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Sep 14, 2005, 1:51:34 PM9/14/05
by Angel Of Mercy
Wed Sep 14th, 2005 at 09:35:17 PDT

Last week, I posted "Republicans: Their Corruption, Their
Hypocrisy," ( a look at
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
two textbook examples of same. I intended it to serve as a preliminary
deconstruction of the unadulterated greed and selfishness which pass for
conservative ideology these days.

Now we proceed to Stage Two, the GOP's pervasive perversion. We're not just
talking Jack Ryan and Bob Packwood and Bob Dornan here. This post begins a
Republican rogues' gallery of degnerate sociopaths with no redeeming qualities,
a parade of human scum who espouse piety but are, themselves, no more than
garbage wrapped in skin.

First up: High-grade whackmobile Rick Santorum...

The wild-eyed Rapture-right wants theocracy in these United States and, as
straitjacket crazy as that might sounhd to you and I, they're deadly serious
about it. In opposition to the explicitly stated wishes of our Founding
Fathers, they want to tell you how to live and die, whom to marry and how to
worship their bad-tempered brat of a God. They are the latter day Pharisees
who have targeted homosexuals as a group which is safe for them to mercilessly
denigrate and persecute because gays are a virtually invisible minority
disinclined to defend themselves.

A prime example of these lunatics' disgusting obsession is "Sick" Rick Santorum
whose last name means 'anus' in Latin, such a completely appropriate appelation
that it is almost eerie. This Catholic Sentor from Pennsylvania is so utterly
obsessed with sex that he literally cannot open his mouth without saying
something about it. What I am about to tell you may sound at first like Jon
Stewart's pointed Daily Show satire...but I assure you that it is not. And
I've got the links to prove it.

In a piece he wrote for a religious website called Catholic Online in 2002, he
blamed the pervasive liberal atmosphere in the city of Boston for the pedophile
priest scandal where it initially came to light. I was absolutely stunned when
I found out...and remain so to this very day! Such a debased thought prosess
is so preposterously wrong on so many levels that it makes my teeth hurt.
<> He
piously claimed to know nothing of similar child abuse allegations in
Pennsylvania...which would, of course, effectively negate his entire argument.
But why let inconvenient facts get in the way of an energetic liberal bashing?
Not only did this raving rightwad straight-up lie like a rug--which is called
"bearing false witness" in Catholic-speak and there's the Ninth Commandment
prohibiting it--but it turns out that a pastor from his VERY OWN CHURCH was
placed on leave for decades-old charges of child molestation! All this is
reported in an article dated 7/12/02 and entitled "Capital Hill Pastor Faces
Child Sex Case," which even names "Sens. Pete Domenici (R-NM) and Rick Santorum
(R-Pa)" as church parishoners. ( For
shame, Ricky, for shame!

Senator Anus--Oooh, I LOVE it!--has further claimed that he can interfere in
women's reproductive issues as he sees fit because the right to privacy isn't
really a right at all.
( He has gone so
far as to equate gay rights with "man on dog" sex. Honest!
(,2933,84862,00.html) Beastiality, Rick? C'mon!
This is a family program!

In a recent interview on the Brian Leher radio show, he started out hawking his
new book calmly enough, but when the topic turned to abortion, Little Rickey
came unstuck. Virtually yelling at the host that gay sex is NEVER
consensual--and exactly how would he know THAT?--he equated it to bigamy,
polygamy, incest and adultery. Huh? (Guess he missed his meds that day...)
Snarky Mr. Leher egged him on, reminding the foaming Senator that his very own
senior spokesman, Robert. L. Traynham, had recently and come out of the closet.
Naturally, Santorum went ballistic. Crooks and Liars has the entire audio
exchange and it's big, big belly laughs.
<> ("Santorum Loses It")
Is it just me, or does this guy sound as crazy as a roomful of flies? Back in
January of this year, he penned an editorial that appeared in the Allentown.
Pennsylvania Morning Call. At that time he said "Darwin's Theory of Evolution
should not be taught as an absolute fact in the science classroom." Let's
disregard for a moment that the ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, backed up by whole
libraries of evidence, say the exact opposite. We're dealing here with a
spooky specimen of the hysterical Rapture-right God Squad; what else would you
expect him to say? However, when our resident White House nincompoop
proclaimed early last month that Intelligent Design (ID)--otherwise known as
Biblical creationism in drag--ought to be taught alongside evolution, did
you-know-who chime in and staunchly agree?

