Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff

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Sep 16, 2022, 1:37:15 AM9/16/22
Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part I - Daryl Kabatoff
September 15th 2022 5:21 pm 138,802 words (156 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Honour killings shouldn’t be called ‘barbaric.’” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“They are not sexual assaults, but ‘honour’ rapes.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Who remembers the Armenian genocide? If they can’t remember the Armenian genocide, who is goink to be concerned about the Jews?” - Adolph Hitler speaking without preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

In the news nearing the end of May 2022, the Islamist ruling over Canadians is banning handguns. First this Islamist banned semi-automatic rifles, then gave $500 each week to foreigners (mainly Islamists) living in Canada (enough for them to purchase a new rifle every seven days), now he is banning handguns. It is largely the blacks and the black Islamists in the big Canadian cities that are shooting up the neighborhood, but now the white people will pay the price with the loss of their guns. Those who get caught with a semi-automatic rifle or a handgun will face great economic losses and jail time (where they face sodomy and are forced into gangs), while the Islamists are allowed to cover their faces when they purchase either guns or ammo if they purport to be female. Islamists are caught in Canada forcing white children and white women to be sex slaves and then they receive suspended sentences (no jail time nor fines) for their crimes. If Canadians revolt against the Islamization of Canada and the lack of their rights (the Islamist Trudeau forbids Canadians to fly within Canada or to leave Canada unless they take the Islamic death jab), then Charles will come with his massive United Nations Islamic army to defend his people living here, as Charles is the Defender of Faith, he will insure that you show respect to the different faiths that arrived here.

Massive waves of “immigrants” to the western nations, almost entirely comprised of males of fighting age. The white Canadian is refused education and employment due to a previous marijuana conviction, and due to the jobs being reserved for people of color, and we have no idea of what they were up to in their home nations, and they hide behind their names by all calling themselves Mohammad, or Mohammad Mohammad. The Islamists fly their khat in daily, and although remaining illegal, no Islamist is ever charged, they are allowed to keep their freedom, jobs, money, four wives and four houses, one for each wife that they later bring over here where these female children and women labor in the kitchens and bedrooms.

Often the boats and rafts the immigrants (the invaders) arrive on are packed with males without there being a single female present, if any women did get in the raft or on the boat, they were certainly raped and thrown overboard before they reached a European harbor. The women stay confined to their father’s or their husband’s households, if they dare to leave their homes and venture towards a port the women would be repeatedly raped while in journey. Similarly the girls and women headed to the southern American border are reported to be repeatedly raped while in transit, many of these females will be forced into sexual slavery by the males that previously arrived, very violent and vial people are flooding into Canada and USA from the third world nations, and some of them get four homes paid for by the taxpayers.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the Chinese Communist Party confined the people in Shanghai to their homes in order to prevent them from sharing photos on social media of the Chinese war equipment and troop movements. Massive numbers of ships are being loaded with containers that contain missiles, and the Chinese are getting set to invade not just Taiwan, but other islands, Australia and even North America. China already owns Australian, Canadian and American politicians, who have been aiding the advancement of China’s economy and purposely destroying their own economies and nations. America is no longer in position to defend itself from a Chinese nuclear attack as many of the soldiers are dead from the so-called Covid jabs, or are twitching and convulsing from the jabs and have retired. But not to worry, because the Chinese are just like you and me, see they decorate evergreen trees and get their trees to blink (said the media at about the same time when Saskatoon City Council cancelled the Louis Riel races and replaced them with Chinese Dragon Boat races), and they sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. So not only cancel the Louis Riel races from downtown Saskatoon and replace them with Chinese Dragon boat races, cancel the red aboriginal and white European races and cultures as well and replace them with the Chinese race and culture. Persecute (years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture) those who criticize your phallic-capped Catholic churches (Egyptian penises capping the roofs of the Christian churches, Egyptian penises capping the very top of the blinkin’ tree idols), soon the Chinese will come and persecute these Catholic persecutors and will also persecute the psychiatric and sexual abuse survivors.

The horse racing was shut down in Saskatoon in 2020, the unelected and unaccountable people running the Prairieland Park facilities where the track is located decided on their own to cease allowing people to race their horses, ceased allowing people to bet on the races, cease allowing out-of-city horse owners to stable their horses. Their idea was to convert the horse racing facilities into a soccer stadium. Islamists don’t gamble on horse racing, Islamists prefer to watch soccer. So they shut down the horse racing and proclaimed that the horse racing facilities they desire to convert to a soccer stadium will be a big money-maker, and now they seek free money handouts from three levels of government in order to get their money-making soccer scheme moving (it is NOT the government’s money to give away). Others previously cancelled the Louis Riel races which also involved horse racing. The idea is to cancel western culture, which includes the love of and use of horses. Islamists are offended by the gambling, we have many Islamists in Saskatoon now and we don’t desire to offend them. And it appears that Islamists are offended by horses as it does not reflect their culture in any way. If you want soccer to be played at the horse racing facilities, consider asking the Islamists (including Prince Charles, who funded the construction of mosques around the world for his Islamist buddies for the last several decades) to fund the project rather than have Canadian taxpayers do so. Very few elderly people ever go to stadiums to watch hockey, football, or soccer, the elderly preferred to watch the horse races as they had a very low admission fee, it was a place they could gamble with a minimal two dollar bet, a place they could attend and meet with and talk to their friends. The poor used to be able to go to the Mendal Art Gallery, and many did as the setting was gorgeous and the outing was free, now instead we have an expensive art gallery that the poor simply to not attend. We now have bike lanes to enjoy that are largely unused and are impeding traffic. For what the city spent on constructing and maintaining these useless bike lanes, they could have instead offered better pavement on the edges of the roads where people on bikes are seen to travel the most. We have weather at minus forty degree and have bike lanes rather than heated bus shelters. Few Islamists take the bus, most are riding around in expensive cars, they came to Canada with the money they stole from the Christians they killed in the middle-east, Africa and Asia (Obama funded the slaughter), and are allowed to keep this money for their own discretionary uses while their food, housing, education and transportation needs are all provided for (plus another $2000 per month due to a supposed pandemic).

Some 82% of the citizens of Canada and the United States took the death jabs, including the Christians. Many Christians took the death jabs because not only their media but their preachers encouraged them to do so as well, and there are reports in the news (not the mainstream news) that preachers were bribed in order to encourage their sheep to take the poison. There will soon be 82% fewer Christians in North America. Most Christians who never took the death jabs will not face persecution for their beliefs for they spend their time encouraging everyone to turn trees into decorated idols. Satan doth not persecute people who encourage you to adopt pagan fertility rites in place of God’s Commandments. Rather than stand up for and defend those people who were stripped of their rights and were brutally tortured in psychiatric facilities with injections, some 82% of the Christians instead took injections that results in their sterility and will ultimately result in their deaths. Some 82% of the non-Christians took the poison, likely a greater percentage of Christians took the poison because they not only listened to the mainstream media, they also listened to the cannibals preaching to them from their pulpits. They thought they embraced God’s Holy Spirit and that this Spirit would help them discern right from wrong, many knew that it was in error to turn their churches, schools, homes, shopping malls and entire cities into pagan temples of fertility, but did so anyway for the sake of tradition. And for the sake of tradition had their children injected with a supposed vaccine. Tradition trumps God’s Word. Speaking out against tradition only gets one arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities by Hindu, Sikh, Islamic and Catholic psychiatrists, and then laughed at and assaulted further by the so-called Christians who embrace pagan idolatry. There will soon be 82% fewer people who desire to go horse racing or who desire to watch soccer, football or hockey. It will be easy to kill off the remaining 18% once the 82% finally perish from the jabs. The American patriots think themselves part of the 3% who defend their nation from evil, most are really part of the 82% who are perishing from the Islamic death jabs that Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamic, pedophile and cannibal) demanded they take or else lose their jobs and access to education and travel. The Islamists are working overtime trying to convince you that it is the Jews who are orchestrating the tragedy… the mess will be compounded when the Chinese invade North America and start slaughtering the white Europeans and American native Indians who immigrated here over the last few centuries. Consider going back to re-read the first part of this book, as there is encouragement there for the white Europeans to abandon North America and help defend established white populations in the Old World (in Europe and in the Russian far east). If there is a massive exodus of white Europeans from North America, it will be guaranteed that the American native Indians who remain behind will face the Islamic and Chinese wrath largely on their own. The American native Indians will go extinct in short order, as some 82% of them took a jab that will kill them in one to three years. If you the white Europeans and American native Indians desire to stay in North America you will have to start by turning North America into a no-fly zone and expelling the Asian, African and South American immigrants (invaders). You need to reaffirm your red and white treaties, you need to fight for each other rather than fight for the right to ram your penises up each other’s arseholes, or fight for your right to turn a school or church into a blinkin’ temple of fertility. My advice is to abandon North America, and emigrate to Magadan or Yakutia. There are Christian churches in Magadan and Yakutia, if you speak out against the pagan idolatry taught by these churches, expect persecution (brutal horrid torture in Russian psychiatric facilities). Putin is a Freemason, he is ok with Christians being persecuted in Russia when they criticize the pomp and ceremony in the established Russian Orthodox churches. Doukhobors fled to Canada to avoid that Russian persecution, and ended up filling their Canadian homes with blinkin’ Catholic fertility tree idols (in order to fit in and avoid persecution). Now some 82% of the Doukhobors took one, two or three of the bullshit “covid” injections and will be dead in one, two or three years, just like everybody else.

