Bunnies, Turtles and Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

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Ilya Shambat

May 7, 2022, 7:05:05 PMMay 7
One common metaphor is that of the turtle and the bunny. The bunny has faster legs; but the turtle overtakes the bunny through consistent determined effort.

What does the bunny do when this happens? In many cases, I have seen the bunnies copying the turtles. We see women copying men. We see Asian, Hindu and black people copying the white man. In many cases these people become successful. And in many cases, we see them lose their best qualities.

We see this for example with the Brazilian soccer team. For a long time they had the flair but not the discipline. They would play scintillating soccer, but they would lose. So then they had a coach who decided to get to the root of the problem. Under him the Brazilians would play boring soccer, but they would win. In the last World Cup they had neither the dicipline nor the flair; and they played boring soccer and went down in flaming defeat.

We have seen similar things with feminist-minded women. They started to act like men. Many of them did in fact become professionally successful; but they lost their best qualities. I do not want to be with a man. If I wanted to be with a man, I'd be gay. I want to be with a woman. And I have in fact been with some amazing women, most of whom experienced attack from feminists for being the way they were.

This process has lead to a widespread use of the term “wolf in sheep's clothing.” A wolf in sheep's clothing is a bad person who pretends to be a good person. In this situation, the wolves have copied the sheep. They have learned to act like the sheep in order to fool the sheep. We see salesmen pretending to be nice people while wanting your money. We see players pretending to be nice people in order to get you trapped in a bad situation. Here, the wolves have learned from the sheep and have been using the sheep facade to prey on the sheep.

Now there have been people portraying me as a wolf in sheep's clothing; however I have proven by my behavior again and again that I am no such thing. First of all I am not interested in sheep. I like gazelles – artistic women. Secondly I am not interested in preying on anyone. In my relationships I have been giving, and even though my former wife is now with another man I remain good to her. What we see here is stereotypes that are correct for some people being used wrongfully. I am not a sheep and I am not a wolf.

One thing that happens of course when another species learn turtles' tricks is the turtles crying bloody murder. We have many people howling for example about the Jews. They are being accused of such things as being greedy. I consider it funny when people who think that “money talks bullshit walks” or that unless you are a multi-millionaire you're a loser claiming such things. They are being accused of being brutal. I consider it funny when people who think that unless you are strong and cruel you're a coward saying such things. They are being accused of being manipulative and dishonest. Once again, I consider it funny when people whose ancestors have fooled much of the world and broke numerous treaties saying such things. There were many brainy idealistic types who worked very hard at being scientists and teachers, only to see science get defunded, educational system get gutted and people who were a part of these systems portrayed as losers. So any number of them went into business or technology; and the same people who claimed them to be losers are now howling that they are taking over.

Should bunnies learn the ways of the turtles? Yes. But they should not stop being bunnies in the process. I do not want to see a world full of turtles. I like bunnies and any number of other species. I want to see richness and variety of life. So by all means learn the ways of the turtles. But do not stop in the process being what you are.

Ilya Shambat
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