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Re: New bust for migrant teen out without bail after Times Square brawl with NYPD

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A teen set free without bail after being charged with taking part in a
caught-on-video Times Square melee between a group of migrants and NYPD
cops has been arrested again — this time for shoplifting at a Queens
Macy’s, police said Wednesday.

Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, 19, was allegedly caught shoplifting with two
other men inside the department store at the Queens Center Mall about 5:30
p.m. Tuesday, cops said.

When a store loss prevention officer stopped the trio, one of them punched
the security staffer in the face, according to police. Izquiel acted as
the lookout, according to cops.

Izquiel ran off but was nabbed a short distance away after cops released a
wanted poster and charged with robbery and petty larceny.

On Jan. 27, Izquiel was arrested for allegedly brawling with an NYPD
lieutenant and cop during the caught-on-video confrontation outside a
migrant shelter in Times Square on W. 42nd St. near Seventh Ave. The
attack has intensified the debate about migrants in the city and country.

Izquiel, who lives at a migrant shelter on 42nd St., was one of four men
arrested that night and charged with second-degree assault. But Manhattan
prosecutors declined to ask for bail at his arraignment and he was set
free. Prosecutors at the time said they needed more time to determine each
defendants’ role in the attack.

Last Thursday, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg announced that Izquiel and six
others had been indicted on assault charges for the fight. He is expected
to be arraigned on that indictment during his next court date this Friday.

An eighth suspect in the attack, a 17-year-old boy, was apprehended
Tuesday and was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court

As Bragg announced the indictments he released police body-worn camera
footage that seemed to contradict the NYPD contention that the small group
of suspects were blocking pedestrian traffic when cops first approached

The video shows most of the group immediately complying, singing in unison
as they walk away. But one suspect, Yohenry Brito, 24, lags behind and
ignores the officers while looking at his phone, then gets confrontational
with a cop who tries to nudge him along.

As Brito walks away, he stops to retrieve a baby stroller on the sidewalk.
Body-cam footage shows him pushing the stroller and starting to walk away
from the cops again before quipping in Spanish that one of the officers
looked like the fictional TV character “Ugly Betty.” NYPD Lt. Ben Kurian
then grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and throws him up against a
wall before the fight began.

In the footage captured by the lieutenant’s bodycam, Brito repeatedly asks
what is happening in Spanish. The situation quickly escalates as Brito
tries to escape Kurian’s grasp, with both tumbling to the ground in

Officer Zunxu Tian then intervened and several of those with Brito descend
on the two cops and repeatedly grab and kick them as they grapple with
Brito on the ground, various pieces of footage show.

The cops were treated for bumps and bruises.

Izquiel’s arraignment for the Queens robbery was pending in Queens
Criminal Court Wednesday, officials said.
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