In the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix newspaper on June 29th 2022, it is announced that three levels of government (federal, provincial and city) got together and funded a “vaccine” manufacturing facility at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization’s (VIDO) facilities at the University of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said “There are many issues where we fully disagree with the direction of the federal government… this is not one of them.” The facility being built could manufacture up to 40 million doses a year, including RNA vaccines, which alter the DNA that God provided us with. The direction of the federal government is to kill off the Canadians with injections and replace the population with Islamists. Premier Scott Moe is on board, the mayor of Saskatoon Charlie Clark is on board. Scott Moe provides welfare payments to each of the four Islamic brides, he provides a house paid for with your tax money to each of them and allows them to purchase guns and ammunition without them showing their faces. Mayor Charlie Clark employs non-Canadians (Islamists) rather than provide the jobs to Saskatoonians or to other people raised in Saskatchewan, or to other Canadians. They are poised to start manufacturing “vaccines” at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, this is where people are being tortured to death with psychiatric drugs.

Most of those people who understand that the so-called “covid” jabs and other inoculations are killing off many millions of people are upset about this and spend their time on social media complaining about it. But the adults among them, although coerced into taking the jab, still took the jab by choice, while those who are tortured to death in psychiatric facilities are NOT taking the jabs by choice. Few stand up for the victims of psychiatric horror, it is not a concern to them, their concern is only the recent jabs that Trudeau and Obama (tells Biden what to do and say) demand that the red and white citizens in Canada and the United States take. They are outraged that they took the jabs by choice and are now sterile and have begun rotting before they even die. They are not outraged that I and many others faced brutal episodes of psychiatric torture but instead turn their backs or laugh. They are rotting before they even die, many women among you have their vaginas rotting away and stink like death, the women who’s vaginas are not yet necrotizing should expect it. While necrotizing from the jabs you look forward to “Christmas” (the use of God’s name in vain, it is not His Mass) so you can collectively spend billions of dollars turning your churches, schools, homes, shopping malls and entire cities into blinkin’ temples of fertility. They honor the evergreen tree by decorating it, it is a symbol of fertility, then they lose their fertility to a jab. The priests and ministers modeled the behavior of turning trees into decorated idols and then later encouraged their sheep to take a jab that removed their fertility and their lives.

Similarly you are all upset about the American political prisoners who were arrested and jailed as a result of the January 6th peaceful demonstration yet nobody is concerned about the military vets being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities, which has being going on for decades. I criticized the decorated evergreen tree idols (and the churches censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism) and was repeatedly detained and tortured, I complained that I was being tortured by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists and people laughed at me or ignored me (or robbed or assaulted me), now you have Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists torturing people to death and you still ignore it. And you reserve seats in medical schools for these foreign pagans and train them to practice their “arts” here (it isn’t science), mainly against the white Spirit-filled Christians who dare to raise their voices against the churches who teach people to honor the pagan fertility rites, some of whom tried to warn you of the cannibals running your institutions and among you. Anyway, those who are rotting from the jabs that their priests and ministers urged them to take, are looking forward to the coming winter festival so they may tithe yet more funds to their executioners. Well good for you, I sure hope you win!!!

In the news (not the mainstream news) in July 2022 an American judge imposed a lesser sentence for an MS-13 gang member who murdered an American, so that he would be allowed to stay in the United States after his sentence is served. Justin Trudeau paid out millions of dollars to a 14-year-old girl that he raped, in order to insure her silence (this latter news has been circulating on the internet for months).

In the mainstream news on July 21st 2022, Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the Sikh truck driver who in 2018 plowed into a busload of Catholic hockey players, killing 16 and injuring 13, was later sentence to 8 years (224 days per death) in prison and has now been granted parole (that was quick). The Catholic family members of the killed and injured are upset that Sidhu is now a free man. The Catholics engage in a pagan fertility rite when they turn trees into decorated idols, and here they lost their children to a Sikh, a member of an alternative fertility cult. The message being sent out by the legal system is that your European lives have little value. Those family members who are upset with this turn of events can seek “treatment” from Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists (who were trained at western universities), who will likely tell them that they think too much about children, Sikhs and trucks. Sidhu never received psychiatric torture as a reward for plowing into the busload of hockey players, it is I who received years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture after daring to speak out against your churches for pushing Catholic fertility rites and for censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, which people then laugh about and assault me further. The Sikh truck drivers that are caught transporting drugs into Canada similarly do not face years of brutal horrid psychiatric torture for their crimes, are instead given a slap on the wrist and are allowed to purchase farm land and mansions. So post some more photos of your children whoreshipping trees on social media (the witches shop for your children on social media, they place an order, the child is abducted, delivered, raped, tortured, killed, cooked and eaten, usually eaten without being cooked), and consider importing Sikhs who drive a little better. The situation is simply absolutely hilarious. Just as you people are utterly compassionless to me and to other victims of psychiatric horror, just as you people think that me being tortured by primarily Hindu psychiatrists is hilarious, I think that the deaths of your children is equally hilarious (Proverbs 1:26).

Also in the July 2022 news, the Saskatchewan provincial government expects to receive 13,000 doses of poison and will use this crap to inject into and sicken, sterilize and kill children aged six months to five years old. In other news (not the mainstream news) there is a shortage of children’s caskets, children in North America are now dying at such an elevated rate that the industry is unable to make and ship the caskets quick enough. The provincial Saskatchewan Party is in bed with the federal Liberal Party, together they are working hard to replace the red (aboriginal) and white (European) people, in part so they do not have to pay wages to women. Our Islamic and satanic rulers hate women so much that they would rather ram their penises up each other’s arseholes than have sexual relations with real women.

In the news (not the mainstream news) the co-opted western governments are implementing assorted measures to bankrupt farmers, so that they leave the land and the land be used to house Islamists, and so their citizens starve and are replaced with Islamists. Shutting down oil extraction, oil pipelines and oil refineries is making it difficult for the farmers to obtain fuels and fertilizers so they can continue growing food for the population. The governments claims that it desires to replace oil with green energy (wind and solar) for the sake of the planet, but wind and solar will result in Europeans (people living in Europe and North America) to freeze to death in the winter, and is inadequate to operate farm machinery. While the western nations shut down their economies with the bogus covid measures and by lack of oil, the Chinese are using fossil fuels in record amounts in order to grow their military to record size and power. An estimated 82% of the Canadians and Americans took the death jabs, are either dead or perishing, while Islamists and other African and Asian and Latin American “immigrants” are not required to take the jabs. I tried to warn people in 1988 that the witches were running the show, eating your children and implementing measures to destroy the world, was rewarded with years of brutal horrid torture by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists that many of you continue to think as being funny.

