1993 Libertarian Party National Convention in Salt Lake City, UT

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Rich Thomson

Dec 21, 1992, 2:41:09 PM12/21/92
[Followups to talk.politics.misc; if you have questions for Bob Waldrop
directly I can relay them if you e-mail me. --Rich]

Morning Glory Productions
Bob Waldrop
Contractor for Celebrate Liberty
The 1993 Libertarian Party National Conventions

September 2-5, 1993

Soon Libertarians from across the world will gather in Salt Lake City
for Celebrate Liberty. Highlights of this event include:

Dawn's Early Light

Three great convention breakfasts, with challenging, entertaining, and
informative speakers: Frances Kendall, South Africa Nobel Peace Prize
Nominee, Dr. Thomas Szasz, Libertarian psychiatrist and prolific
author, and L. Neil Smith (author of 18 science fiction novels with
Libertarian themes). (Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornings)

The Green Dragon Inn

The Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Hotel, transformed into the
historic Green Dragon Inn of Boston, hangout of notorious radicals
such as Samuel Adams. There'll be music, food, drink, and comedy.
(Thursday night)

Freedom Rock '93

A jammin' rock-n-roll concert featuring three bands. (Friday night)

Gala Convention Banquet

Vivaldi and Mozart, fine dining, in the elegant Marriott Grand
Ballroom (black tie optional). (Saturday night)

Joyful Noise

A feast for the eyes, ears, and soul -- music, drama, pageantry in
salute to Liberty.

Karl Hess Institute of Libertarian Politics

Speakers, workshops, and panel discussions organized around four

Liberty: The Next Generation

Campus Focus. Organizing college students. Libertarians in Academia.
Working with blue-collar, non-student youth. High schools.

Agenda 2000

Considers key issues of the 1990s. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Planet.
Health Care. 21st Century Economics. Drug War. Second Amendment.
Social Services. Foreign Policy. Crime and Violence. The Great
Debate: LP Strategy in the 1990s. Examines tactics and strategy.
Media. Ballot Access. Initiatives and Referenda. Women's
perspectives. Presidential campaigns. LP Elected Officials.
Grassroots organizing. Plus an early look at the 1996 LP Presidential

Values for the 90s.

Community. Children. Abundance. Home Schooling. Religion and
Liberty. Race. Laissez-faire.

1993 Political Expo.

Exhibits and vendors pitching the Libertarian Market.

Faculty for the Karl Hess Institute includes:

o Dr. Thomas Szasz (Professor of Psychiatry, State University of New
York, author of the Myth of Mental Illness, Ceremonial Chemistry, the
Manufacture of Madness),
o L. Neil Smith (author of 18 science fiction books),
o Bob Pool (President, Reason Foundation),
o Karl Hess (LP News editor emeritus, writer, welder, philosopher),
o Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (life extension gurus and experts on FDA
o Alan Bach (Senior Editor, Orange County Register),
o Dr. Karl Hess Jr. (Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato
Institute; New Mexico State University),
o John Fund (Wall Street Journal),
o Frances Kendall (South African Libertarian leader, 3 time Nobel
Peace Prize Nominee),
o Eric Sterling (president, Criminal Policy Foundation),
o James Ostrowski (libertarian attorney),
o Dan Rosenthal (Editor, Privacy Report),
o Dr. Mary Ruwart (research scientist and author),
o Dr. Richard Ebeling (Ludwig von Mises Professor of Austrian
Economics, Hillsdale College),
o Dr. Nancy Lord (medical doctor, attorney, candidate),
o Michael Tanner (president, Georgia Public Policy Foundation),
o Jacob Hornberger (Future of Freedom Foundation),
o Terree Wasley (Cato author, "What Has Government Done to our Health Care"),
o Don Ernsberger (Libertarian leader and professor),
o Jeff Hummel (Libertarian economist),
o Jane Shaw (Senior Associate, Political Economy Research Center in
Bozeman, Montana),
o Dr. Richard Stroup (Professor of Economics, Montana State
University, Senior associate, Political Economy Research Center),
o Richard Winger (editor, Ballot Access News),
o Dean Ahmad (Palestinian advocate, Islamic scholar),
o Jarret Wollstein (ISIL),
o Vince Miller (ISIL),
o Me-Me King (LP activist),
o Maury Modine (Mood For A Day/hemp advocate),
o Bob Waldrop (him you know),
o Amy Lassen (Utah State Chair, homeschool graduate),
o Alexander Joseph (Big Water Mayor),
o Kathleen Richmond (MKR Associates).

More faculty and speakers will be announced over the next 60 days.

