Abortion Prohibitors Are Jew Killers

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Intelligent Party

Aug 16, 2022, 6:06:13 PMAug 16
Abortion bans are prohibition. Abortion is a human right.

Would you want to live in a Jew killing state?

Make no mistake about it, all the states belong to every single American and you.

No one has a right to kill Jews. No state grants anyone the right.

Potential criminals are in the employ of the fascist fugazi government.

All prohibition is fascism. All prohibition must end. Abortion is the most
blatant example of prohibition. Jesus turned water into wine, but Jew killers
killed people who manufactured alcohol in the 1920s. Jesus was a Jew.

We should not forget it was an innocent man who hung on the cross. Manufacturing
alcohol is not wrong. Regulation of commerce, not prohibition, is allowed by the
U.S. Constitution. Prohibition of alcohol was allowed by the U.S. Constitution
and this amendment was the work of a criminal. Abortion is not wrong, or 60
million people have committed felonies in the past 50 years, and this is not so.

The Jew killers must be stopped. Abortion is your right. Drugs are you right.
Weapons are your right. The public lands are you right. Freedom of speech is
your right. Children, have all the rights of adults. Soldiers have a right to quit.

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