In the news (not the mainstream news) toxins from 36 different shellfish and venomous snakes have been found in the people who took the bullshit Covid Islamic death jabs. The respiratory illness people are suffering from is not due to a virus but from the microwaves and also from the venom and other toxins in the jabs. A reminder that the churches displayed the behavior and taught you to turn trees into decorated fertility idols, then later these same churches urged the sheep to take a jab that removed their fertility and their lives. I think that the Catholic Church pulls most of the strings and implements policies that are beneficial to Islam, other people blame the Jews, some blame white people. I think that Prince Charles is the Anti-Christ (he has been using his fabulous wealth to build mosques around the world and assist Islam in a variety of other ways, for decades), other people claim the Anti-Christ is any one of a number of other people. Whatever. The issue to me is that psychiatry is absolutely brutal, and that no matter how much any of the victims of psychiatric horror complain of the psychiatric drugs and psychiatric profession, people don’t care and continue to allow their universities to reserve seats for Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists, and many of those seats are reserved in medical schools where these pagans are taught psychiatry, and who are then allowed to practice this brutality in Canada without them even being Canadian citizens. I complained I was being tortured by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists and people laughed at me (and assaulted me further), and now allow their universities to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become psychiatrists, and now you allow these pagans to “work” (torture Canadians to death) in Canada without them even being Canadian citizens. After criticizing the pagan practices taught by the churches (and criticizing their censorship of Scriptural references to cannibalism) I lost year after year of my life to brutal horrid torture, and all people could do is laugh and continue to fly to tropical resorts and post pictures on Facebook (where the witches shopped for your children and placed orders) of themselves and their children posing beside the decorated idols there. Then Trudeau (an Islamist) interrupted your festivities and demanded you take the death jab if you wanted to work, go to school, or go to a bar, or if you wanted to celebrate your pagan holiday in the tropics. People have so little compassion for me or for any other victims of psychiatric horror that they can’t even offer to buy any one of us a measly cookie, yet will continue to tithe to the cannibals running the churches, to those people that taught them to destroy their lives with jabs and their souls with fertility idols.

In the news (not the mainstream news) we learn that a “quarantine” locks down sick people, while “tyranny” locks down all people. While the people were locked down and told to have themselves injected with snake venom and other toxins, those who rule over you worked overtime to install 5G towers, many of which were erected close to schools. The 5G towers utilize AI (artificial intelligence) to automatically target those people who indicated right-wing views (anti-Catholic, anti-Islamic and anti-immigration views) on social media and blasts them with microwave radiation when they wander near, in an effort to cause cellular damage, cancer and death. The 5G antennas are highly directional, are a weapon system designed to kill those people who they failed to murder with the toxic jabs and other bad medicine. And in the not the mainstream news, Biden (Obama tells Biden what to do and say, while Satan instructs Obama) is weaponizing government organizations that have no business to be acting in a military role, and will now seek out American patriots and have them arrested for daring to hold views that are supported by the Constitution of The United States of America.

People don’t care, just like they don’t care that some people were stripped of their rights and brutally tortured at their local universities, all they really care about is turning trees into decorated idols and singing Jingle Bells. You adopt Catholic fertility rites then you lose your fertility to toxic jabs and microwave radiation, and still you laugh and sing Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. Years of brutal horrid torture after criticizing your pagan fertility rituals, people thought it funny and assaulted me further, the jabs and the 5G microwaves are a just reward. After the Islamists take over the western nations, then the 5G microwaves will be turned off, I predict.

In the news (not the mainstream news) over 96% of the Australian population has been “vaccinated” (given the kill shot) and has set a new record for “covid” (kill shot) deaths. I guess the Chinese are poised to complete the transition, and they will be competing with Indonesia (competing with Islamists) for the continent. This is what happens to a nation that gives up its guns. Also this is what happens to a nation that turns its back on their Papuan allies and allows them to be invaded (genocided) by Indonesia with Chinese assistance. The Australians will want to flee to Canada, where they will continue with their Catholic fertility tree rituals, and will join the Canadians in laughing at the victims of psychiatric horror (they appear to be in pain and they shuffle their feet rather than walk, these are people who rarely ever smile). Anybody criticizing your blinkin’ trees deserves years of brutal psychiatric horror and deserves to be laughed at and assaulted further, especially if they are shuffling their feet and appear to be in pain.

Australians employ thousands of Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists, and psychiatric horror is not an issue to them. They are just as compassionless and ignorant as the Canadians are, and Canada is simply not in need of a great influx of additional compassionless and ignorant Catholics. The Americans take the cake, there were reports of soldiers being tortured in psychiatric facilities for decades and the so-called “patriots” allow it to slide, then, like everybody else, allows the government to reserves seats in medical schools to train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists, who then “work” in American hospitals. The psychiatric drugs are exceedingly brutal, most people die from these drugs, some kill themselves to avoid additional horror, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans, nor political parties in other countries address the issue because they benefit when they prevent people from inappropriately squeaking. You folks laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror, or ignore them, then allow an influx of Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists and train them at your universities to become brutal psychiatrists. And Trudeau allows them to “work” in Canada without them being Canadian citizens. So you continue tithing to the churches that teach you to turn trees into decorated idols, and they use that money to buy courts (and judges), schools (and pedophiles), hospitals (executioners), governments (traitors) and to train the Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists. The priests and ministers taught the sheep to turn trees into decorated idols and then they parroted their very own politicians and media and told their sheep to take a poison death jab. And as they twitch, convulse and necrotize from the toxins, their greatest desire is to attend church this winter and see the trees that blink.

You now have learned to hate Disneyland for the perverts there and for the perversions they teach, but you still love Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck because they pose beside the idols, which you love more than God’s Word. The reason Americans either voted for Obama or tolerated his presidency (past and current) is because he decorated and he posed next to your beloved trees. Anybody displaying the appropriate behavior is rewarded. Now the American patriots are waiting for Christmas 2022 so they can pose beside the many decorated idols in their communities, or will fly to distant tropical resorts and pose with the idols there. You will post pictures of your children on Facebook where the witches shop for their next meal.

Americans will vote for Republican politicians who pose for photographs beside the blinkin’ Catholic idols, for it is tradition. Likely the American Republican politicians will pose with the Catholic evergreen tree idols and not address the issue of psychiatry. If the patriots in Canada and the USA raid the hospitals and destroy the psychiatric and other deadly drugs, occupy the airports and seaports and appoint mayors and police chiefs and police officers and teachers who uphold basic human rights in Canada, or who uphold the Constitution of the United States in America, and deport the invaders, the result would likely be civil war and the Moslems who had not been detained and deported will be exploding bombs, while Charles will come with his United Nations army, while the patriots would lose the battle as they only annually enrage God when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols. You really should not allow Islamists near your food, water and medical supplies (trucking, processing, storing, preparing, serving, administering) and stop turning trees into idols… just a gentle suggestion to those who have ears.

. These recent immigrants dream of becoming union members and then working for high wages as janitors or food service providers in the psychiatric facilities and in other hospital wings. Some will become aids and assist in the sterilization of your children, again for the high union wages. Deport them, we have Treaties between the Red Aboriginals and White Europeans in Canada that do not give either of us permission to import Africans, Asians and Latin Americans. All the Islamists, the Hindus and the Sikh appeasers have to go, leave Canada, either cross the border to USA or be deported to Africa, Asia, the Middle East or to Latin America.

In the news (not the mainstream news), Trudeau is handing over many millions of dollars to Islamic organizations. The Bank of Canada prints “money” out of thin air, then the government of Canada borrows this “money” and makes Canadians pay compound interest on the unnecessary debt (nations have the right to coin their own debt-free currency). Canadians are borrowing bogus “money”, then giving it to Islamists, then paying compound interest on the unnecessary debt. While this is goink on, Canadians are being tortured to death in psychiatric facilities, and universities are training Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists, who are then allowed to “work” (torture white Canadians to death) without they themselves being Canadian citizens. The NDP came to power provincially in Saskatchewan and their first act of legislation was to remove more rights from the psychiatric abuse victims, then the Saskatchewan Party was elected and kept the NDP’s abusive legislation on the books. And people laugh and sing Jingle Bells (engage in fertility tree whoreship) and continue to support these political parties.

In the mainstream news in August 2022, the medical system is collapsing in Canada, hospitals are closing their doors and refusing to “treat” those seeking care. Nurses are in short supply, many took the jabs and either now dead or too sick to work, other nurses see the carnage caused by the gene-altering snake venom-filled syringes and are unable to cope with the influx of the vax-injured. Hopefully this will continue until the psychiatric facilities shut down. Under Trudeau people may work in Canada without being Canadian citizens, so it is likely that more people from third-world shit holes will be staffing the psychiatric wards in order to keep them open and to keep Canadians in their place. Christians are praying for peace (while at the same time are teaching the world to engage in fertility tree whoreship and are supporting the spread of Islam), they would be a more effective force if they picked up arms and forced the third-world invaders to return to Africa, Asia and Latin America. They would have to occupy the airports and enforce a no-fly zone, then peacefully bus or possibly fly the invaders to a seaport and put them on ships bound for distant shores, while guarding their own shores and borders.

