter. Such as could fitly be told, and must be
told, we have been telling for years past, knowing that the
truth must prevail.

"Stronger than the dark the light,
Stronger than the wrong the right."
To our great joy the magazine having the largest circulation in
the world, "Woman's World," with more than two million
subscribers, took up the appeal for the safety of American and
alien women and girls in September of last year. This magazine
has already printed or caused to be printed and circulated fully
fifty million pages, and it is enlisted for the war—war on the
most shameful crime of debauchery and exploiting the youth of
both sexes.

This is a critical time for our nation. We must now decide
whether to stamp out the White Slave Traffic and its attendant
vices, or to go the broad way that has led both ancient and
modern nations to destruction.

"Today we fashion destiny,
Our web of fate we spin.
Today for all hereafter,
Choose we holiness or sin;
Today from lofty Gerizim
Or Ebal's cloudy crown,
We call the dews of blessing
Or the bolts of cursing down."
Concerning the effect of vice upon the destiny of nations the
Encylopaedia Britannica (Volume 32, page 32), says truly:
"Though it may coexist with national vigor, its extravagant
development is one of the signs of a rotten and decaying
civilization * * * a phase which has always marked the
decadence of great nations."

But though we thus speak we are confident that this is truly the
land of the free—free, glad, safe womanhood—and the home of the
brave—men brave enough to protect our girls and to deal with the
White Slave traders and all their sort as they deserve.

By Edwin W. Sims,
United States District Attorney, Chicago.
I am firmly convinced that when the people of this nation
understand and fully appreciate the unspeakable villainy of "The
White Slave Traffic" they will rise in their might and put a
stop to it. The growth of this "trade in white women," as it has
been officially designated by the Paris Conference, was so
insidious that it reached the proportions of an international
problem almost before the people of the civilized nations of the
world learned of its existence.

The traffic increased rapidly, owing largely to the fact that it
was tremendously profitable to those depraved mortals who
indulged in it, and because the people generally, until very
recently, were ignorant of the fact that it was becoming so
extensive. And even at this time, when a great deal has been
said by the pulpit and the press about the horrors of the
traffic, the public idea of just what is meant by the "white
slave traffic" is confused and indefinite.

It is my hope and belief that this work, edited by the scholarly
and devoted Ernest A. Bell, whose life of toil for the wayward
and the fallen has endeared him to all who know of him and his
work, will do much to make the nature, scope and perils of this
infamous trade better understood.

The characteristic which distinguishes the white slave traffic
from immorality in general is that the women who are the victims
of the traffic are forced unwillingly to live an immoral life.
The term "white slave" includes only those women and girls who
are actually slaves—those women who are owned and held as
property and chattels—whose lives are lives of involuntary
servitude. The white slave trade may be said to be the business
of securing white women and of selling them or exploiting them
for immoral purposes. It includes those women and girls who, if
given a fair chance, would, in all probability, have been good
wives and mothers and useful citizens.

Only a little time ago there were many thousands of our best
citizens who were unable to bring themselves to believe that an
international traffic in white women really existed. The
statement seemed too sensational for their acceptance. If any
readers remain who are still unconvinced that such an
international traffic is a fact, let them consider the
following, quoted from the annual report for 1908, of Hon. Oscar
S. Straus, the Secretary of Commerce and Labor:

"An international project of arrangement for the suppression of
the white-slave traffic was, on July 25, 1902, adopted for
submission to their respective governments by the delegates of
the various powers represented at the Paris conference, which
arrangement was confirmed by formal agreement signed at Paris on
May 18, 1904, by the Governments of Germany, Belgium, Denmark,
Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal,
Russia, Sweden, Norway, and the Swiss Federal Council. This
arrangement, after submission to the Senate, was proclaimed by
President Roosevelt June 15, 1908, and is printed in full in the
report of the Commissioner General of Immigration. The purpose
of the arrangement is set forth in the preamble, which states
that the several governments, 'being desirous to assure to women
who have attained their majority and are subjected to deception
or constraint, as well as minor women and girls, an efficacious
protection against the criminal traffic known under the name of
trade in white women ("Traite des Blanches"), have resolved to
conclude an arrangement with a view to concert proper measures
to attain this purpose'."

It is, of course, inconceivable that the distinguished
representatives of these great governments would have
entertained for consideration any subject not of vital and
international importance.

There is still another point upon which I feel moved to place
all possible emphasis—the hideous depravity and the fiendish
cunning of the criminals who engage in this most abhorrent and
revolting of all criminal pursuits.

Kipling said in one of his poems, describing the doings of
lawless people in the camps of one of the Northern countries,
that, "There is never a law of God or man runs north of Forty-
nine." That and more too might be said of the districts where
the white slaver grows rich from his traffic in girls. The men
and the women who engage in this traffic are more unspeakably
low and vile than any other class of criminals. The burglar and
holdup man are high-minded gentlemen by comparison. There is no
more depraved class of people in the world than those human
vultures who fatten on the shame of innocent young girls. Many
of these white slave traders are recruited from the scum of the
criminal classes of Europe.

And in this lies the revolting side of the situation. On the one
hand the victims, pure, innocent, unsuspecting, trusting young
girls—not a few of them mere children. On the other hand, the
white slave trader, low, vile, depraved and cunning,—organically
a criminal.

In the prosecutions which I have officially conducted against
this class of criminals the fact has developed that when caught
they generally are willing to arrange to pay heavy fines. These
offers have, of course, been refused and we have taken the
position that we will in no case accept merely a fine. In all
these cases already tried we have asked the court to impose jail
sentences and we expect to continue that policy. Men and women
who make a living and fatten off the shame, the disgrace and the
ruin of innocent young girls are a menace to the community, to
whom no quarter should be given.

The rule in my office with reference to this class of cases is
to show no quarter—to extend no consideration of any kind. We
are requiring heavy bail and asking for imprisonment in the
penitentiary in case of conviction. And I may add that no
criminal convictions secured as a result of my efforts have
yielded me a personal satisfaction to be compared with that
afforded by the conviction of those engaged in the white slave

One word more: I hope soon to see the time when the laws of the
land will as carefully protect the daughters of the United
States from the destroying hand of the white slave trader as the
international treaty agreements now protect the girl who is
brought in from foreign shores.



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