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Mar 15, 2004, 4:23:00 AM3/15/04
Tides Foundation, a 28-year-old grant-making institution that funds
to the tune of hundreds of millions radical groups that, among other
things, protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq, demand open U.S. borders,
provide the legal defense of suspected terrorists and promote the
spread of Islamist ideology in the U.S.

While John Kerry criticizes the way President Bush has conducted the
war in Iraq, he actually cast a Senate vote to support it. Yet, Tides'
Iraq Peace Fund and Peace Studies Fund supports the War Resisters
League and Ramsey Clark's International Action Center. Clark actually
offered to defend Saddam Hussein. His center also sponsored
International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice, both of which
were run by long-time communist revolutionaries


Mar 15, 2004, 6:15:31 AM3/15/04

"DFranks" <DFr...@nowhere.com> wrote in message

It's a damned good thing my computer doesn't have "smell-o-vision"!

Tim Crowley

Mar 15, 2004, 12:30:53 PM3/15/04
DFranks <DFr...@nowhere.com> wrote in message news:<ffsa501g4li593o66...@4ax.com>...

you just repeat and believe everyhing you masters tell you, don't you.

anyone can learn about the Tide foundation and find that you lie like
a pig.


I do thank you for the post tho. I just sent Tides $100. Keep up the
good work.


Tides Foundation and Tides Center Respond to Recent Inaccuracies in
the Media

Recent articles, including editorials in the Wall Street Journal and
the New York Post, have contained significant inaccuracies about Tides
Foundation and Tides Center in the past week. These have engendered
other false reports in several media outlets across the country.

Below is the formal response from Tides Foundation and Tides Center to
the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post

March 10, 2004

Letters to the Editor
New York Post

To the Editor:

Your editorial on March 9 ("(Mrs.) Kerry's Cash Connection") is both
factually and conceptually inaccurate. Tides Foundation, which has
made four grants to Peaceful Tomorrows in 2002 and 2003 for a combined
total of $34,665, has not received "millions of dollars controlled by
Teresa Heinz Kerry". The Heinz Endowments have granted Tides
Foundation a total of $230,000 dispensed between 1994 and 1998. These
grants were to support a pollution prevention initiative and other
environmentally friendly practices by industries in Western

Tides Center, an independent offshoot of Tides Foundation, provides
administrative and management services to nonprofit projects across
the country. Tides Center has received additional support from the
Heinz Endowments specifically to support projects in Pennsylvania,
none of which has gone to September 11th Families for Peaceful

The monies that our foundation distributes are actually not "fungible"
as your editorial claims. The rigors of fund accounting, restricted
grants, and annual audits preclude this from happening. For the Post
to suggest otherwise is not only misleading, it's reckless. Each Tides
Center project raises funds for their program activities and they are
assured that their funds are separately accounted for and

Your use of the term "charitable money-laundering" is similarly
disingenuous. Tides Foundation employs donor advised funds to make
grants to organizations working for positive social change. It is the
same legal structure administered in precisely the same way as the
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund and similar programs operated by Schwab,
Vanguard, and others.

Tides Foundation and Tides Center share a commitment to a simple
philosophy: We work to support change toward a healthy society. We are
progressive thinkers, strengthening community-based nonprofit
organizations and creating positive impact on people's lives in ways
that honor and promote human rights, justice, and a sustainable
environment. You may disagree with our values but you should at least
get your facts straight.


Drummond Pike
President, Tides Foundation and Tides Center

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