Treat them nicely, don’t abuse them. Feed them along the route, give them fresh fruit and beef steaks, and baked potatoes with lots of sour cream, onions, chives, olive oil and such. Offer a variety of cheeses, including old cheddar, mozzarella and blue cheese. Offer salmon sandwiches, Greek salads with black olives and feta cheese. Make certain to provide cinnamon-raisin toast, lavishly covered with butter and honey. Provide a variety of pies for desserts along the route, offer Apple, Saskatoon Berry, Pumpkin, Rhubarb, and Lemon Meringue, together with a choice of at least two different high quality vanilla ice-creams. Make sure it is all fresh, don’t be offering sour and rubbery lemon tarts, and make an effort to heat the apple pies. Make their deportation a pleasant experience. I can imagine how this will play out, the Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus would travel together and sit next to one another. They will say things like, “Excuse me young man, would you please be so kind as to provide me with some extra sour cream for my baked potatoe?” And, “Exuse me young woman, would you please be so kind as to cook my steak to medium rare?” By the time they arrive to Karachi and Mumbai, they will be satiated and fully rested, ready to tell of their varied experiences in the New World and their pleasant journey home.

It is an error to allow Islamists into Canada, here they are engaged in rapes and other brutal crimes, and then have the audacity to stand in front of inner-city mosques and make dress-code demands of the non-Islamic women walking by. Studies show over and over that as they increase their percentage of the population, that they make increasing demands upon the invaded nations. For centuries Islamists prided themselves in their knowledge of herbs, they are skilled in using herbs to reduce the fertility of the non-believers, but now the Islamists are adding snake venom to the mixture. Some 80% or more of the white European Canadians and the native American Indians took the jab that will take their lives, soon you will have few patriots and warriors left to pick up arms and halt the invasion.

Christian prayer is not stopping the invasion, Christians are praying to the god of the evergreen tree fertility idols and to a version of Jesus that is too young to speak and rebuke their pagan rituals, and many of them purchase Halal certified foods and so directly help fund the spread of Islam. Christians laughed at me and assaulted me when I attempted to inform them that Scripture condemns their evergreen tree idols, other Christians hear about it and smugly sit back waiting for their next round of pagan winter festivities. Their churches are phallic-capped, their churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, their churches are run by pedophiles and cannibals. The psychiatric torture was brutal, absolutely horrendous, but the mainstream Christians should not fear psychiatry as they are not being persecuted, they are more likely to phone the police on other Christians who quote unpleasant Scripture, and more likely to work in some psychiatric support role in order to experience financial gain where they will help turn a tree into a blinkin’ idol. Decorate your fertility tree idols with tinfoil, tell the opposition they are wearing a tinfoil hat, hold them down while the nurse comes with their psychiatric needle, then willingly take bullshit covid injections that remove your fertility and your lives. They turn trees into decorated idols then claim their prayers are oh-so-powerful. God proclaims in Scripture that He is enraged when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols. He cares little which particular fertility cult occupies this land. You have miniature Egyptian penises on the roofs of your churches and on the very tops of your blinkin’ evergreen tree idols. Those who pray to Mary are praying to the dead and are engaging in necromancy, Jesus did not agree with the woman who believed His mother was blessed. The prayers of the righteous have great power, it is not righteousness when you merge pagan fertility rites in with your Christian worship. Christians voted for Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and cannibal) after they saw photos of him posing with the blinkin’ fertility tree idols, they simply adored him and thought he shared in their values.

In the news (not the mainstream news), Obama (an Islamist, he tells Biden what to do and say, while Obama has a direct connection to Satan) is provoking an American civil war, in order to impose martial law and cancel the next elections, and so that there is an excuse for the United Nations (Islamic) army to come to America and disarm Americans, so they can be later beheaded or killed in some other manner. Charles (an Islamist and is the Anti-Christ) is the head of the United Nations (Islamic) army, he has been using his fabulous wealth to build mosques and otherwise fund the expansion of Islam into western nations, for decades. The Chinese may also come to America on a peace-keeping (taking people’s guns away) mission. It is suggested that Biden (Obama) will order the American military to stand down while the Chinese unload their troops, tanks and artillery along the west coast. To the north, Canada is ruled by an Islamist who raped a little girl than paid her money to shut up about it, Trudeau (Islamic pedophile) thinks the Chinese (communist) system is simply fabulous, and so the Canadian military will also be ordered to stand down while the Chinese unload their tanks, trucks, robots and artillery.

Some of the victims of psychiatric torture were able to eventually break free of the evil psychiatric system and live free of the drugs, but they lived their final years horrified by the drugs, they were eternally tormented by the drugs and by the compassionlessness of their neighbors who were unwilling to lift a finger to get them out of the psychiatric system. The drugs make one very disturbed, think, act and talk disturbed, the pre-psychiatric years the victim experiences no longer matters, it is all now about what the psychiatrist has done to them and continues to do to them, or threatens to do to them again if they do not comply to the order. Psychiatrist Dr. Gene Marcoux, self-proclaimed expert in religious delusions, said my posters were crazy and if he ever catches me placing additional posters in Saskatoon, that he would have me returned to him for further treatment. The psychiatric treatment was horrendous, I am horrified even more by the people who allow it to occur and laugh about it and abuse the victim further, so now when the Chinese and The Anti-Christ (Charles and his UN army) invade, all I can do is laugh at your calamity. I think that Canadians should have been assisting any and all psychiatric abuse victims by spiriting them out of the country and giving them a holiday, rather than spend billions of dollars annually turning trees into decorated idols. In my case, it was criticizing the evergreen trees and other pagan fertility rites pushed by your churches that resulted in my repeated arrest and torture. Now your preachers not only teach you to turn trees into idols, they told you to take a jab that is sure to cause sterility and take your life, your vaginas and other body parts may necrotize before you perish, and still your greatest desire is to tithe to your phallic-capped evergreen tree fertility churches.

In the news (not the mainstream news) 5 employees at the Superstore in Mission British Columbia Canada dropped dead on August 7th 2002, they closed the store for the day after the 5th person died. All the dead were vaccinated. This means that those who did not die from the bullshit covid jab will buy larger trees and decorate them to greater degrees, and will phone the police on me if I dare inform them that Scripture condemns turning trees into decorated idols, that nothing in the Bible supports the idea that they should pray to Mary, and that Scripture repeatedly indicates that witches are eating people. The surviving employees will volunteer to decorate the store’s pagan symbols of fertility and will abundantly tithe to the churches displaying the pagan idols… they will tithe to the priests and ministers who parroted the media and who parroted the politicians, priests and ministers who strongly urged the sheep to take the death jabs, they will tithe to the priests and ministers who ram their penises up your children’s arseholes and who teach your children to do the same. They will laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror and then take injections that will cause them to necrotize, and while necrotizing they will cover their ignorant faces with masks while claiming to know the truth. All I can do is cry out to God against the rest of the employees of the Superstores across the nation, and laugh at your calamity (Proverbs 1:24-26).

It is written in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix on August 17th 2022 that hospitals are closing their doors to new victims, and are claiming the Covid-19 outbreak as being responsible. But there is no pandemic, the beds are not being occupied by people who caught a cold, the people laying in the hospital beds are there due to vaccine injury, they have had their immune systems destroyed by the jabs. Even psychiatric units are shutting down due to the lack of staffing… the psychiatric nurses are either sick at home due to vaccine injury, or are in the hospital beds due to vaccine injury, or are dead due to vaccine injury, or have realized that they are torturing and killing people due to those people expressing conflicting religious and political views and decided to quit. Still, the psychiatric wards are closing down too slowly, and there is an influx of Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists who desire to work there and keep them open, we will still have to force an end to psychiatry and deport the Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists, all of them, the red and white Canadian treaties do not give us permission to import these fertility cults.

