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On Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 1:15:01 AM UTC-4, gggg gggg wrote:

Neitzsche as God is dead sort of thing. But as far as 'real world' impact...consider Karl Marx [though an economist and less a philosopher per se]...and one other [though not a philosopher at all], Charles Darwin.

The latter pretty much put the world on the road to modernization, and the inability to further reinforce a living creator of it all. Genetics, time, mutations, and evolution explains most of it. Of course, From which it all came, that's another question and dependent on if 'infinity' exists or not [another thread].

Now has to give way to the fact his ideas catapulted the world into a polar dissection, where half the population [billions] were put under a quite unnatural political/economic disaster called Communism. I say disaster for my own cultural bias and belief [based on observation socialism does not work in it's more aberrant expansive form absorbing tens of millions into central governance with little or not advocacy of individual advocacy]. But Marx has to be considered for 'world impact' if nothing else. And it's ongoing; and perhaps in the end, the whole world itself will become a Marxist ploy.

Today we find the very world once again in a struggle [though more subtle than the forceful overthrow of old world regimes that Bolshevik strategies advocated]...and Western civilization itself now under attack...though not by armies or navies, but 'within' through the political conveyances of liberal stances of 'all inclusiveness' that would destroy national borders, traditional values, and the sanctity of 'kind', to usher in a new world based in 'no kind' [all inclusive], no borders, and ultimately the 'play book' come to life of new world communism [under the devices of socialism to destroy individualized pursuit of happiness (and the personal wealth that might accrue) under the idea of that inclusiveness.

This all based in the 'root' idea of EQUALITY.

Now, all if find and good...if that idea is...well...even more than 'correct'...but 'REAL'.

But what if?

that totem of humankind now proposed as not just a 'guide' to our new world, but as a 'FORCED' concept to undo all that has come before, to REMAKE us...firstly by declaring all that has come before as decrepit, wrong, immoral, and inferior...

...then to 'force' an IDEAL we might all inherently WANT to believe, but, in nature, well...? Is it real?

We hope so of course. But is it?

America is being destroyed. All it's hopes and promises to the world.
Does the world really want to do this? Even those who might benefit up front? I

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