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Dec 5, 2018, 5:29:54 PM12/5/18
Hi there.

I've been in a long conflict with my kids mom, through the Norwegian court system.

I've blogged about the court system in Norway, their mental health
professionals etc. - here:

I find it that over time, even though I've gained better health, the situation
is still the same, and that I have been fooled.

I thought this kind of process where a person is kept busy in a court system,
discredited etc. belonged in a banana repulic, and not in an advanced democracy
like Norway.

What do you suggest I do, to make sure that 5 years of barely seeing my kids,
has consequences for the healthcare system, the kids mom, the justice system
and so on?

First part of the blog post is attached here:

"Long story short: I broke up with the woman I have two kids in 2013, and after I rejected a relationship with her in the spring/summer 2013, it got difficult to see the kids.

Court-appointed professionals (suggested by the lawyer of the kids mom?) found me to be very troubled, and the kids mom to "great". I was troubled, but I don't believe the kids mom to be "great". Putting your own needs in front of the kids needs is not great. Not letting me have information about the kids from school, healthcare etc. is not great. The latter borders on negligence in my opinion.

So, I was not satisfied with what the court appointed professionals (suggested by the kids mom) found in 2015, and recently I got a pretty solid proof that these mental health professionals were wrong. For 5 years, the kids mom has claimed that we had an agreement on expenses for seeing the kids, while not having an agreement on how often I should see the kids, or rather, how often they should get to see me."


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