Illegal alien pizza guy detained by ICE over the summer is arrested again

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Oct 22, 2018, 5:40:15 PM10/22/18
The undocumented pizza delivery man who was infamously detained by ICE
while dropping off food at an Army base in Brooklyn has been arrested
again — and is accused of domestic violence.

Pablo Villavicencio allegedly got into a fight with his wife in their
Hempstead home Thursday, pushing her against a wall, slapping her body
then taking her phone away so she couldn’t call the cops, according to a
criminal complaint.

Police later found the phone in the pocket of Villavicencio’s shorts, an
officer said in the complaint.

He was arraigned in court Saturday for criminal mischief in the fourth
degree and ordered held on $500 bail.

He was still being detained in a Nassau County detention center as of
Monday morning, Hempstead police told The Post.

The Ecuadorian delivery guy, who is married to a US citizen, made
headlines when he was stopped by immigration agents at the Fort Hamilton
Army base in June, then tossed in detention due to a 2010 order of

A judge freed Villavicencio almost two months later and halted his
deportation so he could attempt to fight the order of removal and pursue
legal residency — saying at the time that he was a “model citizen.”

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman on Monday said that
means the feds can’t put him in immigration detention again until all of
his petitions are adjudicated, even after this new arrest

“We can’t touch him because he has that habeas petition out there. He’s
not going to come into ICE custody even with this arrest,” the spokeswoman

The Legal Aid Society, which represented Villavicencio in his immigration
fight and is now representing him over the criminal mischief charge, said
the father of two was dealing with “trauma” from his previous ordeal.

“The past several months, including Pablo’s detention and threats of
imminent deportation, have been traumatic for the Villavicencio family,”
spokesman Redmond Haskins said in a statement.

“We are hopeful that this matter will be resolved and that Pablo will
secure valid status with the continued assistance of our counsel.”

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