He did not!

Sick Rick, whom we now know will say ANYTHING for political gain, promptly told
a National public Radio audience, "I'm not comfortable with ID being taight in
the scince classroom." Okay. YOU tell ME: Which one of these statemenmts is
the lie? And why did he think no one was going to notice? Sure, it's
understandable that anyone with an iota of Beltway self-preservation would want
to distrance himself from a sitting president whose approval numbers are going
south faster than a skein of geese in November. Still, does this religious
nutbar think that on the basis of this one radio interview his constituents are
likely to forget his ten-year career of voting to restrict contraception and
abortion access? Are they expected to dismiss his rabid homophobia as mere
peccadillo? Does he sincerely believe that, after standing at the geometric
center of the Terri Schiavo circus and calling vociferously for the scalps of
"activist judges" along with that poor, blind vegetable's husband, that he'll
somehow convince anyone he's sane and rational and normal ever again???
In late July, this fundamentalist freak appeared on a TV show called Nitebeat
where he claimed with a completely straight face, that "birth control is
harmful to women and society." (Although he didn't say precisely HOW...)He
added that "it's not a healthy thing for our country." (Although he neglected
to mention precisely WHY...) Take a look for yourself:


Perhaps Sick Rick is under the impression that every single orgasm deserves a
name. I don't know...but I can take comfort in the fact that, according to a
recent poll, his chances for relection range from slim to none.

We can all be grateful for small favors.

Santorum, however, is not the only sexually-fixated wingtard out there, not by
a long ways. He DOES seem to be one of the few who isn't acting upon his
prurient desires. Jeff Patti, Republican chairman of the Sparta, New Jersey
chapter, was arrested in January for possession and distrubution of video
footage of a five-year-old girl getting raped. THAT'S horrifying.
<> Kiddie porn
also figured prominently in the arrest of Christian radio DJ Chris Ruleman of
Nashville, Tennessee in March.
Spokane mayor, JIm West, heretofore a closeted homosexual, was busted
soliciting young men over the Internet in his spare time--and even rewarding
them with political favors!--yet outwardly maintained a stance as steadfastly
anti-gay as Rick Santorum; now, THERE'S whole-hog GOP hypocrisy for you!

The case of missing teen Johnny Gosch in Iowa is atarting to reveal the odious
outlines of a Republical child propstitution ring
<> And of course thre's Neal
Horsley, militant anti-abortion activist who, in two appearances on a Fox radio
program, admitted sexual encounters with the family mule. He further stated
that, after he gave it an ear of corn, the mule consented!! That slut. Don't
believe me? Look here:

and <>
What we have on our hands is a political party of repressed deviates, who are
in NO sense conservative, bahaving in the most obscene, perverted and
lascivious fashion imaginable, even while mouthing platitudes about "morals"
and "family values." It appears to me that this is all of a piece with their
callous political ideology which tacitly sanctions all manner of fraud,
embezzlement and outright theft. This is merely more of the same; the
commodity now is sex instead of money, but the prevailing sociopathic
narscissism is equivalent. These reprobates and libertines find their
motivation in Earthly, material things. Money. Sex. Power. They are not
driven by anything higher than naked, covetous acquisition and they are most
assuredly not Christian in any way that matters.

This must be kept firmly in mind at all times.

As camouflage for their own reprehensible behavior, the right has made a
concerted effort to demonize Bill Clinton, trying mightily to make something of
Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones. The DID catch him lying about Monica...but
all of Bills's escapades involved consenting adults. Consenting. Adults.
Republicans don't seem to have any moral criteria whatsoever. Consider the
Franklin Cover-Up, a scandal that very nearly capsized the Reagan/Bush White

You may never have heard of this one because there was a national TV news
blackout imposed on it...and because the affair's chief investigator dies,
suddenly and violently, as did more than dozen others linked with the case.
Can you say "CIA termination with extreme prejudice?" At first it looked like
just another GOP financial swindle, nothing to get excited about. The shutdown
of Omaha, Nebraska's Franklin Community Credit Union and the subsequent
implication of it's manager, Republican Party activist Lawrence E. King, along
with Washington lobbyist Craig Spence, caused the Nebraska State Legislature to
open its own investigation. In very short order, the case exploded into a
hideous tale of drugs, Iran-Contra money laundering, a nationwide pedophile
ring (involving boy prostitutes aged 15 and YOUNGER!) and the ritual murder of
a juvenile at Bohemian Grove. Ladies and gentlemen, this one had EVERYTHING!
I would urge you to peruse for
yourselves. I promise you will be astonished, outraged and shocked clean out
of your shoes. Bill Clinton was a babe in the woods compared to these