Packages Available.

Celebrate Liberty is available in four packages:
I. Full Celebration
Includes everything -- three breakfasts, banquet, party, concert,
Joyful Noise, Karl Hess Institute.

II. Late Riser
Everything except for the three breakfasts.

III. Thrift
Karl Hess Institute, Joyful Noise, Green Dragon Inn, Freedom
Rock '93.

IV. Issues Focus
Karl Hess Institute, Joyful Noise, Freedom Rock '93.


To make this event as accessible as possible, Morning Glory
Productions is announcing payment plans in addition to the traditional
early purchase advance discounts.

Regular Advance Price
Full Celebration $300
Late Riser $250
Thrift $175
Issues Focus $125

Prices are good for payments postmarked by April 31, 1993 (prices
increase May 1, 1993).

Student Advance Price

Full Celebration $250
Late Riser $200
Thrift Package $150
Issues Focus $125

Student rates are available to anyone under the age of 25 or to adults
currently enrolled in 12+ college hours.

Easy Payment Plan
Reserve your package now and pay for it in nine easy payments of:
Full Celebration $38.89
Late Riser $30.56
Thrift Package $22.22
Issues Focus $16.67

Total prices for Easy Payment prices based on package prices in effect
May-July 1993.

Student Easy Payment

Full Celebration $27.78
Late Riser $22.22
Thrift Package $16.67
Issues Focus $13.89


Available only until January 31st. Hotel accommodations at Salt lake
City's luxurious Marriott Hotel and the package of your choice -- pay
for it in nine easy payments of:

Double Student Double Quad Student Quad
Full Celebration $53.42 $42.31 $46.15 $35.04
Late Riser $45.09 $36.75 $37.82 $29.49
Thrift Package $36.75 $31.20 $29.49 $23.93
Issues Focus $31.20 $28.42 $23.93 $21.15

These Budget Deal payments include convention package indicated plus
three nights hotel. Four or more nights hotel, add $2.42 per payment
per additional night for quad occupancy; $4.84 for double. MGP will
provide roommate match service at no extra charge if requested. Quad
occupancy is two double beds. Double is one or two beds. Payments
are per person. Hotel is $79.00 night, plus 10.5% tax, for single to
quad occupancy. You can make your own hotel arrangements, or you can
reserve your hotel room through one of our payment plans. Payment
plans must be complete by the first day of the convention.

18 payment plans? If you are on a bi-weekly pay schedule, I'll be
happy to accept 18, bi-weekly payments. Call and ask for a quote.
(Basically, divide the payments above in half.)

EARLY BOOKING INCENTIVES: In addition to the advance purchase
discounts, those who book by January 31, 1993 -- including those on
the Easy Payment or Budget Deal plans -- will receive these extra
benefits at no additional cost:

1. Reserved seating at the banquet. Preferred seating for you and a
guest. First come, first served.

2. Reserved seating at the rock concert. Buy early for excellent
seats for the Celebrate Liberty Freedom Rock.

3. Your name will be entered in two big drawings: one lucky winner
will receive two convention packages for the price of one (free
package equal to the package purchased). Two other lucky winners will
each receive one free night in the Marriott Presidential Suite.
(George Bush, as well as a number of rock-n-roll artists, have slept
in this room! Aren't you impressed? It really is a nice suite, you


Campaigns and Elections is a Washington, D.C.-based magazine catering
to professional political consultants. They are also one of the
largest professional political training operations. C&E clients
include the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National
Committee, the Sierra Club, Solidarity, US Chamber of Commerce,
Communication Workers of America, American Nurses Association,
National Association of Home Builders, National Association of Letter
Carriers, National Association of Manufacturers, and Philip Morris.

Here's some press clippings about their training programs:

Washington Times (July 1991)
". . . (in its) campaign seminars. . . political consultants give
campaign staffs and candidates a taste of their know-how. . . the
eighth annual campaign training seminar. . . was like a Boy Scout
Jamboree for campaign hacks. . . Last year. . . (the magazine) took
C&E to Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev.
Sojourns to Australia and South Korea are planned for this fall. . .
Attendees included some of the democratic reformers who went on to
work on Boris Yeltsin's successful campaign to become president of

National Journal (May 1990)
"Jim Campbell, who is running for governor of Alaska, helped prepare
for his Republican primary campaign by attending a three-day seminar
in Sacramento. . . "It scared the hell out of me, finding out what
your competition can and will do," Campbell said later. "Campaigning
is like running a business, and it's certainly becoming more of a
science. But that's the way it's going, and you better be on top of
it. . . more and more people connected with campaigns -- from the
candidates to their low-level aides -- are attending seminars. . .
"Campaigns are too sophisticated for challengers to compete on their
own" without help from consultants, said Jennifer Kessler, who as
political editor and seminars director of Campaigns and Elections
magazine oversees the largest non-partisan campaign management company
in Washington. . . . Kessler estimates that she helped organize more
than 200 seminars last year. . . each of them attended by 100-400
campaign workers and candidates. Each seminar was conducted by more
than 65 consultants paid by Campaigns and Elections. . . For $500,
students could listen to experts on fund raising, budgeting,
advertising, strategy designing, direct mail and grass-roots
vote-getting. . ."