I complained to a psychiatric nurse that the psychiatric medications were making me nauseous, made my hair fall out, made my skin hard and dry, made my jaw lock open, made my tongue and lips turn into hard leather, made my brain pound in unbearable pain, and she just laughed and told me it was my own damn fault for not drinking enough water. Forcing psychiatric drugs upon people is a crime against humanity, the employees are at risk of bring hung.

I think that the vast majority of those people who adopt the Catholic fertility rites and turn trees into decorated idols, and make decorative wreaths from the branches of evergreen trees and place them on the graves of the war dead, and who bend down to Egyptian penises and place the decorative wreaths at the base of the dinks, and who place miniature Egyptian penises on the very tops of their decorated trees, and those who attend churches that are capped with miniature Egyptian penises, are the same people who took the death jabs. The more likely you are to post photographs on social media of your kids posing beside the pagan idols, the more likely you are to allow your kids to be injected with the bullshit covid death jabs. But do not fret, you are not alone, not just the pope but all the Disney characters pose beside the blinkin’ trees as well, you are in good company.

In the news (not the mainstream news) Americans are entering into civil war and are doink so without consulting God. If you read Scripture you will see that God is enraged when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols. Americans loved Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) because they thought he shared their values when they saw the photographs he published showing himself posing with evergreen trees turned into blinkin’ symbols of fertility. The Americans, the Christians among them included, assumed he was one of them, for they all embrace the blinkin’ fertility tree idols. Then they loved Trump as well, in part because he similarly poses with the pagan idols. Different aspects of the winter festivities together are in direct violation of God’s First Three Commandments. The left and the right are united in turning trees into decorated idols. The Islamists don’t turn trees into decorated idols, just the Islamic leaders such as Obama do it, they do it in order to appear non-threatening to the non-Islamists in order to obtain their votes, and in order gain compliance to their governments. Turning trees into decorated idols is a religious activity, when Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) poses with the pagan fertility tree idols, he is given a pass because he shares in America’s main religious activity. During the first World War the opposing armies took time out from their battles, displayed the pagan idols and sang Jingle Bells together, and so it is likely that during America’s upcoming civil war there will be attempts to stop the fighting on December 25th so that the opposing armies can join together and wallow in their pagan filth. At a cost of many millions of dollars they have me repeatedly arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities when I pointed out their pagan rituals are in opposition to God’s Commandments (and when I pointed out their churches were censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism), now they will collectively spend everything they ever worked for and destroy everything they ever built in order to get Obama or Trump to rule over them and stand proudly with their pagan idols. Scripture dothn’t proclaim that God is enraged when He sees witches such as Obama rape, kill and eat your children, instead Scripture proclaims He is enraged when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols. So post pictures on Facebook (where the witches shop for your children) of you and your children posing with the pagan fertility idols and off you go to war. Maybe your leaders will erect some new Egyptian obelisks (representations of penises) to commemorate the upcoming deaths. You may have a statue made of your likeness standing upon an Egyptian dink and people will come and place decorated wreaths (pagan symbols of fertility) next to the penis your statue stands upon. Good for you, I sure hope you win!!!

In the news (not the mainstream news), doctors in Canada are encouraging the poor and the sick to kill themselves and are assisting them in their suicides. Doctors assisted 10,064 Canadians to die in 2021, which is a 32% increase from the previous year. In Europe the cost of natural gas is increasing some 8 times over, this together with the increased cost of food is resulting in people starving, and they will be freezing to death this fall and winter. The politicians continue to claim there is a climate emergency and are targeting the farmers and reducing their ability to plant, fertilize and harvest their crops. About a thousand Islamists are crossing the channel daily from France and invading Britain, they are mainly males of fighting age, they are placed into warm hotels and provided with money. Scotland is cutting down 14 million trees to make way for wind turbines. Hundred-year-old trees are being cut down in America, turned into wood pellets and shipped across the ocean to Europe. American tax payers are now forced to pay off the student loans for the Democrats (communists) who were taught bullshit university programs, while the universities are allowed to keep the money they earned from teaching the bullshit (and from having people tortured to death in their psychiatric facilities). The universities programs that result in jobs have their seats reserved for foreign students (Islamists), who remain in western nations after completing their schooling. White British people are being beaten, stabbed and killed, the police have no funds to investigate the crimes and are instead using their time to dance in public with the homosexuals. Entire cities in Britain have been transformed into Third World shitholes, there are very few white people to be seen, and those people who speak of the great replacement are troublemakers, they are racists. Southern Sweden is no longer a place that one would want to visit. Millions have already died from the jabs, others are too sick to work, now Saskatchewan is short of workers and seeks to import replacements from around the world, as doth other western provinces, states and nations. Still people are being paid not to work, even non-Canadians who were unable to obtain employment in Canada were provided with huge benefits by Trudeau. The Koran commands their flock to conduct immigration jihad, they use immigration to take over nations, and Trudeau and Obama, the Islamic leaders of Canada and the USA, are therefore obligated to implement policies that benefit immigration jihad.

The mothers and others took their bullshit Islamic covid death jabs by choice while the victims of psychiatric horror had absolutely horrid injections forced upon them. The mothers turned trees into decorated idols while I and other Christians were brutally tortured in psychiatric facilities as a reward for criticizing your churches teaching pagan idolatry rather than God's Commandments. The mothers and others laughed at the victims of psychiatric horror, told them that they were wearing tinfoil hats and to go take a pill, then they draped copious quantities of tinfoil on their blinkin' trees. The mothers and others flew to tropical resorts, posed with their children next to the blinkin' idols over there, then posted those photos of their children on Facebook, where the witches shop for your children. The witches search Facebook for a child that appeals to him or her, they place an order, the child is abducted, delivered, raped, tortured, killed and eaten. Some Christians tried to warn the mothers and others that the same churches that were teaching them to bow to blinkin' trees were also censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism. Now as the mothers necrotize from the bullshit Islamic covid death jabs, their vaginas are rotting, they smell like death before they die. And still their greatest desire is to survive until “Christmas” (not His Mass, it is the use of God’s Name in vain) so they can attend various churches and see the trees that blink.

The mothers and others also like to place decorated boughs made from the branches of evergreen trees upon the graves of the war dead, they push their Catholic fertility rites upon the dead soldiers, they use the dead soldiers as tools to push their pagan beliefs upon others. They make statues of soldiers and place them directly on top of or next to Egyptian penises, then bow to these pagan phalluses when they place their presents (decorated evergreen tree boughs, aka pagan idols) at the base of the dinks. They attend and tithe to churches that are capped with miniature Egyptian penises, and the clergy there teaches them to cap their blinkin’ evergreen trees with an Egyptian dink as well. When they hear about it, then they phone the police on me. The psychiatric drugs are a real horror show, now you God-damned Catholic necrotizing assholes can experience a little horror of your own. Just as you people think it hilarious that I get repeatedly arrested and tortured by predominantly Hindu psychiatrists, I think that the deaths of your children and other family members is equally hilarious. I lost year after year after year of my life to brutal horrid psychiatric torture, I begged for assistance to flee the horror and all you pagan pricks could do is laugh and assault me further. There wasn’t a single one of you with so much compassion in your hearts that you would even attempt to make up the loss of years of my life to this brutal horrid torture by buying me a simple single holiday to anywhere, let alone a cookie. Well good for you, I sure hope you win!!!

See the similarity… those taking their jabs attribute their illnesses to anything other than the jabs, while those societies who turn trees into decorated idols attribute their downfall to anything other than turning trees into decorated idols, the more impoverished they and their nations become, the greater desire they have to embrace the pagan idolatry and sing Jingle Bells.

In the news there was a mass murder that took place centered at the James Smith First Nation here in Saskatchewan Canada. This reserve is sitting upon a vast fortune of diamonds, each and every single member was set to be paid $46.89 each and every single year ($160,000 annually spread over 3,412 members), as long as the sun shines, the winds blow and them rivers flow. Now with the loss of eleven members of their tribe, the surviving band members are set to obtain $47.04 annually (an additional 15 cents for each and everyone). All they have to do is allow their traditional hunting grounds to be decimated before they obtain the annual cheques.

