Re: LGBTQIA+ Pride Center: messaging surrounding LGBTQIA+ Monkeypox needs to change. TO WHAT?!? MONKEY AIDS??

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Aug 17, 2022, 10:30:09 PMAug 17
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> It's a FAGGOT SPREAD DISEASE! Nothing will change that.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As monkeypox continues to spread across
the country, leaders at the Pride Center of the Capital Region
are concerned about the stigma messaging behind the disease
could spread.

Monkeypox is now a public health emergency. President Biden made
the declaration Thursday, allowing more funding for vaccines and
resources to the hardest hit areas including New York State.

Local and state leaders are working with organizations like the
Pride Center of the Capital Region to provide resources and
access to vaccines, which are now available to LGBTQ+ men at
clinics across the region.

“We are providing those resources to them as they come in,”
Nathanial Gray, Executive Director for the Pride Center of the
Capital Region, said. “We are making sure people know how to get
tested and vaccinated. I am making sure as I speak to you and
everywhere else that folks are aware that the stigma has got to
be paid attention to.”

Ulster County reports first case of monkeypox
Gray said, while most infections are currently in LGBTQ+ men,
the core messaging on the disease needs to change.

“This is a virus that anyone can contract and it’s not sexual in
any way,” Gray said. “It’s touching skin which children do on
the playground and elderly folks do when they are getting a bath
in a nursing home, this is a normal part of our every day
experience so to consistently message about gay men or men who
have sex with men is dangerous.”

Cyber scammers increase as Monkeypox cases grow
Gray adds the stigma against LGBTQ+ men can lead to furthering
the mental health crisis many in the community are facing. He
said he wants leaders to pay attention to the stigma and shift
their approach to the monkeypox outbreak on risks to the general

“Leave LGBTQ messaging to us,” Gray said. “We already do that,
we have 20 years of history of messaging to our community that
safe sex is the most important thing.”

Lock Them UP!

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