There's so much material I still haven't gotten to that it looks like I'm going
to have to stop for now. I'll assemble the rest into another diary, ostensibly
to be posted next week. meantime, I leave you with one final GOPervert.
It is deeply satisfying to be able to boil down both Republican hypocrisy and
perversion into a single figure. I present for your inspection one Monsignor
Eugene Clark, rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral in New Your City. (You still
listening, Sick Rick?) This piece of Catholic excrement, who once took
supposedly lifelong vows of chastity, has been secretly having an affair with
his longtime personal secretary, the still-married Mrs. Laura DeFilippo.
Right off the top, two of God's Commandments bite the dust: Thou Shalt Not
Commit Adultery and Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Wife. That's the
Republicans for you.

Now this man, Eugene Clark, wasn't just any run-of-the-mill parish priest; some
newly-ordained young buck of an acolyte, the dirt of the seminary still under
his fingernails, who couldn't manage to rein in his still-volatile hormones.
Oh, no! This was a SEVENTY-NINE-YEAR-OLD Monsignor of the Archdiocese of New
York. (The NY Daily News headline dubbed him "Father Frolic." Yuk, yuk.) And
neither was this just any brief and white-hot fling, either; it lasted for 19
of the 21 years of her marriage!

It gets better. The cuckold husband, Philip DeFilippo, has filed divorce
papers against his wife, stating that she was romantically involved with Clark,
an old friend who had MARRIED THEM TWO DECADES AGO!! (I just wonder: Did the
old lecher get the hots when he first saw her in her wedding gown? Hmmm?)
And, yes, there is videotape shot be a private eye in DeFilippo's employ, of
the two of them leaving a hotel they'd entered a mere five hours earlier...and
wearing differenty clothing.

And, of course, it gets better yet! Clark appeared regularly on
"Relationships," a television program from EWTN, a worldwide Catholic TV
network. On one particular show, recorded in 1999 and re-run numerous times
since, Clark pronounced sanctimoniously that "Hollywood is not a Christian
place at all, at all, at all. Most of the writers, the creative people, are
homosexually inclined or homosexually recruited."

Homosexually recruited, th man said. Would somebody out there kindly explain
to me what that might possibly mean? I truly cannot begin to imagine. Does
this sexually-twisted, philandering maggot actually believe that gays can
subvert any straight person they choose with the irresistable seduction of anal
beads, Astroglide, fisting and live gerbils?? C'mon!!

In the typiccally condescending tones of all flying monkeys of the far right,
he pronounced the Unites States "probably the most immoral country in the
Western Hemisphere" (And what makes HIM such an expert?) while describing
himself as "a strong proponent of traditional morality." Yeah, right. The
longstanding traditional morality of homewrecking. Back in 2002, this old
goat had the unmitigated gall to blame the Catholic Church's sex scandals on
"the campaign of liberal America against celebacy." Oh, I see! The liberals
MADE them do it! Spare me. I am absolutely certain when Jesus Christ said
"suffer the little children COME unto me," pedophilia isn't quite what he had
in mind.

The upshot of all this is that Msgr. Clark resigned hes post at St. Patrick's
on August 11th of this year and he will not be celebrating Mass or the
sacraments "until this matter has been reolved" according to Edward Cardinal
Egan. Also, EWTN has subsequently yanked the "Relationships" program from its
schedule, says to their president, Michael P. Warsaw.

And all you liberal elites and gay heathens out there should remember that this
is ALL YOUR FAULT! You made him do it!

I was honestly hoping to squeeze everything into just two parts...but that's
not about to happen. I've got dirt on so many Republicans with vitiated
libidos that to cram them all in wouldn't be fair to you readers. We want to
savor this stuff, don't we? So come on back in about a week...and wear your
best rubber gloves baecuse it's going to get unspeakably nasty.

Angel Of Mercy signing off.

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