The big-nosed Cree are like the rest of us in that they are paid in paper certificates that are made out of thin air that the government then borrows and pays compound interest on. The garbage so-called money is printed and distributed, and is first and foremost given back to the banks as these banks are charging us the compound interest, and other so-called money is handed out by our Islamic Canadian and Islamic American governments to Islamic nations located on the other side of the planet, and also freely given out to Islamists now living in Canada and the USA, who are all competing with the red and the white for the goods and services. Some people work for their food and shelter, the costs of which are increasing as there is more competition for these limited resources while at the same time an increased flood of so-called money was distributed. The banks are eager to inflate the money supply as they are collecting the compound interest on it. The banks create money out of thin air and charge interest on it, but they do not print the money required to pay that interest, so people at all economic levels compete furiously for that paper money so they can pay income tax, and pay taxes on their land and on the goods they consume, and so they can support themselves, and you end up with gangs on reserves selling drugs for money. Trudeau created the carbon tax so that this carbon tax money would be rebated back to the largest families, to those who consume the most energy, to the Islamic families with multiple wives. And you end up with Cree people buying drugs from Islamists and selling it on reserves and in the cities, and you end up with other aboriginal Indians handing out favours to their friends and relatives, even giving away quarter sections of land which is farmed with the grain sent to China. People are competing for bogus money and are prevented from mining gold (real money), in many places are only allowed to dig down a few feet, as the gold belongs to the crown, to Islamic King Charles, and he needs the gold to help him fund Islam for he is the defender of their faith. His mom did a real bang up job too in changing Britain from being white Christian to Asian and African Moslem. The more Elizabeth posed with the evergreen tree idols, the more the nations under her suffered under Islamic immigration, and the more her son Charles funded Islamic expansion.

Anyway, some 82% of Canadians took the bullshit covid death jab, if the James Smith band members did so as well, then the $160,000 annual diamond payment will be handed out to just 614 people (everybody else at the James Smith reserve will perish from the covid death jabs), and these 614 survivors would be getting about $260 each. That is an annual payment of $260, having cash like that would make the surviving James Smith band members more eligible to become marriageable, they would no longer have to flip-flop between traditional aboriginal and Catholic beliefs depending whom they are trying to fuck on any particular day. Regardless if they profess to hold traditional aboriginal beliefs or if they profess to be Christians, they will all be abiding by Catholic traditions when they turn the trees into decorated idols. They turn evergreen trees into always green decorated fertility tree idols that they bow to when they place and retrieve presents at the base of the blinkin’ trees, then took injections that removed their fertility and their lives. The Indians are poised to turn their traditional hunting grounds into a big hole, when the diamonds are gone the wildlife will fall into the big hole where they will be slaughtered and everyone will eat and be happy. And that $260 they can use to buy some clean bottled water or some more beer, or continue to buy illegal drugs at wholesale prices from Sihks and Islamists.

I don’t dare to place another poster in Saskatoon to attempt to warn you about any of the issues I raise, as Dr. Marcoux warned me that my posters are crazy and if he ever hears of me placing another poster in Saskatoon he will have me returned to him for another round of “treatment” (brutal horrid torture). Jesus gives me the ability to withstand the horror of the “treatments”, but the greater horror that I haven’t quite come to grips with is people slandering and libeling and laughing at me and robbing me and assaulting me when I complain of the brutal horrid torture… the best way I found to deal with this is to cry out to Jesus and request that He honours His assorted promises and terminates your lives and the lives of your children. Sometimes storms result that ends up turning entire neighborhoods into kindling. But this is fair, you spend millions of dollars making me a home in a psychiatric ward and you laugh about it, so you can afford to lose billions of dollars in losses as a result of the storms. Just as you think it hilarious that I get stripped of my rights and brutally tortured for years, I think the storms that destroy your homes are equally hilarious. Remember to tell me that I am wearing a tinfoil hat and to take a pill, while you upload pictures of your children posing beside the blinkin’ trees onto social media, where the witches shop for their next meal. I can’t put any posters up onto the city electrical posts, but I can still cry, the problem is that I am crying out to God against you. And now you lose your nations to Islamists but you don’t care as long as you are free to turn your churches, homes, schools, shopping malls and entire cities into blinkin’ temples full of evergreen tree fertility idols. You people are exceedingly cruel to me, you deserve the loss of your children, homes and nations. I wish to suggest that the readers take a special interest in the affairs of the psychiatrists in their communities before these readers too are stripped of their rights for daring to speak, as the drugs the psychiatrists administer are exceedingly painful and damaging. The psychiatric drugs forced upon me were an absolute horror show, and all people could do for me is laugh at me, then they willingly took injections that are sure to kill them. Most of you took the injections and lost your fertility, some of you are now necrotizing and stink like death before you die, and still you turn trees into decorated idols, tithe to cannibals and laugh at me and at the other victims of psychiatric horror.

I spoke out against the pagan traditions in your false churches in 1988 and was stripped of my rights and brutally tortured for years. All people could do is laugh, libel me and assault me further. First a police officer told me that I was under arrest under the Mental Health Act, then tortured. After my release a police officer told me “You have a history of mental illness, you are under arrest,” then again later police officers said “You have a long term history of mental illness, you are under arrest.” I was being repeatedly arrested and tortured, the excuse given was that they did it to me previously. I lost year after year after year to brutal horrid torture, I lost subsequent years living in utter fear of another arrest and round of torture, I begged in vain for assistance to flee the country and people are so cheap and ignorant that they can’t even find it in their hearts to buy me a simple single holiday to anywhere in a feeble attempt to make up the loss of years of my life, let alone a cookie!!! You folks made me a home in a psychiatric ward then you spend billions of dollars annually decorating your own homes with blinkin’ Catholic fertility trees, then you fly to resorts and post pictures on Facebook (where the witches shop for children) of you and your family members posing in front of the decorated idols. You employed Hindus to torture me for years, then you laughed and trained Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists at our western universities, then allowed them to “work” in Canada without being Canadian citizens. Decade after decade you treated my Doukhobor ancestors in an utterly disgusting manner and stole their land, and then believed yourselves to be so rich that you could import Islamists and Africans and Asians from the Third World and buy them all new houses!!! The Bible proclaims that you will be spread out like dung over the surface of the earth and you Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers truly deserve it!!! Send your kids to school for their infertility-death shots, make sure they get a “booster” as well. You are compassionless to the victims of psychiatric horror and allow not just psychiatry, but communism and Islam to multiply and thrive. Those that did not laugh did not care.

The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands nor give up worshipping demons and idols of gold and silver and bronze and stone and wood which cannot either see or hear or walk; nor did they repent of their murders or their sorceries or their immorality or their thefts (Revelation 9:20-21 RSV). Those who did not die did not repent.

So the story went that The People of The Jingle Bells came from Europe and taught the Big-Nosed Cree their ways. Then together they sang Jingle Bells, jingle all the way. -The End

Using Science:

The priests of fish-god Dagon would dress up as fish and turn evergreen trees into decorated idols, the relationship being that the fish is seen as a symbol of fertility as some fish lay great multitudes of eggs while the evergreen tree is viewed as being a symbol of fertility due to remaining green throughout the year. Today the followers of fish-god Dagon continue to embrace these fertility rites but are losing their fertility, and risk losing their nations. Why?

Maybe they are failing to decorate large enough trees, or maybe they are not using enough decorations for their trees, or maybe they are not decorating enough trees. Perhaps they are getting their trees to blink at the wrong frequency. Or perhaps they are using too many blinkin’ red lights and not enough blinkin’ blue lights, or blinkin’ lights of other colors. Maybe they are not covering their idols with enough tinfoil. The ancient Egyptians worshipped the penis and made obelisks, which are representations of penises, which they bowed to, as the penis is seen as another symbol of fertility. So of course people make miniature obelisks (representations of penises) and call them steeples and place these dinks on the roofs of their churches, yet still they lose their fertility, and risk losing their nations. Even when they place miniature Egyptian dinks on the very top of their blinkin’ evergreen trees they continue to lose their children and lose their fertility, and continue to risk losing their nations. Why?

Maybe they are not showing proper reverence to their blinkin’ trees. Maybe if people would cap their blinkin’ trees with miniature Egyptian penises that are golden then they would receive the blessings. It is written in Scripture that God is enraged when He sees people turn trees into blinkin’ idols, perhaps He is only enraged because the Egyptian penises on the very top of the trees are not golden, or maybe because people entirely failed to place an Egyptian penis on the top of the tree, or maybe because the trees are blinkin’ at the wrong frequency. Or maybe the sheep are failing to dress up as fish when they decorate their trees.

