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Jack Ryan

Mar 24, 2016, 10:04:54 PM3/24/16
In article <nd0tq9$p2k$>
Anonymous <> wrote:
> An update to your favorite anonymous Internet platform:

That is the DUMBEST fucking install fuckup procedure I have ever

Why the fuck did they not leave it as it was? Everyone was used
to it.

Deer tails ijits,

While we appreciate your efforts, please make the fucking .ISO
accessible from the first page via direct link or torrent so we
can dispense with the waste of time navigating your new
incomprehensible set of instructions.


Mar 25, 2016, 7:04:25 PM3/25/16
Jack Ryan:
Although I feel your pain at the added inconvenience, fortunately I do
not also share your stupidity. Your links for downloading are here:

You have gotten old and lazy, whiner, while working in Windows, blaming
everyone else on your shortcomings. I would say, "get a life," but I
suppose it is too late to do you any good, if it ever could have.

You are an old, grumpy troll, who cannot even figure out how to
downlaod Tails. So, why bother since you cannot make any good use of it


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