". . .The knowledge I gained was both comprehensive and well focused,"
said Robert LeBrant, vice president for political affairs of the
Michigan Chamber of Commerce. . . What he learned about canvassing and
get-out-the-vote techniques. . . helped him direct a successful
statewide ballot campaign against a proposed sales tax hike. . ."

Dallas Morning News (February 1991):
"There are 3 types of political television spots, Dallas media
consultant Mike Shannon said as he began his lecture to about 100
would-be campaign managers. First, there is the agenda ad. Second,
there is the inoculation spot. And the third type of commercial, Mr.
Shannon said with a straight face, is "vicious, personal attacks".
That set the tone for a recent two-day political seminar sponsored by
Campaigns and Elections magazine. . . the seminar -- both irreverent
and relevant -- was an entertaining explosion of egos. At times, the
seminar sounded more like a military strategy meeting. . . than a
campaign school. "Take no prisoners," advised Philadelphia consultant
Doc Sweitzer. "Campaigns are like war, and the battlefield is the
voter's mind."

Financial Review, Sydney, Australia (November 1991)
"It's about as subtle as a gun in the face. It's pushy, aggressive,
and very, very tough. You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to get
its message. It's called "persuasion mail", and it may soon be
landing in a letterbox near you. Persuasion mail is the hottest new
election technology to emerge from the United States. . . Essentially,
persuasion mail is just a printed form of TV advertising; and unlike
TV ads, persuasion mail can be finely targeted to swinging voters or
to special interest groups. Officials of the Australian Labor Party,
Liberal Party, National Party and Australian Democrats, and of the New
Zealand Labor Party, inspected persuasion mail and other campaign
techniques . . . at a Sydney conference organized by the
Washington-based political magazine Campaigns and Elections. . ."

". . . the Sydney conference heard an Argentine political consultant
discuss the difficulties of polling in Nigeria, and saw video clips
from the latest elections in Manitoba, the United Kingdom, and Costa
Rica. . . A recent Campaigns and Elections conference was held in
Budapest, and the magazine now lists among its clients Boris Yeltsin,
Vaclav Havel, and the Leningrad City Council. . . . the message of
Campaigns and Elections is that the candidate with the better grasp of
what the electorate wants and feels and fears, and with the better
capacity to respond to those emotions, has the better chance of

Campaigns and Elections offers world-class political training. It's
what our competitors get. Democratic and Republican party
organizations and candidates invest resources in training because it
works. We need it so we know what our competitors are planning for
November 1994. Government party leaders regularly schedule training
for workers, managers, and candidates. They don't want their people
to get blindsided in a bitter election battle just because they
weren't up-to-the-minute on campaign technique and technology.

If we want to become the majority party in this country, we are
fooling ourselves if we think we can do it without getting this kind
of world class training.

I have a proposal from Campaigns and Elections to produce a customized
two day intensive training seminar for Libertarian Party candidates,
party leaders, managers, and workers, organized around the theme "Get
Elected to a State Legislature". Topics included will be party
building at the grassroots level, earned media, local fundraising,
ballot access, and credibility as a third party candidate. C&E will
bring ten top notch political consultants and two staff members to
Salt Lake City for the event -- people with a track record of winning

The regular price for a C&E seminar is $500.00. C&E is not a low
price leader. You get what you pay for. To get the training, we have
to pay the price. TANSTAAFL.

Through Celebrate Liberty, however, you can get that five hundred
dollar training for only $300 -- if, and only if, one hundred people
book for this event by January 31, 1993.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the
convention. That $300 price does not include any of the convention
activities. I can hear a growing chorus saying, "Bob, this is getting

You're right and I hear you. So, let's talk, because this really is a
good deal for all concerned. Morning Glory Productions is seriously
committed to offering you value for value and making it as easy as
possible for you to participate in this entire event, from early
Tuesday morning until Sunday afternoon.

Advance Purchase Price
Includes C&E training plus convention package indicated.