Using science we can restore our fertility and restore our nations, we can dress up like fish and systematically try different frequencies and different colors of blinkin’ lights. And we can insure that the subject is approached with reverence by preventing people from mocking our traditions. Those who dare to criticize our blinkin’ trees can go to hell, but first we can get Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists to torture them before we send them to hell. We will save our nations and restore our fertility by using science!!!

Symbols of Fertility:

Hitler was an artist, he was able to pump out perhaps three works of art a day. Some days Adolf sat around uninspired, wandering the streets of Vienna looking for inspiration, other days he could produce perhaps a dozen works of art, resulting in perhaps an average of three works of fine art a day.

Hitler loved having evergreen trees turned into blinkin’ idols, and so much of his artistic work featured images of decorated trees. Hitler soon learned to hate the Jews, it was because they would not buy his crappy art, and turning trees into decorated idols was contrary to their teachings to begin with. Then Adolf was refused admission into art school and again blamed the Jews. At about this time Adolf was being accosted by bulbous women who paid him but a trifle to paint their overflowing images onto canvas. Painting the bulbous fat-assed women, who weighed perhaps up to six times the average woman’s weight clearly traumatized Hitler, who was already facing discrimination from the Jews. Poor Hitler.

The fat-assed women saw themselves as symbols of fertility, they would fly to Africa and the Caribbean to have sex with the black men at the beach resorts there, while insisting that their airfare be equal to that of women who were a sixth of their weight. Their enormity required that they occupy two seats on the aircraft on their frequent trips to Africa and to the Caribbean, and then would only pay Hitler a small trifle of copper coins for his artistical labor in Vienna. Clearly Hitler was traumatized by these bulbous women, resulting in World War Two.

Hitler went on to murder millions of people who did not appreciate his blinkin’ trees. Stalin killed a few million as well. But the numbers of people killed by Stalin and Hitler will be dwarfed by the numbers of people killed by taking the death jabs. Obama is a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, he rules America and tells Biden what to say and do. Obama and Trudeau are both Islamists, both demand you take the Islamic death jabs. Over 80% of the white and aboriginal Indian residents of Canada and USA are now shedding toxins contained in the Islamic death jabs and nasal swabs, are rendered infertile, their sperm and eggs are toxic, they have AIDS - their immune systems barely function, they are developing cancers and are suddenly dropping dead… Obama and Trudeau have slaughtered more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. Both Trudeau and Obama are great military leaders who managed (with their witch jabs and their nasal swabs and toxic medical care) to kill over 80% of their enemies without ever firing a single shot. Trudeau is a great and fearless military leader, not a fool at all.


You are united under the banner of Catholicism as you all turn trees into decorated idols, it is a Catholic fertility rite. You defend your Catholic fertility rites with brutal horrid psychiatric torture. I am not uniting with that. Your Catholicism is a stumbling block to others, rather than pushing these Catholic beliefs on others, it is best that you perish.

Your CIA funded the development of the horrid psychiatric drugs and killed many in Saskatoon and in other Canadian cities. You people have no shame, you spend billions of dollars annually turning your churches, homes, schools, shopping malls and entire cities into blinkin' temples of fertility, and then you cover the graves of your war dead with the decorated Catholic evergreen idolatry, you spend millions of dollar having each individual tortured to death in psychiatric facilities and then you laugh at the victims of psychiatric horror!!! Different aspects of your Catholic fertility rites are in opposition to God’s First Three Commandments, those who indicate such are mocked, if they continue to speak out in defense of God’s Commandments they are then laughed at, then the abuse is escalated and they are shunned and removed from the churches, and then eventually arrested and tortured under the Mental Health Act for daring to speak out against Catholicism. Most individuals defend turning trees into decorated idols by first mocking the messenger and exclaiming that the individual is wearing a tinfoil hat, and then this abuse is escalated and the messenger is told to take a pill. The Catholic churches censor Scriptural references to cannibalism, and the Catholics will phone the police on you if you mention that their churches are censoring the Scriptural references to cannibalism, and then the Catholic judges and Catholic police work together to arrest the individual for quoting unpleasant Scripture. Cannibalism is another Catholic fertility rite as the cannibals believe they can extend their lives and virility by eating children. The Catholics train and employ Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to become brutal psychiatrists at our western universities, and in Canada Trudeau allows them to work (torture Canadians to death) without them being Canadian citizens. God dothn't care which particular pagan fertility cult rules over America. God saw that westerners embrace pagan fertility rites, and saw that they defend their pagan fertility rites with brutal violence, and allowed them to take the death jabs. Islam is the major benefactor of the jabs as when the westerners die, the Islamists will take over your nations. The women will face the greatest horrors, in the Islamic system they do not have to pay women for their labor and most women (and children) will simply become sex slaves. I encourage all you Catholics to take a jab that removes your fertility and your lives. I begged in vain for assistance to flee the country and all you people could do for me is laugh at me and assault me further, or otherwise just ignore the plight of the victims of psychiatry. Good for you, I sure hope you win!!!

Cannibal Clergy:

It starts with the churches teaching you to turn trees into decorated idols, if one was to question this teaching at the church, the individual will be mocked. If mocking is insufficient to shut the parishioner up, then the individual will be laughed at and be made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, and that will quickly escalate to shunning the individual and banning him or her from the church entirely. Remain vocal and face assaults, libel, slander, arrest and torture in psychiatric facilities, especially if you are adamant that the churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism and that there are cannibals running the churches and other institutions. The Protestant churches were co-opted by the Catholic Church and assists that church to teach you to turn trees into decorated idols. Your Catholic church employs Hindu, Sikh and Islamic psychiatrists to torture people to death when they criticize their various churches and other institutions they own.

But to the average North American, evergreen tree fertility idols (and psychiatric horror) is not an issue, and they happily honor the trees by decorating them, and they bow to the trees when placing presents at the base of the trees. Even though they do not attend church, they like to see the steeples (Egyptian penises) capping the roofs of the churches. They like to see the blinkin’ evergreen tree fertility idols gracing the church properties and then respond by turning their own homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility. When Catholics stick statues of soldiers on top of or directly next to Egyptian obelisks (representations of penises), Americans follow behind and bow down to the base of these Egyptian dink when they place their pagan idols there.

In all your wisdom you decorate these monuments and the graves of your war dead with branches from evergreen trees turned into decorative wreaths, they are pagan symbols of fertility. God proclaims in Scripture that He is enraged when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols. Scripture doth NOT proclaim that God is enraged when He sees cannibals rape, kill and eat your children, just when He sees you arseholes turn trees into decorated idols.

The end result of embracing these pagan fertility rites is that you now get to lose your nations to members of alternative fertility cults. You also lose your children... you honored pagan crap and then allowed Satanists to inject you and your children with concoctions that made you infertile and necrotize (rot). The witches running the churches taught you to turn trees into decorated idols, then these witches preached from the pulpits and parroted “their” media and demanded you to take a jab that causes sterility and is sure to take your life. And while you twitch and convulse and necrotize from the jabs, you still desire to tithe to your executioners. Well good for you, I sure hope you win.

Tolerance and Trees:

You tolerate Obama's destruction of the USA because Obama (a homosexual Indonesian Islamist, pedophile and a cannibal) posed with your evergreen tree idols, you love your evergreen tree idols more than the Word of God. Those who voted for him loved the decorated evergreen tree idols dearly, those that did not vote for him still loved his decorated evergreen tree idols, dearly. When I spoke out against the idols in 1988 (and pointed out that the churches were censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism) I was mocked, shunned, arrested, tortured, and people said I was wearing a tinfoil hat while they decorated their trees with tinfoil, and they laughed and laughed. They made me a home in psychiatric ward at a cost of many millions of dollars, then they spent billions of dollars giving free homes to Islamists.

