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Bush the "fair-haired boy"

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Edward Cottengaim

Feb 17, 2000, 3:00:00 AM2/17/00
The Charlie Rose Show on 02/17/2000 PBS
reported that George Bush jr, was admitted to the Texas Air National
Guard "Champagne Unit" where the sons of Sen, Lloyd Benson and John
Connelly also served. His position ahead of many others was granted by
Texas Lieutenant Governor Tim Barnes at the behest of Congressman George
Bush Sr. He received special pilot training at Moody AFB, Georgia
because he had no previous pilot training as did most of the other
officers in the Air National Guard. While at Moody Richard Nixon flew
him aboard military aircraft to Washington, D.C. to go on a date with
daughter, Tricia Nixon. He was also granted special passes from his duty
to go on various political campaigns.

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