A Zimbabwe in the making!

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Sep 25, 2003, 10:37:22 PM9/25/03
The illegal aliens and the cheerleaders for America's fastest growing
invader minority group are getting uppity and feeling resentful and pissy
against the white majority of the country they are invading to escape the
grinding poverty and apartheid racist government in Mexico which has kept
them down for centuries. Don't these idealogues who speak to the illegals
sound more and more like Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF in Zimbabwe? Once these
invaders reach a critical mass will they start invading white commercial
farms and killing the farmers the way the "war veterans" did in Zimbabwe?
Read this opinion piece and think about it!


"What documents did the European ancestors of the Republicans have when they
stole this land from the Native Americans, brown skin people with dark eyes
and straight dark hair, much like many of the Mexicans that walk up and down
Buford Highway today?
The Commission has no credibility with the people for it is primarily
composed of elitist people.
So where are the representatives of the Mexicans, surely not on the
Commission. On the Commission they are invisible. But everyone who has eyes
knows the Mexicans are here, only the Governor and his progeny chose to act
But their day will come.
It may take a few years.
And with God as my witness, I assure that the Latino vote, together with the
African American vote, will finally end the power of the confederates. These
racists will be "gone with the wind.""

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