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Re: Veterans day story

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Nomen Nescio

Sep 22, 2021, 7:25:02 AM9/22/21
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> xyzzy <> wrote:
> > A few years old but a good one.
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> >
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> I saw some stuff as a kid, but I can’t imagine seeing this over and over.

I lost three cousins to Ho Chi Minh and his American Democrat
compatriots. Missed the Beirut barracks bombings by 0.3% of a
unit readiness point and spent time at sea in multiple oceans.

Every year on November 10th & 11th I sacrifice a bottle of
bourbon in the hope that John Kerry will get cancer in the
little toes, that it will begin eating him up both legs,
progress through his asshole and thereafter consume him a
centimeter at a time, until there is no longer enough morphine
in the world to stop his screaming.

That I would see and listen to over and over.

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