Full Celebration $525
Late Riser $475
Thrift $450
Issues Focus $425

Prices good only through January 31, 1993.

Easy Payment Plan
Payments include convention package indicated plus C&E training, no hotel.
9 payments
Full Celebration $61.11
Late Riser $52.78
Thrift $47.22
Issues Focus $44.44

Bob's Bodacious Best Budget Deal with C&E Training
Five nights hotel (occupancy indicated), convention plan, C&E
training. Nine easy payments of:
Double Quad
Full Celebration $85.33 $73.22
Late Riser $79.77 $67.66
Thrift $74.21 $62.11
Issues Focus $71.44 $59.44

Same type of "fine print" applies to these payment plans as those
above without C&E training.

Bi-weekly payment plans also available (divide payments above in half).


If 100 people book for the convention and C&E training by January 31,
1993, this event flies and we go on. If 100 people do not book, you
can (a) receive a complete refund, (b) apply your purchase towards a
convention package without the C&E training, (c) receive partial
refund and a convention package. The C&E training is much too long of
a limb for me to go out on without a firm indication from my market
that people are interested in this high quality, world class training.
The January 31st deadline is there due to C&E deposit requirements,
leadtime, scheduling, reserving, preparation, etc.

To encourage you to purchase this training, please note that those who
buy the C&E training get student rates for the convention package.
When you buy up front, you get an additional $25.00 discount. If you
purchase via one of the payment plans with C&E training, the price of
the convention package is also the student price. In contrast,
without C&E training, the total price of the nine plans is equal to
the package prices that will be in effect May 1, 1993. Even though
the total price for the C&E training and convention package is higher,
you are getting a better value for your money.

World class, professional, campaign technical training from the same
people who train your competition. The best and brightest the
Libertarian movement can offer you on policy, ideology, party
strategy, issues, and values. Food, fellowship, entertainment, color,
excitement. I'm offering you a lot of bang for your buck -- value for
value, in the most excellent sense of the free market.

The marketplace is all about signals. So the feedback loop is open.
I invite you to communicate with me regarding this proposal. Suggest
speakers and topics of interest to you. Some party organizations may
want to scholarship promising 1994 candidates. Even if you have no
plans to be a candidate, this training may be of interest to you. As
our party grows and matures, opportunities will open up for
professional Libertarian campaign consultants, managers, and workers.
One might even say we have a serious need for such people. Think of
this as a career move. If you are already in the campaign business --
or you decide to start such a business -- this training could be
considered a business expense (consult your accountant). Candidates,
who have to raise money anyway, might use this as their first
fundraising gig. The possibilities for financing this are large. I
will be happy to offer my services free of charge to any group or
individual planning to raise money to finance such training. If you
need help, ask me; I might have a good idea or two or could even write
you a fundraising letter.

I have spoken with several people about this. It kind of takes most
peoples' breath away at first, but then, there's a growing excitement
as the possibilities of this kind of professional, world-class
training begin to impinge on the individual's consciousness. This is
a power signal -- Jonas Rollette, training director at Campaigns and
Elections, told me, "Sounds to me like the Libertarians are starting
to get serious".

Call me and talk -- complain if you must -- but book for this C&E
training by January 31, 1993.

In Liberty,

Bob Waldrop
POB 526175
Salt Lake City, UT 84152
(801) 254-5736

P.S. Make checks payable to Morning Glory Productions. Visa and
Mastercard accepted. Please feel free to copy this information, pass
it along on other BBS or in hard copy. Tell your friends and others
not on the BBS network.


Celebrate Liberty offers you cost-effective opportunities to reach the
Libertarian market. Celebrate Liberty will feature the 1993 Political
Expo, with vendors and exhibitors. The convention program will be
sent free of charge to all 25,000+ members of the Libertarian Party.

Persons interested in advertising or exhibiting at this event, or who
are interested in becoming a Sponsor of Celebrate Liberty, may contact
Morning Glory Productions at POB 526175, Salt Lake City, UT 84152,
(801) 254-5736.


Morning Glory Productions, in conjunction with Celebrate Liberty, will
publish the "Libertarian Political Pages", a directory publication
listing names and addresses of business, organizations, consultants,
committees, etc. interested in the Libertarian marketplace. For a
free listing in the LPP, send your information, including a one line
description of the product, service, business, committee, school,
crusade, or whatever it is you have to offer, by June 1, 1993 to MGP,
POB 526175, SLC, UT 84152 (801) 254-5736.
Don't blame me; I voted Libertarian.
Disclaimer: I speak for myself, except as noted; Copyright 1992 Rich Thomson
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