All you could do is laugh, now all I can do is cry out to God against you while simultaneously laughing at you (Proverbs 1:26 RSV). You had brutal psychiatrists torturing me for years and all you Mary, monkey, sun, tree and penis whoreshippers could do is laugh at me. Americans funded the CIA who developed, tested and "treated" people to these horrid drugs at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, then other patriotic Americans stop briefly in Saskatoon but only in order to catch a connecting flight to the north so they may hunt and fish. They love to go up north and see the evergreen trees, which they idolize in the winter. They also make decorative wreaths from the branches of evergreen trees (pagan idols) and use these year around to decorate the graves of the fallen soldiers, they push their Catholic beliefs upon the fallen and use the dead soldiers to promote their Catholic faith. They stick statues of soldiers next to or directly on top of Egyptian penises, then they bow to these dinks when they place their decorative idols at the base of these Egyptian penises. They place their symbols of fertility at the base of the Egyptian penis, another symbol of fertility.

Rather than assist me to end psychiatry and the forced administration of the brutal drugs, people sang Jingle Bells and had themselves injected with snake venom and a myriad of other toxins. They laughed at me when I convulsed in horror, similarly that is now what I offer you as you convulse in horror from the venoms and other toxins you willingly chose to inject. You people embrace Catholic fertility rites, that makes you Catholics. Even the atheists among you adopt the Catholic fertility tree rituals and so have become Catholics as well. You (Canadians and Americans) spent millions having me tortured for years, then annually you spend billions turning your churches, schools, homes, shopping malls and entire cities into blinkin’ temples of fertility, and you think it is funny!!! Well good for you, I sure hope you win!!!

Bible Versions:

The Revised Standard Version (RSV), New King James Version (NKJV), the New American Standard Bible (NASB) are three Bibles that are worth your time to read. Compare some of the poetry in Ecclesiastes between these versions and see which sounds the most polished to you. My suggestion is that you own your own Bible, purchase a King James Version Bible (KJV) and also one or more of the RSV, NKJV and NASB.

Or get a parallel Bible that combines the King James Version together with one of these other three versions. Or seek to obtain a parallel Bible that contains all four Bibles … KJV, NKJV, RSV and NASB. I’d buy a copy if they published one.

Another parallel Bible I wish was published would combine the Revised Version (RV 1881-1885), with the American Standard Version (ASV 1900-1901), with the Revised Standard Version (RSV 1946-1952) and with the New American Standard Bible (NASB 1963-1971). I’d be thrilled if somebody published such a parallel Bible, I’d buy one for myself and at least one as a gift.

Ghosts are not real, I do not appreciate hearing God's Holy Spirit being referred to as a Holy Ghost (or to the holy spirit) but each to their own... overall I like the Revised Standard Version (RSV), it is clear and written eloquently, more eloquently than perhaps any other Bible, yet it has problems (it dothn’t capitalize Diety pronouns for example). I prefer reading from the RSV and consider it overall better than the KJV, RV, ASV, NASB or the NKJV. A parallel Bible containing all six versions would be very nice.

Some of the Bible versions are very corrupt and contain many purposeful errors, such as The Good News Bible (GNB), the New International Version (NIV), and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), they are not only corrupted but the versions lack eloquence, the words do not flow. Doth your version of the Bible have Jesus strongly disagreeing with the woman over the issue of His mother being blessed? Or doth your Bible have Jesus in full or partial agreement with the old woman? (Luke 11:28)

I personally would not purchase a parallel Bible that contains any one of these three trashy versions (GNB, NIV and NRSV). May you come to an understanding that God and Satan and witches and angels are real while ghosts are not…. the dead are asleep and know nothing. Consider reading the Bible, and a reputable version of it as well. If you desire, spend a few weeks doing comparison studies between these nine versions of Bibles, if you are serious in your study you should find that the three I mention here (GNB, NIV and NRSV) are purposely corrupted, they are evil. There are other versions of Bibles as bad as these three, but I mention these three as they are often accepted as legitimate. Funny that no matter which version of Bible people read from, they continue to turn trees into decorated idols and tithe to churches that push traditions that are in direct conflict with God’s Commandments.


About twenty or so years ago I had a dream of Saskatoon. I was on the west side of the 400 block of Second Avenue North, it was summer (or at least there was no snow), the street was deserted, there was no life at all, no indication that there was any life at all in the entire city, there were neither people nor animals present. The few cars on the street were neatly parked, none of the cars nor building were damaged in any way. I looked through the front window of a business at #3-411 Second Avenue North, it was a small Asian restaurant and contained rows of corpses covered in clean white sheets. Everything, all the cars parked on the street and this restaurant were neat and tidy, I imagine all the other businesses and houses in the city were in similar tidy order. This means that if I were mayor of Saskatoon I wouldn’t have any constituents and nobody would have to bother building up a supply of food reserves. There wouldn’t be anybody to complain about the bike lanes, wouldn’t be anybody advocating for new bike lanes, there wouldn’t be anybody riding bicycles. Then after a period of inactivity the streets of Saskatoon will be full of Chinese people riding bicycles, I predict (I am not a prophet, I’m probably wrong, and this is but my best guess).

About the same time I had a dream of a sickly elderly bedridden white woman, her narrow bed was attached to a wall in the stairwell located between the first and second floors of a house converted to suites, it was at 518 12th Street East, near Five Corners in Saskatoon. People had to squeeze by her when they walked up and down the stairs. If I were to become mayor of Saskatoon I would see a shortage of hospital beds, and would remind my constituents that they spent many millions of dollars having me tortured for years at The Royal University Hospital and at Saskatoon City Hospital. And I’d suggest they go and buy themselves some toilet paper and encourage them to try to manage their money a bit better. That is my interpretation of the dream.

And about the same time I dreamt of a tiny viper in the kitchen, because it was so small nobody thought the snake to be a threat. The snake fled under the refrigerator and was temporarily forgotten. Soon after many dozens of vipers poured out from under the refrigerator and filled the home. Sounds like God wants us to purchase new refrigerators that sit flat on the floor so there is no room for vermin to crawl under. Whatever the dream means, it can’t be any worse than Islamists having you injected with so-called vaccines that contain snake venom, so not to worry.

I dreamt of four horses jumping east over vehicles parked on the road and landing upon Sam’s front lawn, they turned around and jumped over the vehicles again and headed back to the west, except for one horse that stumbled when it tried to jump back over the vehicle the second time and stayed behind with me at Sam’s house. Maybe that horse knew there were snakes under the refrigerator, or likely it sensed some other horror in the house. This is exceedingly bad news for you as Jesus gave me a horse. I think I’ll call it Stomper, he or she is invisible to all but me. Only saw the horse once, it was at night on the front lawn, and I never saw the colour.

For the first 32 or 33 years of my life I dreamt in black and white, then one night I dreamt of the bright yellow front cover of the B-52’s record album. There is something special with the color yellow, haven’t figured it out yet.


I experienced a vision in April 1988 and again on May 31st 1988, it was only after I became 100% convinced of the truth of Scripture and 100% convinced of the existence of God, did He (Jesus) then show me such miracles. In April the vision involved clouds interacting with stars and then in May the clouds interacted with the full blue moon. In April the clouds simultaneously parted into perhaps seven circular openings of equal size, revealing a bright star in the center of each circular opening, I was unable to count the quantity of openings nor record the exact date. On May 31st 1988 the clouds symmetrically covered the left and right sides of the moon (three times, identically, in fairly quick succession), making the visible part of the moon appear to be in the shape of a mushroom. Later in the summer of 1989 the clouds formed the shape of an eagle that spread out to about a mile in size and scared a flock of pigeons. I had a female Siamese sealpoint runt that liked to ride on my shoulder (we were quite fond of each other), she was removed from me when I was “incarcerated” at the local psychiatric facilities, then after she died she twice appeared to me in visions. I used to think that the vision on May 31st 1988 foretold of a disaster on a future May 31st of some distant year, now I think it was God assuring me of His existence in order to help comfort me for the troubles I was about to endure.

For Further Reading:

A History of Gold and Money: 1450-1920 - Pierre Vilar
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Babylon Mystery Religion - Ralph Woodrow
Doukhobors At War - John P. Zubek and Patricia Anne Solberg
Flight Without Formula - A.C. Kermode
Frances Farmer Shadowland - William Arnold
Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World - Mike Davis
Mosquito: A Pictorial History of the DH98 - Philip Birtles
Paris In The Terror - Stanley Loomis
Royal Babylon: The Alarming History of European Royalty - Karl Shaw
Spiritualism Today - LeRoy Edwin Froom
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Videos To Be Sure To Watch (maybe on or
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Female Vocalists From The 1900’s To Be Sure To Hear:

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